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3489614951.jpgPasedena resident hits Salem!!!!

In the most recent episode of "Life in Salem", a mysterious character "Suga" has showed up as the "Secret Storm" storyline begins and she befriends Hope, and she also seems to be in the possession of drugs! However this is no simple new character: Suga has been on another soap, that being Co-Executive Producer/Head Writer of LIS ML Cook's original soap opera: S.T.E.A.M. The character, played my Missy Elliot, is a drug-dealer and is a criminal. Back in Pasadena, she did some work for evil vixen Natalia by stabbing fellow character Dahila, and ever since has been on the run.

"Suga plays a big role in Hope's storyline. She gave her crack, which is a huge turning point for Hope Williams Brady...in a bad way. However Suga plays more of a role than just giving Hope drugs, but I can't go into detail." teases Co-EP/HW Tara Smith

LIS is known for its crossovers, but has never attempted one like THIS! Previously it has crossed over with other soaps "One Life to Live" and "General Hospital", when evil Port Charles villian Helena Cassadine and Llanview matriarch Victoria Lord showed up in Salem.

ALSO, in other news:

Shockingly, Philece Sampler is back in her role of Renee DiMera, a role she has not played since 1983!!! And Brent Weber joins the cast as Elvis Banks DiMera. "I know there are probably alot of questions, like how is Renee alive and how she and Elvis teamed up to kidnap Stefano and such, but these will be revealed in due time." Tara says

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