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Episode 94



Luke shuts down Kevin's request to keep him company while Noah is out of town and calls him out on why he's returned to Oakdale. Kevin justifies that his dad got a job offer in Oakdale and has moved back full time. Luke mentions Noah going to Oakdale U and inserts that he'll be joining his boyfriend at the same college this fall. Kevin's amazed at how closely Luke and Noah have become since he heard they were an item. Luke tells Kevin that he's been away for a while. Kevin apologizes for bringing up the subject of Noah possibly being the mole at Worldwide, but reminds Luke that his mom, Mrs. Davis, used to be a receptionist at Worldwide years ago. Luke forgive his old friend and promises that they're going to find out who the mole is. As they talk, Luke gets a call from Faith, wanting some help at the house, and he runs off to help his sister.

As Lily fusses over Faith's choice of wardrobe for a school outing, Luke comes by. Lily's delighted to see her son, but baffled when he wants to speak with Faith alone. Once Lily leaves the room, Luke asks Faith what she needed. She informs her big brother that she had another nightmare about Andrew. Luke promises not to tell, but worried about what these nightmares could do to his already traumatized sister, he later tells Lily. She's upset that Faith didn't tell her herself and tells Holden about Faith's nightmare. Holden agrees that Faith should get some sort of help, but both remember the hell she went through when they sent her to a counselor last time.

Brad brings an exhausted Katie back from the press junket and the two crash on the bed. Brad banters away at how he feels as though Katie's been distant from him for far too long. Katie apologizes and blames her distance on family problems. Brad asks Katie if they're still an item and Katie never responds. Looking down, he finds that Katie's cuddled in his arms fast asleep. Brad's startled by a phone call from a frantic, crying Vienna. Unable to talk, Henry takes the phone from her and explains that Vienna's foundation has caused people to develop hives and warns Brad to take Katie to a doctor immediately.

Carly calls Jack and tells him not to worry about picking up J.J. for the school field trip, citing a cold for the reason behind his absence from the end of the school year field trip. J.J. comes downstairs and reluctantly consumes some chicken soup. He asks where Carrie is and Carly mentions that she ran to the store to get him some more cold medicine. Once upstairs, J.J. searches for his CD player and recalls Sage taking it into Carrie's room. When Carrie returns home, she's stunned to find J.J. going through a box of old photos tucked under her bed. Carrie yells at J.J. to get out as Carly rushes upstairs.

Rosanna recalls Carly sending her on a wild goose chase for a dropped earring yesterday, only for her to run into Paul again. Rosanna laughs as she sorts through paperwork on her clustered desk. She's amused at the fact that Carly calls herself a matchmaker. Done for the day, she drives home and sees someone on the side of the road with a flat tire. As she slows down, she silently snickers at who it is...Paul. He huffs that his spare tire is flat, too, and asks Rosanna for a ride to his place while a tow truck comes to get his car. Rosanna agrees as he jumps in the car, humuorously thanking her for her heroic efforts. Once at his place, Paul invites Rosanna in for a drink. She turns it down, but when he tells her its the least he can do for her generosity, she eventually agrees. Paul raises his glass and toasts....to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Rosanna giggles.


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Ryan wants Luke and Kevin together. Luke & Noah are so over....please *hint, hint, wink, wink*

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