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Episode 38



Carrie introduces herself to Carly and the two quickly start to work. It's not long before the two start to differ on a design for a new stage. Carly tells Lily that Carrie's blueprints are all scattered and she thinks she's too young for the job. Lily insists that Carrie has adequate credentials. Later, Carly returns him and Jack tells her that he's moving back to Emma's farm. Carly acts like it doesn't upset her, but when the two of them tells the kids, Jack notices Carly's demeanor. He calls her on being upset, but Carly denies it.

Kim's startled by a knock at the door. Bob offers to get it, almost sure it's Susan. However, it's Katie. Katie whines to Kim that Lily fired her on a day she was having some personal problems and now, Lily refuses to give her her job back. Kim promises to talk to Lily about it and see what she can do. A few hours later, Paul and Will arrive to talk to Bob. They suggest opening a cancer center at Memorial so Barbara won't have to continually travel in her fragile state to seek treatment. Bob likes the idea and although he's on leave, he promises to give the idea to the board soon.

Paul returns home and sees Meg is in better spirits. When Meg starts to talk about babies again, Paul tells Meg that maybe her miscarriage was a sign that they're not ready for children. Meg barks back that maybe her miscarriage is a sign that Rosanna's jealous and wants Paul to herself. Meg goes to run a quick errand, and while she's out, Paul starts thinking of Meg's pregnancy. Suddenly, he remembers something and makes a call, asking someone to meet him.

Luke comes home and finds Noah pacing the floor. Noah, ridden with guilt still, tells Luke that they need to talk. Noah starts off that he and Luke have been through alot together, but when Luke starts gloating about their "perfect" love, Noah changes the subject. Luke, thinking it's a bit strange, calls him on it, but Noah insists that he just wanted Luke to know how much he loves him.


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