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Episode 33



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Emma tells Meg to tell her what she's smirking like that for. Meg turns around and denies that she was smirking. Meg simply says that she was smiling, thinking of how she never thought Emma would be here right now. Emma insists that Meg is her baby girl and she can't imagine not being here for Meg during this hard and difficult time. Meg talks about how Emma has never been a fan of Paul's. Emma explains that whatever makes Meg happy is what she wants, and if Paul makes her happy, Emma must deal with it. Paul returns from arguing with Rosanna and apologizes for being gone for so long. Emma watches as Paul and Meg hug and Rosanna looks in through the window.

Lily tells Carly that she and Jack are meant to be together, but Carly tells Lily that she only knows one thing. She's glad Jack is still alive and she's not going to get her hopes up like she usually does. She's going to take things slowly, one day at a time. Jack and Holden interrupt the two, giving a hopeful update about Meg. As Holden and Jack get the women's coats to leave, Lily tells Carly she has the perfect job opportunity for her. Since Jack has quit the force and she knows Carly needs a job, Lily offers Carly a job as set designer at WOAK. Carly yelps in excitement and hugs Lily, thanking her profusely. Later, Carly tells Jack the good news, but Jack has reservations. He knows how badly Carly loves to work, but he also issues the painful reminder that her last business venture led to her canoodling with Simon and leaving her family behind. Carly realizes that he's afraid it might happen again. Carly wipes tears away and tells Jack she knew he wouldn't understand.

Strolling by the Oakdale mini-mall, Alison and Aaron run into Emily. Alison asks Emily how her business trip went and Emily says that she's glad that she's back home after going away for a while and then visiting Daniel. Emily asks how Alison has been doing and notices stitches in Aaron's head. Aaron laughs and says that he gets them out tomorrow and recalls the story of thinking someone was after Alison. Alison continues to keep her mouth shut about the mysterious Myspace messages and is relieved from the quite tension when Emily runs off to meet Dusty at Mabel's for a quick bite.

Nancy tells Kim that she's not fooling anyone by saying that she's allowing Bob to be friends with Susan. Kim half-way grins and tells Nancy that there's a catch. She's persuaded a good friend of hers on the hospital board to keep Susan running around the hospital so that she doesn't have any free time for Bob. Nancy tells Kim that it sounds like an old trick Lisa would play, but Kim tells Nancy that she's desperate to have her husband back to his normal slef, she knows that Susan isn't helping matters any, and she is convinced that Bob will be better off confiding in his wife instead of that tramp Susan. Nancy tells Kim she doesn't approve, but when Lisa comes over to join the ladies, Lisa thinks it's a marvelous idea. However, she warns Kim that this might backfire on her and leave Bob feeling even more betrayed.

Lucinda, having a bad day, walks in on Casey apologizing to Sofie. Lucinda barks that Sofie needs to get to work and tells Casey that he's disrupted her staff long enough. Lucinda snaps that just because Casey got off thanks to his parents, she'll be damned if he makes her company suffer because of it. Lucinda calls Margo and tells of Casey coming over and interrupting Sofie on the job. Lyla offers to go with Margo to talk to Casey, although furious at Lucinda still for wrecking her dead son's memorial. Once there, Margo and Lyla get in a heated confrontation with Lucinda. Later, Casey tells Lyla what Lucinda said to him. Lyla returns to Lucinda's and lets her have it, saying that her grandson is a good man and she won't let Lucinda taint his name like she did Craig's. Lucinda argues that Craig did all the tainting of his own name all by himself and Casey will do the same if they don't watch him carefully. Back at her suite, Lucinda's words echo in Lyla's ears and she starts to feel dizzy. The next thing she knows, she's coming to from fainting. She grabs a glass of water, thankful that noone saw. She vows to keep it from her family, knowing how badly it would upset them. Meanwhile, Casey stands outside her door.

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