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Episode 39



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Lyla comes on stage and starts to sing. Halfway through her number, she becomes weak and faints. Lisa rushes on stage and is finally able to get Lyla to come to. At the hospital, the doctor assures Margo that Lyla's fainting is not from another illness. Still, he continues, Lyla's health is slowly deteriorating and Lyla refuses to seek treatment. Katie clings to Margo as the two women look in at their mother.

Alison meets Emily at the Lakeview for lunch and tells Emily that appreciates Dusty, but he doesn't need to constantly protect her. She can take care of herself. Emily asks how Alison is doing in school and Alison remarks that she's broke. Emily gets a great idea and tells Alison that she's been needing a columnist. Emily thinks that the two of them working together could bring them closer and eventually, Alison agrees. Later, Susan shares her concerns about them working together, telling Alison that she's not so sure (with Dusty looking for Alison's stalker) that Emily's feelings of betrayal towards herself and Dusty won't re-surface.

Paul sits down at Al's and thanks Rosanna for meeting him. Rosanna shows Paul a medical sheet and Paul seems surprised. Paul says that he remembers Meg wanting to make love to him, and didn't seem fazed when Paul declared he didn't have a condom. Rosanna concludes that that must have been when she conceived. Paul apologizes to Rosanna and says that he was right all along. He can't imagine Meg being so desperate to hold on to him that she would go to such great lengths. Rosanna and Paul make a plan to catch Meg.

Bob tells Kim about Paul and Will's idea and Kim thinks it's a swell idea. However, when Bob brings up possibly working with Susan on the project to restore the hospital's diminishing image, Kim hates the idea. Bob also tells Kim that he's going back to work. Kim thinks it's too soon and shares her doubts with Lisa over the phone. Bob overhears Kim's doubts and tells her that he's fine and can handle being at work again.

Lily comes home and sees that Holden has gotten a babysitter for the kids and prepared a romantic candlelight dinner. The two bond over a romantic meal and later bask in the glow of candles in their bedroom. Lily says they've come along way from when she used to think "that stable boy" had "an attitude". Holden laughs and tells Lily that his world would stop turning without her.

Margo tells Lyla that she shouldn't scare them like that anymore. Casey comes by and asks for some time alone with Lyla, which peaks Margo's interest. Casey tells Lyla that he's thought about her advice to get his life back on track and thanks her. Lyla talks of how proud she is, but Casey tells her that she wouldn't have time to be proud had it not been for Lisa's quick thinking. Lyla assures Casey she's fine and asks Casey to keep her fainting spell the other day a secret. She doesn't want the girls to know that this has been happening for a while. Little does she know, Margo hears every word.


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