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Episode 45



Lily congratulates Sage and Natalie for finding the most Easter eggs and sends them into the house so Holden can give them their prize. Lucinda pulls up and tells Lily that it's enough that she makes a bastard like Craig Montgomery out to be a saint, but it's another thing to re-open his death. Lily denies doing anything of the sort and says that she's simply seeking justice for her ex-brother-in-law's death if it turns out to be foul play. Lily accuses Lucinda of getting defensive, but Lucinda scoffs at the accusation. Later, Holden warns Lily that by re-opening Craig's death, she might be opening a can of worms.

Rosanna asks Paul to meet her at Al's. Unable to sit because of the Easter dinner rush, the two take seats outside on a bench and Rosanna cites that Meg didn't give into their plan and they need to create a new one. Paul takes a deep breath and tells Rosanna that as much as he wants to believe her, he just can't. He can't see Meg being so desperate to hold on to him that she would miscarry, hide it from him, get pregnant again, and then miscarry the child just to blame it on Rosanna. Rosanna vows to show Paul that she's right and when she exposes Meg, she won't be there waiting for him.

Barbara gushes over Hallie's adorable Easter dress as Will and Gwen recall serving Iris with a restraining order. Barbara thinks that Iris is nuttier than ever and recalls her over-the-top show the other day, wanting to pray and such. Gwen confides that as much as she wishes she had a stable mother, she's going to do everything to ensure that she's nothing like Iris. Later, Will runs into Iris, who reveals she's changed and she's going to prove it to Will and Gwen if it's the last thing she does.

Carly and Parker sit down and look through all the pictures that he took of them before Easter church services. Carly reminds Parker that he is wearing a pin that Hal bought him. Parker asks if Carly thinks he's a bad person because he shot Sam. Carly's startled by the question and although she initially tells him he should ask the counselor the next time they all go, she tells him that he was protecting someone and she believe what he did was very heroic. Parker asks Jack if she still has feelings for Jack. Carly asks what makes him ask that and he tells Carly about J.J. telling Jack not to screw things up with Carly again this time.

Alison and Susan sit down for lunch at Mona Lisa and comment how Emily had a last minute appointment at work. Alison tells Susan that she thinks she has an idea who her Myspace stalker is...Casey Hughes. Susan's in shock as Alison continues that Dusty's out of town on business, but when he returns, they're confronting him about it. Susan can't believe Casey would be so perverted as to send such messages like the ones Alison has been receiving and begs her to think long and hard about accusing Casey before they confront him, citing the already mounting tension between the Hughes clan and the Stewarts. Alison seems unmoved. She's convinced Casey's the one who has been sending her dirty messages on Myspace.


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