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Episode 34



Casey startles Lyla when he walks in on her practicing her number. Casey tells Lyla that although her heath is fading, her voice sure isn't. Casey finally confesses after a quiet moment that he knows that Lyla passed out. Lyla pleads with Casey not to tell his mother. Casey promises to keep Lyla's secret. Lyla asks Casey how he's been doing and he replies that he thought he wanted Sofie, but the more he thinks about, the more he realizes that everyone's right. He just wants someone to fill the hole that was left by Maddie.

Emma sets Meg down on the bed at the farm and advises her to get some rest. While Emma goes to get her some tea, Meg starts thinking about Paul and is determined to see him. Emma stops her as Meg starts down the stairs. Emma's pleading does no good as Meg walks out the front door anyways. At Paul's penthouse, Paul chastises Meg for being out. Meg cries that she's sorry that she miscarried their baby. Meg damns Rosanna for running her over, citing that she was just jealous that she couldn't have Paul to herself and jealous that Meg was carrying his child. Paul can't stand to think of Rosanna acting that way and tells Meg that he'll never forgive Rosanna. Later, Meg calls Rosanna while Paul showers. Rosanna see's Paul's number and answers excitedly, hoping he's found out the truth. Instead, she hears Meg snicker and yells at Meg that karma's a b!tch.

Lucinda runs by Lily's and finds Lily leaving for work. Lily asks her mother what she wants and Lucinda apologizes for the way that she's been acting. Lily tells her mother that she knows she doesn't mean it, but thanks her for the thought. Lucinda retorts that Lily needs to quit living in the past, which sets Lily off. Later, Luke comes in for his first day of work and asks his mom for advice on Noah. Luke's worried that Noah took it hard the other day when he found out they were denied the apartment because of Colonel Mayer. Lily insists that Noah just needs time.

Henry and Vienna return from their trip to Leonia to collect their money. Katie greets them as they enter the Lakeview, as she's headed for drinks with Alison. Henry explains how once they arrived in Leonia, it was revealed that Vienna's uncle was going bankrupt and instead of inheriting the millions he promised Vienna, they ended up only getting about $10,000 which they plan on using to construct Vienna's new business. Katie seems weary of the idea, citing how Vienna's last business tanked during construction. Henry asks how the baby-making is coming along and Katie crumbles, saying that an infection she has might lead to her being barren. Henry and Vienna issue their sympathies.

Emily and Dusty finish eating at Mabel's. Dusty comments how he's glad to have Emily back in his arms and notices Emily acting distant. Susan comes in on her lunch break, and talks about how swamped the hospital has been. Susan's glad to see her daughters are finally on the right track and lays all the credit in Dusty. Dusty blushes, but tells Susan that she too had a hand in it. Later, Bob brushes past Susan in the hall. Susan tries to stop and talk, but a board member summons her to a financial meeting. When Bob returns home, Kim puts on a sympathizing smile when Bob talks about how busy Susan is.

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