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Episode 93



Michael is released from Oakdale Memorial with a few scratches, but in good spirits. Michael asks Margo if there are any leads on his case and she informs him that the only lead that they have is that the car was red. Immediately, Michael knows Doris was the one that run him off the road.

Casey and Sofie's romantic day in is interrupted by Tom's early arrival home from a business meeting. Casey grunts that he knew moving in with his parents was a bad idea and gripes to Sofie that they'll never have time to themselves. Lisa stops by and apologizes to Sofie for her words the other day at the cookout, but Casey stops her short when he says Margo should be the one apologizing. Later, Casey recalls Gabe's harsh talk with Paul and wonders why Paul was so mad.

Noah runs into Carrie on his way to the gym. Unable to run, Carrie must face Noah's tough questions. Noah grills Carrie and wonders aloud if she had the abortion. Carrie slaps Noah after a heated exchange in which he calls her a slut. Later, Luke notices Noah's agressive nature and calls him on it, but Noah disregards his bad mood as school-related.

Rosanna and Carly suggest sending the kids with Jack for the day so they can have some sister/sister bonding time. Carly's thrilled with the idea and the two go shopping. When Rosanna and Paul run into one another, tensions is high and Rosanna cuts their talk short. But when the two sisters get the car, Carly sends Rosanna back to fetch a lost item, knowing that a second run-in with Paul is inevitable.

Lucinda calls Luke and Noah into her study at the mansion and for the first time, Noah is briefed on the fact that someone posed as him on the internet over the weekend and outed him as the mole. Noah persuades Lucinda to give him a chance to prove that he's not the mole and that Sherry is, and Lucinda agrees. Later, Noah learns he has to go to Ohio for a conference. Meanwhile, Kevin invites himself over to keep Luke company while Noah's gone.

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Ugh! I'm still not liking the way Noah is acting. Get a grip dude, you're gay! :lol:

Love that Kevin has come back. I remember reading that several eppy's ago.

I haven't disappeared yet, Dusty, ;)

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