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Episode#230: Hope Meets A New Ally!



Celeste rings the door bell to the DiMera Mansion. Lexie answers. They hug each other.


“Hello darling.”


“Hey mom, how are the roads?”


“There getting worse. I hope everyone makes it safely” They hear Peter and Tony talking in the grand living room.


“I want answer’s Tony. What the hell is going between you and Kristen? What did you do to her?”


“Peter, Tony, what’s going?”

Before Tony can answer, Attorney Ji’ Min enters the living room

“Sorry I’m late everyone. That snow storm is relentless outside.”


“Welcome. Can I fix you a drink?”


“No thank you. Is everyone here?”

“I’m here”

Everyone turns around and sees Kristen.


Episode:230, Hope Meets A New Ally!

Written by: ML Cooks & Tara Smith

In the basement of the DiMera Mansion,

Renee DiMera and Elvis Banks are sitting down watching TV monitors. They both smile, as they see all the guest arrive for their father’s will reading.


“If only these idiots knew that Stefano was really alive and well.”


“I know what you mean.” She says getting up and looking at her father, hooked up to heart monitors and ventilators. She continues,” Soon father, you will be good and well, and you can resume leading the Dimera Dynasty. That’s where you belong. And Elvis and I will be right behind you.”


“Indeed. When dear father awakes, Salem will never be the same again.” He says with a smile.

Just as Vivian is about to enter the DiMera Mansion, Valentine calls out to her from behind.

Vivian, turning around to look at her

“Oh bloody hell. “


“Now that is no way to talk to your much younger and sexier sister.”


“If you would stop acting like a low class floozy, I would treat you have way respectfully.”


“Like you’re the Virgin Mary?”


“Compared to you? So just when did you and Stefano, …..-God, it makes me sick to even say it.”


“That’s none of your damn business. Just know we shared something special, and it was something neither one of us will ever forget . Rest his soul. Even beyond the grave, I can still feel him.”


“Enough already. If I wanted to hear about some sordid fairytale, I’d watch Desperate Housewives.”


“Why are you nasty? You’re miserable. It’s no wonder why you’re lonely. I talked to Forrest and Nicholas. They’ve told me everything.”


“I don’t have time for this.” She says turning around and entering the house. Valentine hears Marlena and Nicole walking up behind her.


“Well look at the newly reunited mother and daughter. duo”


“Holiday is it?”


“No, It’s Valentine.”


“Oh my, I’m so sorry. So you’re Vivian’s sister?”


“I know it’s hard to believe as old as she is, she has a much younger sister. But yes, she’s my sister. But she won’t admit that.” She forces a tear and pulls out a napkin and dabs her eye.

“She treats me like a black sheep”


“Oh dear. I am so sorry to hear that. “

Nicole, rolling her eyes, seeing right through Valentine’s act

“Give me a break. I can see right through those fake tears.”

Marlena, stunned

“Nicole? What’s the matter with you?”


“She’s fake. I can see right through her. Look, I’ll meet you inside.” Nicole walks off


“Well I see some one needs some home training. How dare she speak to me that way? I hope you knock some sense into her. My tears are not fake. I will not be insulted like that.”

Marlena, embarrassed that a daughter of her’s would act in that rude manner, not even Sami acts that way.

“I’m sorry about that. Let’s go inside. The weather is getting worse.”

Hope is walking the streets of Salem, drinking Tequila straight from the bottle. Hope begins to dance around in the snow. She laughs and feels good as the alcohol streams into her blood. Hope empties the bottle in her mouth and throws it on the ground. Hope feels no pain, no worries, no sorrows, no guilt, she feels as if nothing is wrong. Drinking her angst away, she decides to lay in the snow and make a snow angel.

Midtown Salem,

Marlena’s Pent House

Belle is applying makeup to her face in the bathroom mirror. The door bell rings. She opens it and smiles when she sees Nicholas.

“Wow, you look amazing” He says handing her a dozen of white roses.

Belle, blushing

“Thank you. These are so beautiful. You didn’t have too.”


“I know I didn’t but I wanted too.”

Belle puts the roses in a vase and adds water to them.


“So are you excited for our first date?”


“Yes and a little bit nervous.”


“Don’t be nervous. I promise you, we will have a good time, and I’ll even have you home by 10.”

Belle, chuckling

“How sweet. I heard on the radio there’s a snow storm or something?”


“Nothing major. It’s just some flurries outside. Besides, I drive an Escalade. A little snow won’t stop us.”

Belle, grabbing her coat

“Ok let’s go then.”

Hope is done making her snow angels. Having wore off her buzz, from all the energy she put into making angels and dancing in the snow , she gets up and looks in her purse. She frantically searches it. She takes every single article out her purse. She opens it up and shakes it vigorously.

“Damn it. Where is my money? I need a drink!” Off in the distance some one makes their way towards Hope.

“Who’s there?”

Abe’s House.

Abe is tucking Theo in bed.

“Good night son.”


“Good night daddy.”

Abe smiles at his son and as he is about to turn the light off, Theo stops him

“I miss mommy.” Abe pauses, knowing his son misses his mother. Abe wonders how does he tell his son he’s fighting to keep his mother out of his life forever. He tries to give an honest answer to the question, something a 4 year old can comprehend

“Mommy, won’t be around much little guy.”


“Why? Why are you and mommy fighting?”

Abe, again, is at a loss for words. He doesn’t want to break his son’s heart. Abe doesn’t know what to do.

“Get some sleep Theo, I promise we’ll talk about it in the morning. And after that, we can go outside and play in the snow. How’s that sound?”


“allrright!” He says cheering.


“Good night son.” Abe turns off the light and closes the door. Once the door is closed, he wipes a tear that he held in his eyes, not wanting to let his son see him cry. Abe thinks of how, the family he wanted with Lexie will be no more. No more Lexie. The door bell rings. Abe looks at his watch, not expecting visitors, on a night like this, especially with the snow storm wrecking havoc in Salem. He opens the door and is surprised to Maggie


“Maggie, what a surprise. Come in, come in.”


“I brought you some cookies.”


“Thank you. Take your coat off, sit down. I can’t believe you came all the way here to see me in this snow storm.”


“Oh, it’s not that bad out there yet. Here try a cookie.” Abe sits down on the couch next to Maggie as they both eat a cookie.


“I’m really glad you came by Maggie.”

The person approaches Hope.


“I said who are you?”

“It’s ok mama. I have no ill intention. I come bearing gifts. I got what you need.”


“Who are you?”

“They call me Suga.”


“I’ve never seen you in these parts before.”


“You’re right. I’m just passing by.”


“You said you got what I need. You got a drink?”


“I got something even better” She pulls out a pipe, a lighter, and a bag of crack.


“What’s that?”


“Some get right. A lil crack. 10 times better than drinks.”


“I don’t know about that.”


“No troubles ma. Leave your worries behind.” Suga resonates a deep chord within Hope upon hearing “Leave your worries behind.” Hope instantly has flashes of smothering Gina to death, her son Shawn dying, her grandma Horton dying, her father dying racing through her mind. So much sadness, she wants to escape from it all. Hope now contemplates on taking her descent into madness to a new low. Has it come to this?……

-At Salem Place Apartments, the gunshot manages to just miss Kayla and it hit’s a now-shattered vase. Steve finally manages to grab the gun from Sami, and yells that THAT is why he had to kill EJ. Because EJ kept firing a gun wildly over and over, and he wouldn’t stop. He tells Sami that if she keeps doing that, she’ll get herself killed soon. Sami yells in disgust:

Sami: Is that a DEATH THREAT?!

-At the Titan building, Bo is in Victor’s office and Victor is pouring them both a glass of Champagne. Victor thanks him for coming to this party for him tonight on such short notice, and Victor says that Celeste couldn’t come because of Stefano’s will reading, and he really doesn’t have any other friends in Salem. Bo says that he was glad to come, but on the inside feels odd about speaking to his biological father after so long.

-Forrest and Billie are on the main level of the Titan building where the party is going on for Victor’s announcement about the new face of Bella Magazine, and Billie asks Forrest to remind her why they are here again when this is a Titan event. Forrest explains that Titan is Alamain’s arch-competitor, so he needs to see that Victor has in store. Billie sighs as she says this place, not to mention the whole fashion industry, reminds her so much of her mother. Forrest then quickly says:

Forrest: Hey, if you don’t want to be here, we can leave and I can find out about Bella later.

Billie: Normally, I’d probably want to leave, you know? But with you here…I don’t at all.

-Anna runs onto the grounds of the DiMera Mansion in the quickly-falling snow, and she rushes to the front door and she bangs on it while she shivers due to the cold, and yells “LET ME IN! SOMEONE LET ME IN, I’M FREEZING!” and Tony answers the door with a sigh and tells her to get the hell off of his grounds, and Anna tells him that she NEEDS to talk to him and Marlena, and Tony then says not a chance. Anna says in shock:

Anna: You really are turning into Vince, aren’t you?

-Vivian is in a corner of the living room of the DiMera Mansion, watching while Marlena, Celeste, and Lexie sit down and Kristen and Peter sit across from them alone, and she scowls as Valentine walks over to her. She asks what the hell she wants now, and Valentine says that she doesn’t seem to be very interested in the will reading tonight, and Vivian says that there is no reason to anymore. Valentine then says:

Valentine: Oh, afraid you aren’t going to be in Stefano’s will?

Vivian: Oh I have a feeling I’ll be in it alright, but when all of my foes are assembled in the same room I’m not just going to go speak to them.

Valentine: Oh, please. I can see the look on your face. A face of worry, dissappointment maybe? Vivvy honey, I think you are just throwing a fit that you know Stefano will give all his power to ME. Even if he did give anything to you, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy it for long.

Vivian: Excuse me? What are you saying?

Valentine: I’m saying, sis…that I know your secrets…I know about your crimes…

Vivian: What crimes? I haven’t done one single crime since the nineties!

Valentine: I beg to differ…Mysterious Woman.

-Hope tells Suga that she may have drank a few times but she is no smoker, and Suga says that it’ll help her a lot. Suga says:

Suga: I can tell you’ve got problems on your mind, ma. This stuff right here that I gots will make it just go away.

Hope stares at the pipe and the crack, and flashes back to when Bo told her about her Gran’s death at the hospital a few months ago:

Bo strokes Hope’s cheek slowly with the other hand that is free, and he tries not to choke up as he finally tells the truth “Hope……” he starts “Your aunt Maggie………asked Marlena to check on Alice last night……..and Marlena did, but…she found that....Alice passed away………”

Bo looks away after the last word comes out of his mouth, as several tears run down his face. Hope continues to stare, no emotion anywhere. She is completely silent, and for several minutes silence is between the two. “No…..” she finally says, in a soft tone as tears run down her cheeks as well “Bo, no……”

Bo finally looks back at her and takes her other hand and squeezes them tight, as he looks at her and tries to say something “It’s…..true….her body is here……it was through natural causes……”

Hope merely looks at him, not sure what to think. She stares back into his eyes and knows it is true. “NO!” she screams “NO NO NO NO NO!”

Bo pulls her into an embrace, and they both cry. “I’m so sorry, Fancy Face…..” Bo slowly says

As Hope stares at it more, she next flashes back to when she killed Gina after she verbally blew up at her in the hospital in Italy back in November:

Hope walks around Gina’s bed and tearfully says “I lost my Gran. I lost my sons. I lost my life to you for a time, and at one point even thought I was YOU years ago, which took away even more time in my life! You could have come forward and revealed who I was at first but no, you had to scheme to get your beloved Bo! You have RUINED MY LIFE!”

A smirk slowly begins to form on Gina’s face, and Hope finally screams out very loudly in anger it echoes throughout the halls, and she jumps at the life support machine and presses the activate/de-activate button several times.

Suga asks Hope what she wants to do, and as tears stream down Hope’s face she tells her she has to end this because its tearing her apart and she then tells Suga:

Hope: Just give me that damn pipe…give me all of it…I may not use it yet but…Lord knows that if it does what it says you do then I need it…


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OMG - Another great episode - Love it it!!!!

SUGA AND HOPE - DRAMASSS... I love Hope, but right now - but man, what the hell is the matter with her...

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Thanks D. Hope is really going through alot. Her life has been turned upside down, insdie out and all the way around. She doesn't know if' she's coimg or going. How far will she go? The Secret Storm is awesome and it's really going to be good. So many things take place, Tara and I have been planning this for 3 months now and let me tell you, the scenes are amazing. Hope every one like swhat we did. Lis is taking a new direction and we all hope you enjoy the ride

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