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Episode 58



It starts as a normal day in Springfield.......


Blake sits in the audience, "I can't belive my babies are graduating."
Clarissa is texting on her new phone.
Blake grabs it, "Stop that."
Blake puts it in her purse. She looks around for Remy.
Remy is in the back. "Okay whoever you are... I'm gonna find you."
Remy is worried about the stalker.


Dinah is shopping.
Cyrus bumps into her, "Sorry. Hi Didi."
She sighs, "Hello Cyrus."
He helps her pick up her things. He notices the baby stuff, "Oh my God. Are you pregnant?"
Dinah gets nervous.

Spaulding Mansion:

Gus gets ready for work.
Natalia walks over, "Hi. Are you getting ready to leave?"
He nods, "Yep. I'm might be back late."
She sits on the bed, "Yep."
He sits with her, "Listen, I know we haven't had a chance to really discuss all of this but I promise that we will after work. Okay?"
She nods.
He kisses her and leaves.
She sneaks to her closet and pulls out a bag.

Harley's House:

Guillespie walks in to see Susan, "Hey Sue. I saw your Mommy leave."
She runs over and kisses him.
He pulls out some pills, "I got you a present."
She grabs, "X! Oh thank you! Harley flushed everything when I came here."
Harley walks in the door, "Freeze!"
She grabs her gun.
Guillespie reaches for his.
Susan jumps in the middle, "STOP!"
Guillespie runs out the back door.
Harley chases him but Susan tackles her to the floor.


Lizzie surprises Colin, "Hi."
He kisses her, "How are you feeling today?"
She smiles, "I feel great! Like I have a new lease on life."
"That's great Liz. Let's go into the room here."
He walks in with her.
He closes the door and she pounces on him.
He laughs, "Liz calm down!"
She laughs, "I just have wanted this for so long. I mean I really like you Colin."
He holds her hand, "Yeah I feel the same way Liz."
"I love it when you say that."
She smiles, "'Liz' not 'Lizzie' it makes me feel like a new person. Like a more mature woman."
He kisses her again.


Coop brings Ashlee a burger.
She eats it fast.
Coop holds her hand, "Slow down your going to make your self sick."
Ashlee gets defensive, "What is that supposed to mean?"
"I just don't want you to get sick?"
She rolls her eyes, "So you think I have a problem or something?"
Coop scoffs, "What?"
"I'm not a child Coop! Okay? I don't need you telling me what to do!"
She runs upstairs and goes into the bathroom. Where she makes herself throw up.


Dinah grabs her stuff from Cyrus, "Leave me alone."
He follows her, "Didi this is not a good idea."
She turns around, "Mind your own business."
He shakes his head, "Didi, there is a lot more to this and you know it."
She scoffs, "This is different."
She walks off.
He shouts out, "Did you ever tell him? Mallet. Did you ever tell him about.... you know."
She walks back, "He doesn't need to know. We promised that we would never talk about it again. And if you mention it again I'll rip you limb from limb you son of a bitch!"
Dinah storms off.

Colin and Lizzie are kissing in the room.
He pulls away, "Wait. I have to get to my patients."
She smiles, "Okay. I can wait."
He picks up his stuff, "I'll see you later tonight."
She nods, "You bet."
He walks out.
She waits a couple of minutes and walks out.
She sees Lillian outside. She grins, "Oh hey Nana."
Lillian shakes her head, "Oh Sweetie what are you doing now?"
Lizzie gets nervous.

Ashlee sits on the bench outside.
Coop comes and sits by her, "Can we talk?"
She shakes her head, "You know what? I'll never be good enough will I?"
"Ashlee what are you talking about?"
She looks at him, "That's why you cheated on me isn't it?"
Coop stands up, "Ashlee I thought we settled this!"
"I don't believe you!"
He rubs his head, "Oh God! Ashlee! Come on!"
She sits still, "I'll never be like your other girlfriends. I'll never be small like Lizzie or skinny like Ava. I'm just me! And I was happy the way I am..."
He sits back down, "I'm happy the way you are too."
"Then why are you cheating on me with Lizzie!?!"
Ashlee shoves him and storms off.

Spaulding Mansion:
Natalia is sitting on her bed, "Oh why am I so stupid?"
She keeps having flashbacks to her night with Alan.
Her phone rings.
She looks at it. It's Alan.
Natalia sits it down and goes in the restroom.
She picks up a tiny stick.
It has a blue end, "Oh my... I'm pregnant!"
Natalia's eyes fill tears and her mind with horror.

Jason and Kevin walk over to their Mom.
Jason hugs Clarissa, "Hey we finally made it huh?"
Blake kisses her boys, "I'm so proud of both of you."
Kevin laughs, "I'm just glad that we're done."
Blake laughs, "Until college. That's what your father would want."
The kids all smile.
Blake looks at them, "Oh I wish your father lived to see this. But you all know that he is here with us. I can feel it."
Outside Remy turns a corner and chases a man in a coat, "Hey!"
He chases him to a car where the man jumps in and drives off.
Remy is shocked to get a glimpse of his face, "Oh my God! Ross?"

Harley's House:
Harley shoves Susan off of her, "What is wrong with you!?!"
Susan lets go, "Leave him alone!"
Harley grabs her cell phone.
Susan worries, "What are you doing?"
"They can still catch him."
Susan grabs the phone and throws it.
Harley yells, "Would you stop!!! Your boyfriend is going to prison for murdering Julie Camaletti!"
Susan grabs Harley, "No it was her fault! Okay? She was pushing and pushing. She was going to tell everyone everything. She was going to tell you and Dad about us and what I'd done...."
Harley is confused, "What are you talking about?"
Susan is hysterical, "She was threating and she was gonna ruin everything so I had to!"
Susan screams, "I had to shoot her!!!!!"
Harley heart falls to her feet.

Remy makes a bad choice
Reva has a proposal for Blake
Jeffrey goes to see Marah
Harley is shocked by Susan's confession
Natalia makes a decision
Beth and Phillip rename the child
Lizzie talks with Coop


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WOW!! Just wow. My opinion of Susan has just chamged. Kuz I sure had a lot to say about her before I read she shot that girl. This changes everything and explains a lot and really makes things all the more interesting. Good job with that one.

Lord We have Nata pregnant and Dinah, who jut got pregant finally is nnot gonna know who the father of her child is. THis show should be GL: Secret Lovers, lol Cant wait to see thee two play it. I hope they each be different though

I think Liz( who i so damn sexxi) and COlin are great together.

Ashlee is bulimaic? Poor girl. I really feel bad for her. I think coop really do love her and yes men out there do like big girls.

GREAT EPISODE SO Much goings on.

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Yep. Susan murdered Mallet's little sister Julie. And now Harley has to do something.

Dinah and Cyrus have a past. They haven't slept together in years. She know Mallet is her Baby's father. But Dinah and Cyrus were criminals together.

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