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Episode 68



Brad and Katie finally break the silence and both apologize at the same time. When Brad won't admit that he quit WOAK because of Katie, she storms out. Brad runs after her, but is intercepted by Henry who tells him to just let her go. Margo runs into Katie, who is a bucket of emotions. She tells Katie to pull her act together as Lyla's just been rushed to Memorial.

Michael takes over Lyla's case and amazes Bob and Susan by his efficiency as a doctor. When a nurse makes the wrong call, Michael takes hold of the situation and keeps Lyla from slipping away. Later, Margo and Michael come face to face for the first time since Casey's death. The tension is omnipresent, but Katie thanks Michael for saving her mother's life.

Emma arrives at Lucinda's, wanting answers. Unable to give her anything, Emma suggests Lucinda send a search party after Lily and Holden. Lucinda scoffs at the idea of sending a search party after a search party, but eventually agrees to foot the bill for rescuers to enter Barbados, some of the same people who have rescued refugees in Sierra's homeland of Montega.

Alison comes home and Gwen pulls up behind her. Gwen tells Alison that she needs a huge favor and tells Alison that as far as Will goes, Gwen has been here alot lately, sometimes past midnight, with Hallie. Alison wonders why the lying is necessary and tells Gwen that she'd do best to tell her husband the truth. Later, Alison tells Aaron about Gwen asking her to lie to Will.

Lily thanks Rohan and his family for taking care of her and says goodbye as Rohan escorts her back to town. In town, a woman stops Lily and tells her that her husband was here looking for her, but he went away with Andrew. Rohan cringes at the name and Lily takes notice. Lily asks who Andrew is and Rohan admits that he's nothing but trouble.


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OMG...St. Gwen is lying and getting others to lie for her? Color me shocked.

Can't wait to see where the Michael/Margo/Lyla story is going.

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