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Episode 46



Lyla sorts through boxes of pictures and comes across an old photo of Casey and Katie. Lyla starts to cry and tells Casey that she'll be coming to be with him shortly. Margo overhears and tells her mom that she's shocked that Lyla isn't fighting this. Lyla asserts that she has already lost a husband, a son, and a grandson. It's her time. Margo urges her to keep fighting, claiming that she also has a family that loves her and needs her. Margo uses Lyla's grandson Casey as an example of someone who needs her. Through Margo's urging, Lyla finally decides to start treatment again. Seeing Lyla's emotional state, she decides not to tell her about re-opening Craig's death.

Bob meets with some of the board members and they all decide that Bob's leave of grievance has played out. As Bob resumes Chief of Staff duties, Kim's notified of it. Kim tells Bob that burying himself into work is not going to save him or solve his problems. Bob disagrees and says that by helping Barbara and establishing a state of the art cancer ward, he'll not only be helping Memorial re-establish their unremarkable reputation, but he'll also be helping himself. Kim finally surrenders, citing how much her niece Barbara needs a place for treatment, and tells Bob that if anyone can do it, he can make it happen. Later, Kim tells Nancy she hopes Bob's idea works.

At the airport, Dusty calls Alison and tells her to meet him at Mabel's. There, Alison tells Dusty about Casey saying "hot little mama" and recalls the Myspace stalker as saying the same thing. Dusty calls Emily, who reluctantly agrees to use The Enquirer's name to do some digging. Soon, Emily arrives and informs Dusty and Alison that a former guard at Casey's prison said he had an unhealthy porn addiction while in lock up. Dusty tells Alison that he's pretty sure Casey's the one who's been stalking her on Myspace and Dusty agrees to confront him first thing in the morning.

Carly sits down with Jack at the farm and thanks Jack for agreeing to see her on such short notice. Carly recalls Parker telling her of J.J. telling Jack not to screw things up with Carly again. Carly's concerned that J.J. might be getting his hopes up for a reunion between them that will never happen. Jack agrees and suggests the two have a sit down talk with the kids and stress to the kids that they're only friends. Later, Lily sees Carly at the Oakdale mini-mall and reveals that she and Margo are researching Craig's death.

Sofie gets off work and returns to Lucinda's guest house. As she gets out of the shower, she hears someone knock. She goes to the door and sees it's Casey. Sofie comments that she hasn't seen him alot lately. Casey apologizes for not being able to make love to her a few weeks back and confides how much he missed Maddie and because of it, he wasn't able to go through with it. However, he tells Sofie that he still can't get Sofie out of his mind. Casey leans in and kisses her. Sofie slaps Casey and tells him that she doesn't like him like that. However, when Casey leans into kiss her again, she doesn't object and the two end up clearing off the counter and having wild hot sex.


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Just catching up after the long weekend...

Somehow I really don't mind the thought of Casey having hot sex. :lol:

Awww...Carjack are gonna be "just friends". Or at least they're going to try. :D

Glad Lyla's decided to continue her treatment.

And good for Bob, motivating himself for Babs' sake. That's what family should be about.

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