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Episode#232: Trapped!




Written by: Tara

Episode#232: Trapped!

-Belle and Nicholas continue to drive through a snowy Salem in Nicholas’s escalade, and Belle comments that the snow just keeps getting more and more intense. Nicholas says yeah, and with how its coming down now he’s not even sure if they can keep going. After a little more driving as he examines the roads, he groans and says they’ll have to pull over.

-In the elevator at Spears Industries, Lucas sighs and says there’s nothing he can do. Jan yells “Damnit!” and pounds on the door, breathing heavily and screaming for someone to help them. Lucas tells Jan she shouldn’t get too stressed out over this and its not good for the baby, but Jan tells him she doesn’t do well in confined spaces for too long, and is claustrophobic. Lucas says that hopefully this will be fixed soon and they can get out of here.

-Hope yells in disgust and anger “Oh what the hell happened now?” at the power going out and tries to pawn around the floor for the pipe, but only finds the lighter. She uses it to see where the crack and the pipe is, and once she spots them she picks up the crack and sighs…

-After the roof over the living room collapsed at the DiMera Mansion, it blocked all other rooms from being able to be exited. In the bedroom where Vivian and Peter are, Vivian asks Peter how on earth the roof collapsed when this is one of the biggest mansions in Salem. Peter answers that while it is one of the biggest mansions in Salem, its not the strongest, and was built back in the 1800’s, so it is not the most stable, and unfortunately its looking like they might be stuck for quite awhile.

-Kristen is breathing heavily in the room where she and Marlena are trapped, and has yet to even notice that Marlena is in there. She keeps muttering to herself “What to do what to do…” while rubbing her temples and with all the stress she even sobs a little. Marlena sighs and says “Kristen?” and Kristen jumps at hearing her voice, and looks at Marlena and says:

Kristen: Oh dear God…not you.


-In the DiMera Mansion’s study, Anna says to Vince that this is just great. Vince tells her its fitting, and it gives them a chance to chat. Anna yells that she doesn’t WANT to chat with someone as disgusting as him, Vince grabs her arm and tells her that his time is almost up so he has to get his final word to her in!

-Jan continues to breath heavily inside the elevator at Spears Industries, and Lucas clutches her hand to try to calm her down. He again tells her none of this is good for her or the baby, and Jan argues that she can’t help it, and suddenly yells “OW! My stomach! Lucas, it’s the baby!”

-Vivian tells Peter she can’t afford to be stuck for “quite awhile”. She says that she needs to hear what is in Stefano’s will! Peter tells her that that’s obviously not going to happen now, and she scowls and says she hates men like him, and Peter points out that men like him are the exact men that she gets obsessed with.

-Marlena says yes, its her. She says she hates being stuck in here as much as Kristen does, but unfortunately that is how everything transpired. Kristen tells Marlena to just stay the hell away from her, and she’ll stay away from Marlena. Marlena sighs and says:

Marlena: You know Kristen we both loathe each other, but we should make this better than that whole Secret Room disaster n 1997 and try to actually get along.

Kristen: Oh please. I hate you and this whole world now more than ever. Every single person I know except my brother is practically demented, and I don’t mean just you so don’t go spouting off rants about how I am out to get you and out to hate you and only you.

Marlena: Now what makes you say all of that?

-At the Salem Inn, the lights keep flickering and Sami groans and says that this just makes her evening even worse. She stomps into her room, and sees someone sitting at her desk with the chair turned to where she can’t see their face. She asks who the hell they are and what they’re doing here as she slowly grabs a bat, and the person turns around in the chair and says “Oh Sami, you wouldn’t want to hit me now would you? We go way back…”

Sami’s eyes widen and she says:

Sami: No…it can’t be…this has to be a trick…IT CAN’T BE…YOU’RE STAN!

The camera pans to reveal Sami’s previous other persona, Stan, sitting in the chair grinning devilishly…

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WOW... The Secret Storm is living up to the name... Well done.... I hope Hope comes out of this with her dignity...


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