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Breast Beating! Episode 81



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Outside of Divine Designbf46.jpg

Rufus and Bryan are talking,


"I knew I would get your attention."


"Your lying. You don't have that sex tape."

Rufus pulls the DVD out of her purse to show him

"Oh yes I do. I was blessed to see such a huge dick in action."


"Stop talking to me like that you fruit cake. What the hell do you want from me?"




"I don't have no money. Your good friend Natalia wiped me out already."


"Then you have two options, I tell Sabryn you slept with h er arch rival, and isn't she pregnant? I wonder who the father is. Maybe it's you big daddy"


"I am not the father of Natalia's child. So you can stop that right there. I am almost afraid to ask this next question, but what's my other choice?"


"Put it in me big boy." She says caressing his face


"You better keep your hands off me Miss Rainbow. Aint no way in hell I am putting anything in you. I am straight."


"Yea yea, do you know how many times I've heard that? I guess I will have to tell your poor pregnant girlfriend all about your dirty little affair with Natalia." She says turning back around to walk back inside the building.

Bryan, shaking his head in disgust knowing very well in order to keep his bliss with Sabryn, he's going to have to give in to one of Rufus's demands

"Alright wait. Let's talk." Rufus turns a round with a big smile on her face.


Episode: 81, Fake Boobs!

Written by ML Cooks with Durand Saint Haliare

Huntington Memorial Hospitalbig_hospital_pic.jpg

Lauren walks into Daniel's room. He looks at her and smiles



"I am so glad to see you."


"Oh yea?"


"Yes, Dr. Whitfield is releasing me today."


"That's great news."


"Yes it is. I get my freedom back. I get to eat actual food."


"Mona must of really did a number on you."


"Yes she did. But nothing is more worse than Chris dying for something he did not do."

Lauren, standing up to look away from him as she thinks of her ex dead lover.


"Lauren, are you ok?"

Lauren then thinks of sleeping with her best friend Kevin a few weeks ago

"I'm just going through so much. I thought you were dead, I thought Chris killed you, he dies and you turn up alive. It's madness."


"That it is. But it's all over now. Lauren I love you. I thought of you every moment in that dungeon. Thinking of your pretty smile got me through my darkest hours."

Lauren tears running down her face

"I really don't know what to say Danny? I am so torn right now. I've been on an emotional roller coaster these last few months. From one extreme to the next. I can't handle nothing else."


"What are you talking about? What's going on?"

Lauren, wondering if she should break Daniel's heart by telling him she slept with Kevin

"I am just overwhelmed that's all. I am just glad you are here."


"Me too. I never thought I'd see the light of day again but I have learned so much about myself while I was chained up in that Bitch's dungeon. I took so much for granted, I've wasted so much of my life on non sense."


"So what are you saying?"


"I am turning over a new leaf. I am done with drugs. I am done running the streets, and most of all I am done with Tyler."




"Of course. Being involved with Ty has got me into a whole lot on unnecessariness. I am done with that life. That kind of life isn't for me. I want to be my own man. "


"I am so happy to hear you say that. "


"I'm just sorry it took almost dying to realize all of this."


"Sometimes that's what it takes. I am just glad to have you back." She walks over to him and hugs him. He holds her back


"You smell so good. It feels so good to hold you in my arms. I thought I'd never ever live to see this day again."


"This is a new beginning for us Daniel."


"Yes it is." He says getting up gathering his belongings and getting ready to head home


"If you don't mind, there is one place I really want to go before we head home."


"Any where."


"I want to go to Chris's grave."

Back at Divine Design

In the men's bathroom

Sister Patterson looks at Dondre, not knowing what to say after he caught her kissing her husband's brother.


"Who are you?"



"Dre, Lord have mercy, please it's not what it looks like."


"Then what do you call it girl?"

Pat slaps DC

"Shut up talking to me." She walks over to Dre. "Dre you have to believe me, I am a good person. I still work for the Lord. This was just a misunderstanding. You cannot tell Abe. I am a Holy woman."


"Sister Patterson, as much as I would love to tell your husband, I'm not that type of person. You told me in jail that you believed in me. That really meant a lot to me."

Sister Patterson

"I told you my third eye never lies."


"I didn't see nothing, I don't know nothing."

Sister Pat hugs him

"Thank you Lord. If Miss Jenkins found out that this greasy monkey put his mouth on me, Lord I don't even want to go there."


"I want to meet Miss Jenkins Damn it. After all these years you're still talking about a Miss Jenkins." Sister Patterson again slaps DC.


"Looky here, you're going to stop with all that slapping. The only slapping I want you to do is the slapping you do while me make love."


"No one talk about Miss Jenkins. Get it together. I don't even understand why you are here."


"You're the one in the men's bathroom."

Sister Pat looking at Dre

"Why are you still here? This isn't a show. "


"My bad sister Pat." he says leaving the bathroom

Sister Pat than turns to DC

"You better get your fat ass out of Pasadena. You have no business here. Don't you start no rness!


"My family is here. My brother, my nephews. And I thought we could rekindle what we had. You sho' know how to make my toes curl up."


"Don't go there. Lord have Mercy. What happened back then was a mistake. Leave the past in the past. I am warning you now Don, don't cause no trouble for me and my family. I will get ugly if I have too. The Lord will just have to excuse me." She shakes her head at him and storms out. DC laughs and says

"Yea, I'ma have me some of that."

The Blue Notebluenote.jpg

Jodie sits at a table on the patio that sits over a pond. As she is drinking a margarita she thinks back to her confrontation with Jenn. She then thinks of letting Natalia down by giving into Jenn's black mail, and walking out of the fashion show. Mike then comes up behind her.

"Jo, what is going on? Are you ok?"


"I'm so glad you are here." She says getting up and hugging him.


"Jodie what is going on, why did you run out the fashion show like that? Is it Jennifer?"


"Why would you say that?"


"She was acting to thrilled about your walking out on the show."


"I bet she was." She says walking away and over to towards the koi filled blue pond. She leans over the banister and watch the fish swim around. Mike walks up beside her and does the same.


"Tell me what's going on?"

Jodie, tears falling from her eyes

"That dirty Bitch went to Cleveland and found my old pimp DC."


"It makes sense now. But why would she do this?"


"Because she's a spiteful Bitch."


"Jenn really has changed. I didn't know she could be this vial."


"Or maybe you didn't know her at all."

san.jpg30020limo.jpgSantino pulls Ty's limo in front of Ty's mansion.settings.jpg


"I'm only going to ask you this one more time. Did you have something to do with Jodie walking out on the fashion show?"


"No and why does it matter? It seems you care for her more than you do me. You hit me and try to strangle me. Not to mention you shot me. Maybe I should go to the police about all of this."


"You can use my phone." He says handing her his cell phone.


"So you don't care if I call the police?"


"Not at all. In fact make that call inside the mansion. I'm going to see Jodie."




"To find out if you are lying to me."


"I am the one that lays in your bed every night. You shouldn't have to go ask that slut anything. When I say I didn't have nothing to do with what happened today then you need to believe me."


"It's too bad I don't."


So that means you don't trust me?"


"Jenn get the hell of out of this limo. I got things to do." he says reaching over her and opening the limo door.


"I am going with you then."


"Jenn you are really starting to piss me off. Now I have asked you nicely. Quite being a Bitch and do what I ask you to do!" He says pushing her out the limo. Jenn falls on her ass and Ty slams the door shut as Ty tells Santino to drive. Alls Tino could was feel bad for Jenn but obey his boss.

Jenn standing up, hollering out

"You son of a Bitch! You can' treat me like this!" She says stomping on the ground.

"Damn you Jodie. This is all your fault. I am not done with you yet." She says walking into the mansion.

Sister walks into the right restroom this time at Divine Design but sees Rufus washing her hands.

Sister Pat: Hey sissy boy.

Rufus is looking for something or someone, as she ignores Sister Pat.

Sister Pat: yes you tranny, I am talking to you.

Sister pat is pulling her holy water, and bible out from her purse.

Rufus: Now, you and your third eye should really get a life." He says trying to walk past the crazy Sister but Sister Pat grabs her hands, pulling her toward the mirror, and throwing some holy water on her.

Sister Pat: oh good Lord help me get the gay out-

Rufus: Get your hands of me you old bat!

She knocks the holy water bottle from Sister Pat's hand , and it breaks into pieces as it hits the ground, and Sister pat reaches to the floor after the bottle of holy water, and splashes it back to her face.

Rufus starts laughing, and looking down on Sister Pat on the floor.

Rufus: I bet your third, didn't see that coming…" He says laughing

Rufus: Witch!

As Rufus starts walking away, Sister Pat looks up, and shakes her head.

Sister Pat: Oh Lord you know I tried so hard - but this piece of tramp just -

She gets up from the ground and goes after Rufus, and grabs her by the hair, pulling Rufus's wig off.

Rufus: Ouch!

Sister Pat: Look at that

Sister Pat is waving the wig around.

Sister Pat: This the Devil's work -

Rufus: how dare you!

Rufus slaps Sister Pat across the face.

Sister: That's it!

Slapping Rufus across the face, twice harder.

Sister Pat: If you are looking for sympathy for your pathetic little life, I suggest you keep looking, because you ain't going to find any here... Faggot.

Rufus: Finally, the bitch has arrived.

Sister Pat raises her bible, and making her way toward Rufus as she speak.

Sister Pat: Oh That Bitch is going to shut your mouth once and for all.

Throwing the wig at Rufus's face. Rufus grabs Sister Pat by the hair and pulls it back, and Sister Pat rips Rufus's blouse open, and one of Rufus's fake breast falls to the floor.IM001313.jpg

Rufus grabs the breast and starts beating Sister Pat in the face with it. Rufus is still pulling on Sister's Pat hair, and just as they break apart, Sister Pat's wig falls on the ground.


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OKAY - THIS IS TOOO FUNNY... LOVE IT!!!!!!!! - TURNS OUT REALLY GOOD, I hope I have more opportunity to write for STEAM.... and I know just which part I want to write for....

NOW back to business "LOLOLOLO" - Man Daniel and Lauren are back in love, and kissing to one another, that's great - but I think Lauren should just come clean about her little affair... I hope their love is strong enough to survive....

OKAY - SO MIKE knows about Jodie's pimp.... so she has nothing to worry about - She should just tell Jenn to go hell, and focus on her relationship with MIke, and stay awya from TY - oh WAIT!!! TY take Jennifer away from Mike, (RIGHT?) and now he is going after Jodie, Mike's girlfriend.... WOW, what's up with TY taking MIKE"S girls.... Nice!

DC/MISS JERKINS/SISTER PAT is what we should look out for.... It looks like things is getting interesting!!!

MAN RUFUS can do better than blackmailing Bryan for SEX; But it would be good if BRYAN and Rufus have some fun... LOL Good times... What Rufus need to do is use the tape to drive Nat away from Mark, or us it to take control of the company, and make life a living hell for Nat, help get Alexis out of Jail... and Together bring down Sabryn, but exposes Nat and Bryan's sex TAPE!!!!!


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So much to start off with. The Rufus/Sister Patterson scene was halarious and intense all at the same time. Sister Pat was cast down to a tee and I know everyone keeps telling you that but it's true! The way she treats DC is horrible, even if he is a pimp, he's still her husband's brother and that's a SIN. Funny that one of the bros had to find her. I don't believe that anyone is capable of not keeping a secret so I think he'll find someone else to spread the word of Pat's sinful betrayal.

The Lauren & Daniel scene was very touching and also very similar to scenes in PP. That whole "I can't believe this wierd stuff that would never happen in real life, happened to me!" It felt very familiar. I was happy to see those two together but not because of Chris's death.

Mike is of course dumb if he can't see that Jenn is a spiteful bitch. Ooh I like that, I'm going to have to use that insult for another episode. Jodie deserves him and the spotlight so everything that Ty endures on Jenn, she deserves. She honestly doesn't even deserve Santinio who IMO should be with Jodie if Mike's going to be that stupid.

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