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Episode 59



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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A day full of secrets in Springfield........

Bauer Home:

Phillip is holding the baby, "So what did Rick say?"
Beth stands up, "He sent me a message. He is going to be out of town for a little longer."
Phillip sighs, "I'm sorry Beth. This whole thing with...."
Phillip looks at her, "We can't call her Bertha. That's Rick's grandmother. It isn't right."
Beth nods, "Yes. I suppose your right. So what shall we call her now?"
Phillip thinks, "Well I guess since she's my daughter then we'll name her after my Grandmother."
Beth agrees, "Penelope. I think it fits."
He smiles, "Yeah Penelope."
The door opens.
The two turn in shock to see Alan.
Alan stands still, "Oh my God! Phillip!!"

Spaulding Mansion:

Natalia picks up the pregnancy test.
It's blue.
She cries, "I can't be pregnant!"
She looks in the mirror and tries to understand what is happening.

Harley's House:

Harley grabs Susan who is flipping out, "Susan! What are you talking about?"
Susan cries, "Julie was going to tell everyone everything. That's why I did it! That's why I shot her!"
Harley smacks her, "No! No Susan don't say that. Don't cover for your boyfriend."
Susan sobs, "I'm so sorry!"
Harley stands up. She is speechless.
Her own daughter is a murderer.


Marah is doing sketches when she gets a knock at her door, "Just a second."
She opens the door. Jeffrey comes in, "Marah we need to talk."
"Jeffrey whats..."
He pulls her into a kiss.
She shuts the door behind him.
Jeffrey sits her on the bed, "I've waited years to be with you again."
Marah smiles, "Is this what you want? Your sure?"
He kisses her and the two begin to make love.

Main Street:

Remy comes up to Blake, "Hey."
She turns around and shoves him, "Where have you been?"
"Blake I need to tell you something."
Blake holds his hands, "Wait. I need to tell you something. Remy I really want this between us to be official. I can't keep lying to my kids. Heck I think the boys kind of know anyways."
Remy smiles, "What do you mean?"
She takes a deep breathe, "Ross has been dead for a few years now and it's time I moved on. I want to be with you Remy."
She kisses him.
Remy decides to keep his knowledge to himself.


Lizzie sits with Lillian, "I really like Colin, Nana. And he love me."
Lillian sighs, "Well, Lizzie if this is real then I think you should go for it."
Lizzie smiles, "Really?"
"Yes. I mean he is a little to old for you. But he's a good guy."
Lizzie hugs her, "So you'll keep this between us?"
Lillian nods, "It's not my place. But you should tell your Mom."
Lillian after the talk Lillian goes back to work.
Lizzie walks outside and sees Coop sitting there waiting.


Marah and Jeffrey lay in bed together.
Marah kisses him, "Jeffrey.... I can't tell you how happy I am to be with you."
He holds her, "I know. I'm so sorry that it took me so long to realize that we should be together."
She sits up, "I just need to know. Is this just sex? Or...."
Jeffrey sits up and looks in her eyes, "Marah... I love you."
Marah kisses him, "I've loved you all along too."
The two lay back down.

Spaulding Mansion:
Natalia sits on the bed, "Oh no! No! This isn't happening."
She looks at her hand.
She pulls out her wedding ring, "I know what's right and what's wrong. I may have made a mistake. But this child will not pay for it. Gus's child will not pay for this."
Natalia puts the ring back on her finger.

Coop smiles at Lizzie, "How is everything going?"
Lizzie smiles back, "I'm a lot better now. Thank you Coop for everything."
Coop holds out a flower.
She sits with him, "Coop you need to stop."
He is confused, "What?"
Lizzie holds his hand, "We were each other's first love. Coop I lost my virginity to you. You are very special to me. But we are different now."
Coop shakes his head, "What do you mean?"
Lizzie smiles, "Coop, I was wife and a mother. I had a family. And I'm still mourning my little Sarah's death."
Coop nods, "I remember when I believed she was mine. When you were pregnant."
She continues, "You are in a great relationship with Ashlee. And yes she is to good for my taste but... you two are good for each other. And she is WAY better than that twit Ava."
Coop laughs, "I guess your right. I'm just worried about Ashlee, and I wanted to reconnect with the past."
Lizzie kisses him on the cheek, "You'll know what to do."
She gives him a hug and then leaves.

Bauer Home:
Phillip hands Penelope to Beth, "Take her."
Beth hold her, "Don't worry Baby."
Phillip approaches Alan, "Stay the hell away."
Alan reaches out to Phillip, "Oh Son! It's really you! I've missed you for so long."
Phillip pulls away, "You miss me? You shot me!"
Alan sighs, "Phillip I'm sorry. But what power do I have now? None. Cassandra has taken it all away."
Phillip points to the door, "Get out."
Alan hugs his son, "I will not tell anyone."
Beth puts Penelope in Alan's arms, "Alan this is your Granddaughter."
Alan is confused, "Granddaughter?"
Alan looks at the two of them and realizes the situation.
He smiles at the little Spaulding.

Harley's House:
Harley grabs her bag, "I need to leave."
Susan stands up, "Wait Mom! Where are you going?"
Harley goes to the door, "I'm going to pick up the kids and we are going..... somewhere else. But we can't.... I'm sorry I have to go!"
Susan cries out, "Mom! I'm sorry!!!"
Harley leaves.
Susan screams, "MOM!"
She falls to the floor.

Main Street:
Reva approaches Blake, "Hi Blake."
She turns around, "Hello Reva."
Reva smiles, "Blake I have a proposal for you."
Remy is going to get some coffee. He talks to himself, "Okay. It might not have really been Ross. Ross is dead. Besides we need to just move on. We need to stay low for a while and everything will be okay."
Across the street Blake is curious, "Reva what is this about?"
Reva explains, "I'm running WSPR now. And we are going to have a talk show called 'Light Talk'."
Blake nods, "And?"
Reva grins, "Blake, how would you like to be the talk show host?"
Blake is speechless.

Bauer Home:
Phillip and Beth are holding the baby after Alan has left.
Beth puts her hand on his shoulder, "A lot of people know now."
He agrees, "Yep. It's time to come clean."
Beth sits, "You know who you have tell next right?"
He nods, "Yes. And they are going to be difficult."
Beth sighs, "When will you do it?"
Phillip takes a deep breathe, "Soon. Its time to face Harley and Olivia.

Phillip confronts his ex wives
Marina questions Danny
Lucy and Alan Michael sign the divorce papers
Matt has news for his daughter
Susan makes a deal with Marah


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ANother great episode.

I really feel so bad for harley. I know she is in total shock. I also can't belive she walked out like that. Poor Susan,

I love Remy and Blake but what in the hell is going on Ross is alive if so I hope Remy tells Blake. He dont need to keep the secret. I mean come on, old geezar Rossy Tossy or fine ass chocolate daddy Remy. It's on the wall. I ALSO LOVE HOW REVA asked Blake to be the talk show host. This WSPR is really grabbing my attetion.

LILLIAN btw is so beatiful too.

Great Job Jay

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Harley is living a detective's worst nightmare, her daughter is the criminal that she has been chasing.

Remy isn't 100% sure it was Ross. He doesn't want to get her hopes up.

Blake being is perfect for the job! Also I'll let you know that another female character that you seem to like might be getting a job at WSPR too.

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