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Episode#231: The Secret Storm BEGINS!



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Written by: Tara

Episode#231: The Secret Storm BEGINS!

-Jan is at her family’s business company, Spears Inc.’s main building that is in the middle of Salem. The company is a fashion company like Titan and Alamain, and a popular one but not as popular as Titan or Alamain. Jan is signing some papers, and suddenly there is a knock on her office door and she says “Come in.” and Lucas opens the door. Jan smiles and asks him what he’s doing here, and Lucas says that the weather is getting pretty bad so he wanted to make sure she and his little cousin were alright. Jan grins as she looks at her stomach, and says that in only a month or two she’ll be giving birth, and comments that its amazing.

-Maggie tells Abe that she’s glad to be here, and that she’s enjoyed seeing him lately. She says that even though Julie is family and she loves her dearly, she needs more friends than her. She then goes on to say that ever since Mickey died…she has felt a bit lonely, even with half of her family living with her. Abe says he understands, and that without Lexie…it can get lonely to him too without anyone to talk to except police officers, but that’s mostly business subjects. Maggie half-jokes that it must have been fate that they started talking to each other more.

-Nicholas and Belle are driving through Salem in Nicholas’s car, and Belle comments as she looks out the window of the passenger seat that the snow is really starting to come down out there, and Nicholas once again assures her that they’ll be fine. Belle says with a smile that she trusts him. Nicholas decides to make small talk and asks how she’s been lately, and Belle answers:

Belle: As good as I can be, I guess. My father is catatonic, and now my mother now has this hidden child that turns out to be Nicole Walker of all people.

Nicholas: Heh, you sound like that’s a bad thing?

Belle: Well…I know that you probably don’t know too much about Salem these days since you only recently came to town…but Nicole Walker isn’t the best woman in the world. She’s worse than my sister Sami. She slept with my brothers Eric and Brady, schemed her way into marrying Victor Kiriakis and then helped my rival Jan Spears try to kill him…and those deeds aren’t even all of what she’s done.

Nicholas: I see…well you don’t have to worry about her tonight…because its just us, together…

-Renee and Elvis, in the basement of the DiMera Mansion, mainly watch Tony and Anna argue at the doorway of the mansion. Elvis asks Renee why she is so interested in Tony and Anna, and Renee says that she has been waiting for Tony to blast Anna like this for twenty five years. She continues to explain to Elvis that Anna was always her biggest foe, and flashes back to at her party back in 1983, shortly before her “murder”, how she told Anna that she hated her most of all…

-Tony snaps to her that he is not and never will turn into Vince, but Anna says that she should’ve known that he would start acting like him after the integration process started. Anna shoves her way past Tony and walks into the entryway of the mansion, and says that she won’t give up on him this easy. Tony tells her that after what she did to Nicole, Marlena, and him…they can never be together again. Anna says:

Anna: Tony, I love you! I can’t just let our relationship go! I understand why you would be upset and you have every right to be…but I just couldn’t tell you that the town’s biggest tramp was your daughter with another woman!

Tony: Don’t EVER say that about my daughter again, do you understand me?

Tony suddenly begins to clutch his forehead, and Anna yells:

Anna: Tony…wait no…please don’t let Vince come out…I didn’t mean to upset you…

Vince: Too late, honey. Vince is here and he needs to talk to you NOW!

-Vivan growls to Valentine that she doesn’t know what the hell she is talking about, and Valentine hisses “Oh please. I know how you came back to Salem in 2006 and stabbed Chelsea Benson, poisoned Kayla Brady, blackmailed Sami Brady, and everything else in-between us.” Vivian tells Valentine that she has enough to worry about with Celeste Perrault, she doesn’t need to put up with her and her lies. As Vivian stomps off, Valentine says “Celeste Perrault, eh?” and looks at Celeste…

-At the Salem Place Apartments, Steve tells Sami that it was far from a death threat, and it was a simple warning. He tells Sami that it’s a big world out there and she could get in serious trouble if she keeps waving a gun around. Sami yells “You know what, I’m not a kid? And sometimes I have to wave a gun around when I’m near a killer like you.” Kayla intervenes and tells them both to just calm down, and Sami says she’s out of there but Steve grabs her arm and tells her they aren’t done yet until they end this once and for all.

-Suga tells Hope she’s makin’ the right decision, and as Hope gives Suga some cash Suga hands over the pipe, lighter, and crack. Hope shudders a little as she looks at it, and says to herself this had better work. Suga tells Hope to forget what she might have been taught about crack, it’ll take all her pain away. Suga tells Hope that if she needs more, she might just be around. Hope nods, and as Suga walks away, Hope turns around and plans to head to the Titan building…

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Victor asks Bo how he has been, and Bo replies as good as he can be., and explains to Victor about Hope’s drinking problems. Victor points out that its odd that Hope started drinking recently, when Alice’s and Shawn’s deaths were months ago. Bo nods, and says that this started shortly after they returned from Italy in November. Victor asks if Gina’s death had anything to do with it, and Bo says he doesn’t know but it could be true since she did kill their son…but he doesn’t get why it would affect her deeper than Shawn or Alice’s deaths would.

-Forrest tells Billie that her coming with him made being at this Titan party enjoyable as well, and Billie smiles as she kisses him on the cheek. Forrest asks what that was for, and she shrugs and says with a chuckle she just felt like doing it. Forrest pours her a drink, and then asks:

Forrest: Billie…do you have any experience in the fashion business?

Billie: A bit…why do you ask?

Forrest: Well, since your mother has passed on…it left a position vacant at Alamain, and it needs to be filled quickly. I was wondering if you’d like to take your mother’s place.

-Anna tells Vince to leave her, Tony, and everyone else in this town the hell alone. Vince tells Anna that it has gotten rare for them to see each other, and sadly Tony is winning the battle against him, but he’s not giving up yet. Vince suddenly pulls Anna into a dark corner, and whispers:

Vince: I am not here about that, I simply need to tell you something. That Nicole Walker fellow…I hope you’re not believing that she’s really Tony and Marlena’s daughter.

Anna: Oh please, there were DNA results and everything.

Vince: You stupid idiot! DNA tests mean nothing in Salem! And Nicole Walker is a scheming bitch. It is Jan Spears, as I told you on the island. I was the one who got Marlena pregnant, I was the one who watched the child be born, I was the one who gave her away to that Spears woman!

Anna: So you’re saying that Nicole schemed this up? You’re a lying bastard, Vince…but somehow I want to believe you.

Anna looks at Nicole, who is sitting down in the living room of the DiMera Mansion, and looks back to Vince and tells him she wants to expose the scheming bitch.

-Sami screams and finally yells “You know what, fine?!?! Forget it. I am wasting my time here anyway. I’ll just forget both of you if you forget me. We’ll leave it at that.” and Steve tells her that he’s sorry for killing EJ, but once again claims it had to be done. Sami then says:

Sami: Again, forget it. I’ll try not to hold some crazy grudge against you, Steve, but don’t think we’re just going to be all buddy buddy. I won’t avenge his death like he asked, as much as that hurts me, but I’m not going to talk to either of you. Not at all.

Sami turns and stomps off, and Steve sighs and Kayla tells him sadly there is nothing they can do now, and they just have to let it be. Steve tells Kayla he knows but he still wishes there is something they could do. Kayla tells him they just have to put all this behind them, and move on with their lives and they’ve done all they can do. Steve reluctantly agrees, and Kayla hugs him, as someone watches them from the snowy window…

The figure says “Well of course you can’t avenge EJ’s death, Samantha…that’s my job.”

The person turns to reveal…HELENA CASSADINE!!!! Helena chuckles evilly as she goes over to a back door and slowly enters the apartments…

-Sami is able to get out to her car, and she starts it and drives off, heading back to the Salem Inn, and a few tears come out of her eyes as she whispers “EJ, I am so so sorry…I just couldn’t do it…forgive me…” and she continues to cry, and soon he manages to drive up to the Salem Inn(which is not far from Salem Place Apartments), and then she goes inside and heads to her room…

-Hope arrives at the Titan building, and she goes inside and heads to the Women’s restroom on the main level of the building. She takes out the pipe and the crack, and is about to take out the lighter, but she finally gives in and breaks down, dropping it all on the floor. She becomes hysterical and says in a low tone “I can’t believe its come to this…” and before she can pick the pipe up again, suddenly the lights go out…

-The whole Titan building’s power seems to be out, and back in the party area Billie hasn’t had a chance to answer Forrest’s question and asks Forrest if he’s still there and Forrest responds that he’s right beside her, and Billie says she wonders what the hell just happened. Forrest tells her that it might just be a small issue, because of the storm. Billie then tells him she hopes its not getting too bad…

-Bo tells Victor, in the dark, that the electricity must be konked out from the snow. Victor tells him that his office phone runs on a back-up battery, and he’ll see if he can get anyone downstairs to see what is going on. He lights a candle to see, and then picks up the phone and dials a number, but there is no dial tone. Victor mutters “damnit”, and Bo tells him they can just go downstairs to find other people. Victor tells Bo no they can’t…because they are alone on this level of the building, and the only way down is through the elevators, which are obviously broken.

-After Jan finishes her papers and she and Lucas get onto the elevator, it starts its descent down onto the parking garage level, however it stops. Jan asks what happened, and Lucas says he doesn’t know and grabs a phone and tries to call, but he can’t reach anyone. He wonders if the electricity might be out…

-At the DiMera Mansion, everyone looks around as they start to hear a strong blowing, and also creaking from the roof. They can hear the snow come down harder and harder outside, and Marlena says she hopes that everything’s alright. Peter says that maybe before they start the reading they can check the weather, but as he walks over to the tv he looks up as the creaking gets louder and louder. He wonders to himself whats going on up there, and suddenly as he starts to see…the roof BEGIN TO CAVE IN! His eyes widen and he yells “EVERYONE RUN!” but right after the words escape Peter’s mouth, the roof…COLLAPSES!

People scream and try to dart off, but the wind and the impact of the collapse push people into other rooms. Marlena and Kristen fall into one of the bedrooms, Lexie is shoved into the basement by the impact, Vivian and Peter are shoved into another bedroom, Valentine and Celeste are pushed into the library, Vince and Anna are thrown into the study, Ji’Min is shoved outside, and Nicole is pushed into Stefano’s old office by herself…

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WOW - very nice... I hope Kristen and Marlena are in the same secret room where the were back in the late 90s.... should bring some good flashback.

The secret storm starts with a bang... Beautiful - Good job guys!!!!

Four Stars!!!!!!!!!!

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