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Sister Pat's Secret! Episode 80



bf46.jpgDivine Design, as DC catches Ria, Abe and Sister Pat wonders why she fainted. Ria comes too. She gets up realizing she’s in DC’s arms.


“Get your damn hands of me!”


“You know my kin folk girl? Why didn’t you tell me in Cleveland?”

Sister Pat05.jpg

“Cleveland? You two know each other?”


“Yea, you could say that.” DC says pinching her booty. Ria slaps him.

Sister Pat

“Loosey goosey. First my son, and now his uncle. Have you no class? You make women like me look bad. I know you smelled like a slut.”


“You know Patty, I’m not gone be to many more of your sluts.” She says taking out her earrings.


“Oh no honey. You want to do battle. I done told you chile’ I am a soldier for the Lord. Thou will not be a slut. I got my holy water and I got my bible in my purse.”

Abe, grabbing hold of his wife


“Yea you betta get that crazy ass crow. I will beat the hell out of her.”


“Damn, ladies what is goings on? There is no love lost here.”


“Shut up you fat sloppy bastard.”

Abe jmg.jpg

“Don man please tell me you did not sleep with Ria?”


“Yea I did.”


“Ria is my son’s ex fiancée.”


“How was I supposed to know? She came looking for me.”


“It can’t be going down like this.” Ria walks away.


“It’s good to see you Don.’ He says hugging him again. I haven’t heard from you since you told me you were relocating to Cleveland after hurricane Katrina?”

Pat, oddly shakes her head, looking at DC

“Lord, what are you trying to tell me? Is it time? What is Miss Jenkins going to say about this?”


Episode : 80, Sister Pat’s Secrets

Written by: ML Cooks

As Jenn walks back into the showroom, Natalia takes center stage. She has a microphone in her hand and speaks to the crowd.

p204.jpg“And now everyone, the moment you all been waiting for. Jodie Keefe, wearing tonight’s show piece. Everyone put your hands together.

DC, hollering out

“Go head Hoe!”

Everyone looks at DC, slowly clapping wondering what he is talking about. Jenn smiles as the music plays and Jodie has yet to step out.

On the stage, Natalia looks at her stage hands and asks what’s going on? They reply they don’t know. Natalia then begins to desperately search for Jodie.

The crowd waits and waits for the show piece and Jodie walk to out onto the runway. Natalia enters the women’s rest room but doesn’t see her. She then gets a text message.” I’m so sorry. I can’t go through with it.” Natalia throws her phone at the wall, as her moment of glory is stolen her from by Jodie and Jenn.

“No..No..No…” She says with tears running down her eyes.

Mona Islandtropical.jpg


“So you want to talk about me baby?”


“Yes. If I am going to love you, I have to know who I am loving. You told me in your dungeon that Abe is your father and he is the reason you are doing all of this. What did he do?”

Mona, looks away, as memories flood her mind of being molested night after night by her father

“Abe, every night, rapped and molested me.”


“Couldn’t you stop him?”


“No, he had me chained up, to a bed and had his way with me anytime he wanted.”


“I can’t believe the police chief would do something like this.”


“Believe me me did.”


“But why? Why would Abe do this to you?”

Mona, shedding a tear

“He told me it’s my fault why he molested me. He blames me for something.”


“But he never told you?”


“No. That’s all he would say, this is your fault. You brought this on your self.”


“That’s just wrong. So how did you escape from that at horror?”


“I wasn’t supposed to. My father tried to kill me.”


“I can’t believe this.”


“He poured gasoline all over my body, then set my body on fire then he buried me alive.” She says with tears running down her cheeks. Sharan, feeling her pain and despite all the evil things she has done, genuinely cares for Mona and holds her


“It’s ok. Let it out. No one should have to go through something like that.”


“For 15 years, my father had his way with me.”


“Why didn’t any one come looking for you? What about Kevin, Karim and Sister Patterson?”


“Abe took me away from them. He never gave me a chance to meet my mother or to live a life like other normal people live. He took everything away from me. My respect, my dignity. I don’t even now who I am.”


“Mona, you have to put an end to all this. You can stop this. Abe ruined your life and you need to make him pay.”


“Oh, you mean going back to Pasadena and confronting him?”


“Yes! You can meet your mother. Wouldn’t that make you happy? After all these years, you can be reunited with Sister Patterson?” Mona gets up off the beach and walks in the shallow water as she thinks what it would be like to finally end her reign of terror. She wonders what it would be like to be reunited with her mother and brothers.

Westwood Park, Karim’s HouseuntitSabynsfrontdoor.jpg

Ria pulls up and wonders why a moving van is in her old driveway. She gets out the car and walks to Karim’s front door. Karim almost walks right into her coming from around the corner.


“You better watch your self!”


“It’s good to see you to Victoria.”


“Ohh, you know I hate to be called that. Only the government can call me that.” He chuckles, realizing Ria well never change from being her loud self. He brushes past her with a moving box.

“You moving somewhere?” Ria says following him.


“Why, are you going to help me move these boxes?”


“No. I’m a model now. I don’t work hard.”


“You’re a model? Since when and for who?”


“If you wasn’t up the white girls ass, you’d know something.”


“I am not obligated to know anything about you. We’re not engaged no more. Have you forgotten?”


“No. I will never forget that. Karim I still love you. I am in love with you. I haven’t stopped.”


“You have a real funny way of showing it.”


“Look who’s talking, your sleeping with that white Bitch!”


“She’s in jail! And stop calling her that.”


“Whatever Karim. I want to know where you moving too.”


“Lavender Hill Miss Nosey.”


“You got that right….Lavender Hill huh. Must be nice. Why are you moving up on the hill?”


“I need a new start. Too many bad memories here. “

Ria, hurt a little, but deciders not to let Karim know, believing she’ll never have a chance to be with him again, decides to get on with her mission. As Karim walks back into the house, Ria says,

“I slept with your uncle DC.”

Back at Divine Design, Natalia walks back into the showroom and onto the runway, with a microphone.

“Thank you all for coming, that will conclude Divine Design’s first West Coast Fashion Show. You all can purchase my latest designs, across retail stores nation wide.” Natalia walks off the stage and out into the crowd. Mike walks towards her.


“Nat, what’s going on? Where is Jodie?”


“I was hoping you could help me out on that one. I got some text saying she can’t go through with the show.”


“A text?”

Jenn, walking overjenn3.jpg

“It’s such a shame Jodie played you Natalia.”

Ty, walking up behind her0000034379_20061020195038.jpg

“You seem a little bit to happy about that. And If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you had something to do this.”


“Excuse me. Jenn? What the h ell is going on?”

Jenn is speechless.


“I don’t have time to wait. I’m going to find Jodie. Jennifer you better not be behind any of this.”


“Bye Mike.”


“He’s right Jenny. If I find out you are the cause of this fashion show being cut short due to any antics you might have pulled, It will be me and you and It won’t be pretty. I’m no Jodie. And don’t let my being pregnant fool you. I will still take you out.”


“Nat, just calm down. I’ll handle this.” Ty grabs Jenn’s arm and drags her outside to his limo. Reporters rush into Natalia’s face and try to drill her on Jodie’s whereabouts. Alls Natalia could to do was trying to salvage what was left of her dreams gone down the toilet.

Outside of Divine Design,

Mark is smoking a cigarette. Rufus walks out of the lobby doors.


“Don’t do nothing stupid.”


“It’s a free country, I’m just smoking a cigarette. Besides, who cares what people say. I love you.”


“Stop saying sh!t like that. People will hear you. I have a child on the way. I have a family now.”


“Oh so now you want to play house? You wasn’t saying that last night when you had your dick down my throat.” Mark shakes his head and flicks his cigarette and walks away. Rufus laughs.

Back inside,


“Are you ready to leave? I think this show is over.”

tricia21.jpgSabryn, looking at Natalia sweating bullets trying to save face with the media

“Yes I am, go ahead and grab the car. I need to talk to some one.” Bryan kisses her on the lips and leaves to bring the car up as Sabryn walks over toward Natalia.

Bryan walks out the lobby and Rufus begins to follow him. Bryan sensing some one is following him turns around and sees Rufus. “Can I help you?” He says realizing this woman is extra manly


“You sure can help me, but we will get to that later. Right now it’s about me helping you.”


“I’m sorry, you must got me confused with some one else.’ He replies back, wanting to have nothing to do with what this transsexual want.


“I know you and Natalia had sex and I got the tape to prove it Mr. 9 inches.” Bryan turns back around to look at a grinning Rufus.

“I thought that would get your attention.”

DC walks into the men’s bathroom. Right after him walks in Sister Patterson.


“What the hell you doing in here?”

Pat slaps him

“You don’t talk to a Godly woman like that.”


“You still haven’t changed have ya girl? I know why you came in here after me.” DC scoops Sister Patterson up in his arms and kisses her. Walking out from one of the stalls is Dre. dangelo_05.jpgDre looks at Sister Patterson and DC kissing. Sister Pat pulls back realizing Dre caught her kissing her husband’s brother.


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OMG... Lord have Mercy.... Godly Saint Sister Pat, is nothing but a cheating LYING LITTLE BITCH!!!! no wonder she had a "splits" personality... It wasn't sister pat kissing DC, her husband's brother.... It has to be miss jerkins...

Man this was a well layout episode, can't believe Jodie didn't go through with the fashion show... can't believe she falls for Jennifer's bluff... I do believe DC would just keep quiet, well he better be if he's a smart man, and wants to collects whatever he believes Jodie owed him.

OH... Rufus, let Bryan knows how long it is.... Good times, so now what will this information do to Sabryn and Bryan socalled love fest, it seem like everything is coming clashing down to the citizens of Pasadena...


I was looking forward for a Great Showdown, but I guess I have to wait until Mona makes land in Pasadena.... Mona opens her heart to Sharon has a pro and con.... it shows Mona vulnerability, it might be just what Sharon needed to start looking at Mona in a whole new way, and see deep down it just a lost little girl looking for someone to love her, and surprisingly Sharan might finds herself falling for Mona, in a way which she wasn't expected.

So now that true is out, at least portion of the true... Can't wait to see how that effect Sharan, and what will come of their relationship between the two woman in the Island. Who knows life on the Island can soon become life in paradise.

Nice work MAN!!!


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Poor Jodie. I feel so bad for her character and it's all because of Jenn. I think that if Jenn really wanted to get her back she should've stepped into Jodie's place and become the model. What she did though was mean enough. Mike is running around clueless as hell but surely enough he'll find out what Jenn did.

The confrontation between Ria and Sister Pat was funny and bittersweet. That secret was very shocking and surprising. Though I still think Ria should've slapped either Pat or Karim.

Wow poor Mona. Even though she's fueled by revenge, she has so much depth to her, which Sharan should and can use to her advantage.

Nice episode.

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