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Episode 36



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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The doctor gives Katie some good news and some bad news. The good news says that Katie's going to fine and will one day have children. The bad news is that Katie's reproductive system will be weakened by the treatments for the infection that she must undergo, hence halting her hopes of having a baby. Brad comforts Katie and takes her to Lyla's to lie down. While Katie sleeps, Lyla tells Brad that he's not going to get in her daughter's pants anytime soon, especially with her around. Katie pretends to still be asleep as Brad reveals to Lyla that he's not sticking around Katie because he wants to make a baby with her. He's sticking around because he loves her.

Casey finds Margo at the police station and asks to speak with her. They enter the interrogation room and Casey hands over some pills. Casey says that he doesn't need them any more than he needs the whole town ridiculing hm. Margo asks what happened in prison that was so unbelievably horrific that it's totally changed Casey. Casey refuses to tell Margo and promises that he'll be alright. As Casey leaves, Margo's shocked when he reveals that he had a long talk with Lyla and it made him realize that life is too short. Margo says that Lyla told her the doctors had a good report for Lyla and things are looking up, but Casey's eyes tell Margo a different story.

Dusty blasts into Lance's old production studio and finds it completely abandoned. A nearby homeless man tells Dusty that Lance's company tanked after he ran away with a buxom blonde porn star named Candy. When Candy found the photos he had taken of her kid sister, she flipped and killed him, coming back to hide his body in the abandoned studio. Dusty wonders aloud who could be Alison's stalker if it's not Lance and calls Susan. Susan can hardly talk on the phone thanks to a pushy hospital board member, but she assures Dusty they can talk tonight at her place.

Lily thanks Carly for all her hard work and tells her to go home and spend some time with her kids. Before she leaves, Lily tells Carly about hiring Carly an assistant. Carly denies needing any help, but Lily reveals that after Jack called her, she realized how selfish it was (on Lily's part) to want her to start work so soon after the ordeal with Sam. Lily tells an argumentative Carly that it's settled and the new girl will start tomorrow. When Carly's unable to make a meeting or work on designs, her assistant can save the day. When Carly comes home, she fumes at Jack for telling Lily on her like a little kid. Jack insists that he thinks the more time she's home, the more time she can use to convince the kids she's there for them..now more than ever. Carly turns a questioning eye to Jack as he walks out the door to spend the night at Emma's for a change and give Carly time to cool down.

Susan comes home and exhausted, sets down on the couch. She hardly notices when Dusty taps her arm. Dusty laughs and tells Susan that he knows she's tired, but this won't take long. Aaron's on his way, too. Susan starts to panic, worrying about Alison. Dusty assures her that Alison is fine. Aaron is dropping her off with Emily and she doesn't know a thing. Just as Dusty reveals to Susan that Alison has been getting mysterious messages from a Myspace pervert, Aaron busts through the door, holding an inquisitive Alison back as long as he can. Alison breaks free and sees the faces of Dusty, Aaron, and Alison. Alison herself begins to worry until Susan asks her about the Myspace messages. Alison's jaw hits the floor as she turns around to give Aaron a scathing glare that people in hell would think was punishment.


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I like Brad standing up and being a man, even if it is for Katie, the least deserving wench on the Planet.

I'm not sure I understand why the kids are so needy now, that Carly can't work.

Nice to see another chapter up, Dusty! :D

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I'm not sure I understand why the kids are so needy now, that Carly can't work.

Uh, let's see.

1. Mom stole something very valuable and then left them high and dry when she ran off with an Aussie.

2. Jack took up with Katie, the same woman who helped sabatoge their parent's happy marriage by exposing their mother in front of God and everyone.

3. J.J. was kidnapped and his parents had a few near death experiences trying to save him.

4. The same woman that helped the kidnappers became their mother's best friend and business partner.

5. Sam turned out to be a psycho that tried to kill Jack and Carly, but was shot dead by Parker.

6. Now, only two or three weeks after the accident, their father has quit his job and their mother is going to work.

I'd say that they have just cause in beeing a little needy of Carly right now. ;):P

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