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Episode 35



At family dinner, Margo's concerned by Lyla's loss of appetite, but Lyla blames it on Katie's lack of culinary skills. All seem to laugh until Katie's laughs turn into tears. Lyla consoles her and tells her that everything will be fine. Later, Brad surprises Katie at the cottage with a bottle of wine and roses. Katie tells Brad that she can't make love to him. Brad understands and holds Katie as she frets hearing from the doctor tomorrow.

Aaron is curious when he sees Alison making sure no one is following them as they shop. Aaron says she's been acting this way for quite some time and demands answers. Alison confesses about the perv that keeps sending her messages on Myspace. Alison begs Aaron not to say anything and he agrees. After Aaron goes to work at the Lakeview, he runs into Dusty. When Dusty asks about Alison, Aaron caves and tells Dusty all about her stalker. Dusty vows to get to the bottom of it and hops in his car.

Kim goes to Java and finds Bob sulking in a corner booth. Bob tells her that he appreciates her letting him continue to see Susan as a friend and perhaps get over all this guilt and anger that's torn him up for so long, but he says Susan's been swamped at work and doesn't even have time for a cup of coffee. Kim flashes her cell phone and says that Lily's got things under control at WOAK so she's free all day. Kim suggests they take a walk and Bob can talk all he wants or not talk at all, if he'd like. Bob reluctantly agrees.

Will, Gwen, and Paul arrive at the doctor's office without Barbara. Dr. Hilton tells them that everything they can do has been done. Barbara's going to have to go to a better facility than Oakdale Memorial. Paul blasts the doctor for giving up, but he denies he's doing anything of the sort. They simply don't have the technology that other cancer centers do. Paul agrees to use some of his money from B.R.O. to fund a state of the art cancer facility. Dr. Hilton continues that they would have to have board approval, to which Will replies that his great uncle is Chief of Staff, That shouldn't be a problem.

Jack comes downstairs and finds Carly prepping for her first day of work. Sage comes down and asks Carly to help her with a project that's due tomorrow. Carly scolds Sage for waiting until the last minute, which sends her fleeing back up the stairs. Jack tells Carly that he knows how nervous she gets, but the last thing she needs to do is go back to work right now. The kids are just getting over her being gone and their family therapy is just starting to show improvement. Lily buzzes the doorbell before Carly can answer and she heads out the door. Jack goes upstairs and consoles Sage, blaming Carly's foul mood on her nervousness about her new job. Sage asks if Mommy's going to leave again, as we see Carly doubting her new job already.


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