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Episode 67



Emily runs into Alison and Aaron in Old Town. Sofie comes by with Casey and Aaron forks off to talk with them. Emily asks how Aaron's been holding up since the news of Julie and Caleb's divorce. Alison explains that Aaron's pretty hurt, especially since Julie hasn't been doing as good as she was right after her recovery. Meanwhile, Sofie and Casey make small talk and Sofie informs Aaron that she and Casey are officially dating. Emily and Alison interrupt the conversation and publically apologize for accusing Casey of being Ali's stalker.

Katie finds Henry at his house all by himself. Katie asks where Vienna is and Henry explains that she's out looking for potential investors for her new business venture. Katie tells Henry that Vienna should consult with Kim, but Henry sees it as a lost cause since he and Kim haven't always seen eye to eye since his scheming first days at WOAK. Brad comes over, unaware that Henry orchestrated the whole thing. Katie gripes that Henry called her over to discuss Vienna's new business, as Brad argues that Henry called him over to discuss employment. Henry leaves Brad and Katie alone. Forced together, neither says a word; they just stare at one another.

Emma returns to Oakdale from a farmers convention and learns from Luke that Lily went missing in Barbados, there for answers about Craig's death, and now Holden has gone missing trying to find her. Unable to grip the news, Emma goes out. Luke, meanwhile, soon gets confronted by a furious Noah. Luke explains that he feels like Noah is hiding something and after the apartment fiasco, he doesn't want another lie to come between them. Noah stalls, realizing that his lies have caused a rift in his once-flourishing relationship, but eventually tells Luke that nothing is going on, therefore continuing the lies.

Jack arrives at Carly's to take the kids to their various activities. Sage assumes that Jack has returned to live with them. A bitter J.J. tells her not to hold out hope, forcing Carly and Jack to scold him. J.J. reiterates that they've already made it perfectly clear that neither of them still loves the other. Carly assures the kids that she and Jack still love one another, but they'll never love one another like they once did...when they were all a family. Jack's painful glance catches Carly's eye, but she moves on and shocks Jack by revealing that she's inviting Carrie to move in with her. Jack seems confused, citing that Carly used to hate Carrie. Carly agrees that she was tough on Carrie, but now that she has talked with Carrie, she knows that Carrie is in a rundown apartment across town, on her own, with no family around to help, and pregnant. Carly remembers being in her shoes. Although she had Mike at the time that she was pregnant with Nora, she didn't have all of him. Rosanna was her only family and at the time, they detested one another because of Mike. Furthermore, Carly thinks it'll be nice to have someone around to help with the kids (it'll give Carrie good practice) and to have some company around the house. Jack thinks Carly's out of her mind.

As Gwen bathes Hallie, Will steps in and cautiously asks Gwen where she's been lately. Gwen laughs past the questions, saying that she's been so busy with Hallie that she herself doesn't even know where she's been. Will gets a bit angry and demands to know where Gwen has been going at midnight or later with their daughter. Gwen begs Will to calm down and assures him that she's simply been taking Hallie out for late walks and one night, they went to Gwen's friend's house. Will demands to know who the friend is, but Gwen doesn't say, citing that he's acting more like her father than her husband. Will replies that he is a father...to Hallie. And he deserves to know where she's been. Finally, Gwen lies and says she's been visiting Alison. Will buys it for the time being as Gwen breathes a sigh of relief.


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Henry, the eternal matchmaker. Katie (even yours, Dusty) doesn't deserve him. LOL.

I like that Carly has softened toward Carrie.

Noah is never going to learn, is he?

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Another good one!

The Noah/Luke stuff is nicely written and I like how it's playing out.

I still just love the fact that I'm so much more interested in this blog that I am the real show, LoL. It's got this punch that the TV show doesn't have, IMO.

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