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Episode 37



Margo frets over Casey and shares her concerns with Tom. She explains how Casey willingly surrendered some sleeping pills he had tucked away somewhere, made mention of wanting to not need them anymore, and then revealed he's been spending time with Lyla. Tom sees it as Casey coming around, but Margo seems worried that this sudden recovery might be too sudden for Casey. Margo also worries about Lyla since Casey seemed to know something she didn't. Tom comforts her and offers to take off work the rest of the day. Margo refuses and goes back to work herself, still noticeably upset, worried about her family. When Casey returns from his job at Emma's, Tom shares a heart to heart with him and asks Casey to confide in him. Casey, however, clams up and goes to his room.

Luke interrupts Lucinda's conference call and asks if she can spare some advice. Lucinda insists no business is more important than her grandson, issues a demanding order and a bitter goodbye to someone on the phone, hangs it up, and sits down with Luke. Luke tells about how Noah found out the landlord refused to let them rent an apartment because of his father being a killer. Lucinda asks how Noah took it and Luke replies that Noah hasn't been the same since. Noah refuses to talk to him and mostly watches TV and then goes to bed. Lucinda asks Luke if he's apologized and Luke says "countless times", but Noah just won't answer. Lucinda offers to talk to him, but Luke denies her offer. Lucinda says that she thinks all Noah needs is time and Luke needs to make it obvious that he still loves and supports Noah, no matter who his family is. Luke thanks Lucinda and leaves.

At WOAK, Lily politely tells Katie "no" and walks off to tend to something else. Carly sneaks behind Katie and spooks her. Katie tells Carly to taunt her all she wants. Katie doesn't realize Carly now works at WOAK until Lily calls her over. Fuming, Katie decides to talk to Kim about all of this. Meanwhile, Lily tells Carly that she meant nothing personal when she hired Carly an assistant. She simply wanted to ensure that Carly would be able to leave work if the kids ever needed her and not have to halt any work. Carly says its fine, although she isn't too pleased with Jack for getting involved. As they step into the conference room, Lily introduces Carly to her assistant, Carrie.

Susan and Alison meet Dusty at Al's for an update on Alison's stalker. Alison remains tight-lipped the whole time, only occasionally butting in to assure Dusty that she's fine and can handle her own self. Alison looks outside and sees Aaron motioning her outside. Outside, Alison hisses that Aaron must want to come tell another secret to Dusty and her mother. Alison asks Aaron how he could betray her trust like that just when they got back on track. Aaron insists that it was for Alison's best interest. Alison doesn't see it that way and accuses Aaron of still thinking of her as a porn star being admired by a fan rather than Alison Stewart being stalked by a pervert. Alison slaps Aaron, damning him to hell and telling him she never wants to see him again. She storms back inside, thankful when she realizes that Dusty and Susan saw nothing.


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