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The Death Express! Episode92



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Huntington Memorial Hospitalbig_hospital_pic.jpg

Ashley and Dahlia stare at each other. Ashley's face reddens as she realizes that Dahlia has caught her trying to inject something into Natalia's I.V.


"Welcome to the back-from-the-dead-Club."


"I can't believe it. You're alive. What are you doing?"


"What do you think? I'm taking out the enemy."


"So, you're going to kill Natalia?"


"Why not? You know, it's quite a coincidence . . . Natalia is shot on the same day you decide to return from the dead. You shot her at the fashion show, right?


"Nah, I'm looking at the person who shot Natalia. And now you're here to finish the job."




"Good luck with that. I'm outta here."


"Just one moment missy. Do you really think I am going to let you walk out of here, knowing that you know I'm alive? Hmmm, I don't think so. You're not going anywhere. I have too much riding on this. So let's make this easy . . . you're coming with me. "


"Look Ashley, I don't care what you're doing, OK? I see nothing, I know nothing. I'm leaving. You don't have to worry about me saying anything."

She tries to leave. Ashley grabs her arm.


"I told you, you're not going anywhere."


"Let go of me! If you think I'm going with you, you're nuts. What in the hell do you think you're going to do to me?"


"Funny that you ask that question. Allow me to show you."


Episode: 92, Death Express

Written by: ML Cooks, Tara Smith, and Durand Saint Hilaire with Miou Slater


Lina walks up to Heath who is standing outside Jodie's hospital room. She is carrying two bottled water's ; she stops next to Heath.

vanessa-Marcil-untortured.jpgLina: Here…

9f2cre2.jpgHeath: Thanks

Lina: Any word?

Heath: No; the doctor is still with her.

Mike is making his way toward the room; just as he stops at the door, Dr. Diego walks out of Jodie's room.

mike.jpgMike: Doctor; how is she?

serran06.jpgDiego: "She's stable. But very weak;

Mike: "What caused this?"

Diego: "Jodie's white blood cell count is extremely low… below three hundred, which means she is now developed full blown AIDS.

Mike: Why didn't I see this coming?

Diego: There isn't anything you could have done; she admitted to me she hasn't been taking her medications since she arrived here in Pasadena… All the stress from the fashion show - She needs lot's of love and support right now…

Mike: Can we go in?

Diego: I am allowing one visitor at a time." (Diego's pager goes off) "Now if you will excuse me, I have other patients." He says walking away.

Mike, looking at Jodie' friends.

Heath: You go ahead."

Mike: Thank you all for showing Jodie your support."

Lina: "We'll be out here waiting if you need anything. Tell Jodie we are here for her and she has our love and support."

Mike: "Will do." He says before entering Jodie's room. He enters her room and tears immediately begin to fill up his eyes, watching the woman he loves hooked up to I.V.'s and heart monitor's. He walks over and sits down next to her and holds her hand as he talks to her,

"Diego told me you haven't been taking your meds. I don't understand why you wouldn't. Don't you know how dangerous that is; it's like you're trying to commit suicide. Jodie, at this point, I really don't know what I would do if I lost you."

Jodie, slowly opening her eyes, looking at Mike; she forces a small smile. jodie6.jpg

"Mike, it's something that is inevitable. My time here is not unlimited."

Mike: "I know that but you're making it so much quicker by not taking your meds. Why would you do something like that? No one's time here is unlimited."

Jodie, pausing before answering

"There are so many reasons; for one the side effects. Every time I put those toxic pills in my body I become so sick. I vomit and that takes all of my energy. Not only that, I wasn't able to find a doctor to get my meds transferred out here in Pasadena. And I felt fine with out them."

Mike: "Well look at you now? DO you feel fine now?"

Jodie: Why are we fighting?

Mike: "Jodie, I love you. I love you so much. I don't want to loose you. When I look at you, I don't even think of you having AIDS. I just see the woman I love."

Jodie: "Mike please stop. You are delusional. You're acting like I am going to live forever. My expiration date is soon."


"Jodie, stop saying that! How do you know? "


"I don't. I am trying to save you the pain."


"Let me worry about how I deal with my pain. I want to be here for you and support you. You have to let me do that. You have to tart taking your meds. " Mike walks over to Jodie and holds her. She holds him back with tears running down her face

"Mike, I'm so scared. I am not ready to die"

Diego walks into Lauren's hospital room,

Daniel and Lauren both look at him.


"How do you feel Lauren?"


"Fine. I'm a little nauseous."


"Doctor, what's the matter? Do you know why Lauren fainted?"


"Congratulations Lauren, you are 4 months pregnant."

Lauren's and Daniel's jaws drop simultaneously. Daniel realizes he's been gone for four months. He is hurt and angry. He gets up and walks toward the door. Lauren realizes that Chris or Kevin could be the father of this child. It then dawns on her that she was heavily drinking 3 to 4 months ago.


"Oh my God, this can't be happening."


"Wow, I thought you would be happy about having a baby. Your release papers are at the nurse's station. Have a good day."

Diego leaves.

Lauren wipes tears from her face as she looks at Daniel's back


"I am so sorry."

Daniel turns back around. He gives her a cold stare.


"I really need some time to myself right now.'


"Where are you going?"


"I am not going to do nothing stupid, don't worry. I need to clear my head. This is overwhelming. I fought so hard to get you back. And now I find out you're carrying a dead man's baby. This changes everything Lauren."

He says before walking out. Lauren wipes the tears streaming down her cheeks. She picks the up phone and dials.


"Hello, Kevin. We need to talk."

In the E.R.

dsfhnsf.jpgKiko guides Sabryn through the delivery of her baby. Sabryn screams her lungs out. datillo32.jpgBryan watches as his baby comes out of the love canal slowly but surely. He is overjoyed that he is about to become a father.


"I'll never do this again, I swear! Son of a Bitch, son of psycho. Make the pain stop!"

She continues screaming as Bryan, unable to take the sight and smell of birth, passes out onto the floor.


"You Bastard! I'll get you for this."


"Keep pushing. One more push. Come on, you can do it."

Sabryn pushes again with all of her might. The baby finally arrives. A crying baby boy. As Kiko wraps towels around the newborn, the baby pees in Kiko's face.


"Well thank you for letting me know you're here."

Kiko puts the baby in Sabryn's arms. Tears begins to roll down cheeks.


"My beautiful baby boy."

She looks over and sees Bryan still passed out onto the floor.

"Your daddy is a sissy, little one. You're so beautiful. I think I will name you Bryan Jr.'

She kisses the forehead of her newborn son.P1010193.jpg

The Jump Offbar2.jpg

Daniel grabs a seat at the bar and orders a beer. He looks over to the left and realizes Dondre is sitting next to him.


"What's up Dondre? I haven't seen you since I came back from the dead."


"Please bruh, don't use my government name. Just call me Dre. It's a little bit strange seeing you here after everyone thought you had been stabbed."


"Well, I have no one to blame about that, other than that crazy ass Bitch Mona." He takes a gulp of his beer.


"Yeah, Mona. I keep hearing that name. She's the one who set me up for the kidnapping of Sharan."


"That's a joke. She kidnapped Sharan."




"Fu(k yeah dude. She tortured me and had Sharan tied up as her sex slave."


"Sex slave? That's some freak ass sh!t man."


"Mona is freaky and crazy. Psycho bitch had me hooked on meth. She's the one who shot me and made it look like I tried to kill myself."


"Damn. Why she do all that?"


"I don't want to get into that right now. There is a time and place for everything. Our paths will cross again. And you know what? I am going to shoot that Bitch on sight."

He finishes his beer.


"I'd wanna kill that broad too. You don't know where Sharan is now?"


"No. She wanted to take Sharan away from Kevin."


"At least some one feels where I am coming from."


"You still have feelings for Sharan?"


"Yes sir."


"Listen, I know you and Chris were really close. I feel guilt every day knowing he is dead for a crime he did not do."


"Damn straight. That's fu(ked up what Mona did to my boy. I need to have a few words with this Mona myself. Chris was a brave heart. He didn't deserve that. Ain't no way he could have stabbed you regardless if Mona was in the picture. He wasn't on no sh!t like that"

Daniel (pausing and ordering another beer)

"Chris lives on."


"What you mean by that?"


"Lauren is having Chris's baby."

Dre almost chokes on his beer

"Yo girl pregnant?"


"4 months."

Dre is stunned. Then he remembers overhearing Lauren and Kevin talking about their one night stand. Dre wonders if the baby really belong to Chris or is it Kevin's.

Huntington Memorial Hospital

Ashley clutches Dahlia's arm tightly, and Dahlia tries to push her way through Ash but fails. Ashley smiles at Dahlia as she pulls her back over to Natalia's bedside.


"What the hell do you want? Let me go and we can pretend like this never happened. "


"Don't be in such a rush, Dahlia! Don't worry, I just have to get something and we can leave. "




"Yes, "we". You really think I'm just going to let you walk out of here like nothing happened? Oh no, I have plans for you. "


"Just leave me alone, damnit! I'm not going to do anything to you! "


"Of course not, you won't be alive long enough for that. "


"Wh-what do you mean? No…NO… "

Ashley, laughing

"YES, Dahlia! "

Ashley then grabs a needle off of a tray near Natalia's bed, and then makes sure it is filled up with drugs, before pulling Dahlia's arm closer and injecting it into her! Dahlia tries to scream, but she falls unconscious before she can make another sound…


"I'm really so sorry about this , but its gotta be done. Now, we better get going, the train's waiting!"

Sister Patterson, again dressed in her bank robber's attire, walks up to the dark house that is Miss Jenkins' house. She opens the door with a Bible in one hand and a picnic basket in the other.

Sister Patsisterp_yah.gif

"I got to make things right with Miss Jenkins. She's not pleased with my work for the Lord anymore. "

Before Pat can go inside, she's grabbed! She instinctively turns around and tries to slap whoever has a hold of her. Then she sees that it's DC.


"Girl, what are you doing at some random house?"

Sister Pat

"None of your business, boy. Now go away. And for the Love of God, get you're fat ass hands off of me. They smell like chicken wings."

Before Pat can break free of his grip, DC begins to drag her back to her house. She tries to hit him with the Bible but he ignores it.Raw00052.jpg

Sister Pat

"The Lord will punish you for this! What is Miss Jenkins going to say. I can't believe you did this, you fat ass bastard. Lawd have Mercy! Don't get me in here cussin'."


"Yea yea old woman. What do you have in that basket? We'll have a little romance real fast, before Abe gets home. Just like in the old days. Remember that girl?"

Sister Pat

"Excuse me? I got to do the work of the Heavenly Father. That means you don't have anything to do with it. And Miss Jenkins will not be happy. How dare you come in here and disrespect my family this way."

DC (walking up close to her)

"I don't give a damn about no Miss Jenkins. It's about time you think about actual people than Miss Jenkins. Crazy ass woman. But that's what drive me crazy about you girl. You need some good lovin' to shut ya up. My brother ain't giving it to ya, right?"

Sister Pat

"I'm not gonna tell you again: Don't no one talk about Miss Jenkins like that! Boy, I should just bathe you in Holy Water for all your sins. "


"Sins of passion girl. How about we take a shower together? "

Sister Pat

"Oh please. I'm not gonna be impure with you anymore, DC. This is over. We can't do this. That's why God took our baby Kelis. It's wrong and Abe had to pay for all of it."

DC grabs her and pulls her into a kiss! Sister Pat once again tries to slap him with the Bible. She stumbles away from DC after the kiss ends.

Sister Pat

"Don't you ever do that again! "


"You know you loved it, girl".

DC then gently grabs Sister Pat again and kisses her. She tries to slap him once, but then stops as she and DC fall onto the couch. He begins to slowly try to take her clothes off. Pat almost pulls back but decides to give in to her temptation. She kisses DC's neck as he continues to slip off her clothes. Both of them look up when they hear the door open. It's Abe, looking on in astonishment!blair2.jpg

Ashley has Dahlia tied down to a set of rail road tracks. Dahlia nervously tries to struggle out of the ropes. Ashley sits on the side of the tracks and watches in amusement.


"You know, there's really no use in trying to break free. Even if you do, I'll tie you right back down again. You know that I will. I'm sorry, but this is the end, Ms.Salem. This time The Garbage Lady will die"


"I cheated death once. I can do it again, bitch! You shouldn't underestimate me."

She says still trying to break free,

Ashley (laughing)

"That's the difference between Natalia and I. I get the job done. She never could. That's why you survived her attack on you, You know, paying Suga to stab you. That made you barren, didn't it? What a shame! Sucks to be you. And that lame attempt to kill you at the hospital, but ended up at a landfill. Honestly, who dies like that? That's why you shot her, isn't it? The garbage lady wanted revenge. You shot her and she lost that poor baby. Now it's your turn to meet your maker. Time to die!"


"I don't like Natalia anymore than you do, you psycho! If you wanted me to die, why didn't you just shoot me, like you did with Natalia?


"Me, shoot Natalia? I'm above that !@#$%^&*]-footing. If I had tried to kill Natalia, her remains would be lying right next to where you are right now. We all know you shot her, which is why she didn't die. You aren't an expert like I am. "


"I didn't shoot Natalia! I wasn't even there when she was actually shot! "


"Says you?"


""Come back into the real world, Ashley. You're nuts. You're living in some sort of twisted fantasy world."


"No my dear, I think the person living in a fantasy would be you. You've never thought that I had the capability to get what I want, what I deserve!"

Ashley then leans forwards and grabs a hold of Dahlia's chin, clutching it tightly.


"But I'll tell you something. Soon I will have exactly what I want. Sabryn and Natalia will have nothing!"


"Sabryn? What in the hell are you talking about? "


"Oops, I think I may have leaked some information to you. You definitely need to die now. What a pity. …..NOT!"

Ashley lets go of Dahlia and gets off of the railroad tracks. The sound of a train approaching is in the distance.


"Ooooh, what's that? Sounds like The Death Express"

Dahlia quickly turns and looks as she watches the large train come into sight. She screams and tries harder than ever to break free of the ropes.


"Somebody PLEASE help me!"


"Scream all you want. It will do you no good Dahlia! No one can hear you. Buh bye!"

Dahlia cries out as she watches the train get closer and closer. It's only a few inches away.

Ashley wraps her arms around herself and lets out a loud laugh. She's thoroughly enjoying the little scene playing out in from of her. Dahlia, her victim, facing her last peril.


"When I'm good, I'm bad, But when I'm bad, I'm better."train.gif


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OMG! Great episode ML!

Poor Jodie.

Wow great stuff with Dahlia and Ashley. Ashley is nuts! Such action and excitment. Great cliffhanger. I can't wait for the next one.

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This episode has everything... Welcome Baby JR... Great Scene... Ashley, and Dahlia... To die for... and MG Jodie... don't even know where to start...

STEAM is surely making its way to the top... Beautiful episode... man great Job!!!!!

Sista Pat and DC - MMMM-MMM-MMm Good! Can't wait for the next one!!!!! love it!

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Check this out...I just got a new phone that has net capabilities so now I'm able to catch up with all my SONOP shows. This episode was jam packed with excitement.

Ash vs Dahl was awesome because of the whole Nat tension and the fact that they both came back from the dead. The ending was classic but Ash should team up with Dahl instead of try to kill her. Maybe she could use her to get back at Sabryn. Ash is still nuts which is one thing that hasn't changed.

For once I liked Dre because he might expose Kevin and Lauren's secret. Poor Daniel is always caught in the middle. Lauren became such a whore. How dare she try to pawn it off as Chris who died because of her stupidness...well that and Mona.

I love Sister Pat at times she's cartoony but it's great to see that she has faults and has sinnned. DC is the perfect culprit of temptation. I hope Abe goes ape shhhh on both of them.

Last is the most touching story on SONOP, Jodie and Mike. This story is being pulled off corectly. It tugs at your heart. I like Heath and Lina. Being there for Jodie is what she needs most, support.

Whhaat's this I hear you wanna move? With all of these episodes coming out it would be a dang shame. The show is too adicting to watch it go.

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Matt, man this is what I have been waiting for. Man, I am glad you are able to keep up to date with SONOP with your new peice of technology. I MISS POINTE PALACE and I HOPE IT RETURNS SOON.

I did think of Ash and Dah working together but I feel the series is over loaded. So cast reductions are being made.

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