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Episode#229: Herbs and Spices



Salem Place Apts

Anna pounds on Nicole’s door. Nicole answers


“What the hell is your problem Anna? I was still sleeping.”


“Well wake the hell up!” Anna says waltzing into Nicole’s room.

Nicole, closing the door

“This is not how I want to start my day.”


“You have no one to blame but yourself. I hope you’re really happy Nicole”


“I am. I found my parents. After all these years, I thought Faye was my mother. But who knew it was really Marlena Tony?”


“Tony kicked me out the house because of you. He wants nothing more to do with me!”


“You mean because of you. Good. I am glad. Maybe he was tired of you.”


“How dare you? You don’t know a thing about me.”


“I know my father left you. I also know you tried to keep the truth from Marlena and Tony.”


“That’s right I did. And I’m not sorry.” Marlena walks into Nicole’s apt.


“You’re not sorry? Anna what is happening to you? When did you become so ruthless?”


“Oh spare me the saint act Marlena. Your not perfect. In fact the both of you can go to hell!” Anna says leaving.


“Misery loves company they say.” she says , hollering at Anna. Anna just rolls her eyes and leaves.

Marlena, looking on her new found daughter

“How are you?”


“I’m still in shock. I still can’t believe you, of all people is my mother.” Nicole forces a tear to run from her eye.

Marlena, holding her

“I know what you mean. We have to tell Sami and Belle.”


“Yes we do” She says with a smirk.


“It’s time to go over to the DiMera Mansion for the reading of Stefano’s will.”

Nicole( in her mind)

“With any luck, the old man will leave me a jack pot”


Episode: 229, Herbs and Spices

Written by: ML Cooks & Tara Smith

Hope walks into her house. Bo engulfs her in a hug.


“Fancy face! I have been worried sick about you. I tried calling your cell phone. Where have you been?”


“ I was not getting drunk. Don’t you ever stop?”


“Hope please, I don’t want to argue. I just want to spend time with you. I miss you.” he says kissing her on her forehead.


“I miss you too Brady.”

They walk over to the couch.


“You came right on time. There’s a big snowstorm coming in.”


“Oh I know, The roads are getting pretty bad.”


“I’ll make us some hot cocoa. I’ll be right back.”

Once Bo leaves the living room, Hope sneaks into her purse and pulls out a pint size of Tequila and takes a few gulps.

Salem Inn,

Sami pounds on Steve and Kayla’s door.

Steve opens the door and is shocked to see his niece Samantha


“Hey Sami. A little bit surprised seeing you here. Want to come in and take your coat off f and stay for a while?”

Sami doesn’t respond at first. She’s breathing heavily and she’s looking at Steve with hate filled eyes

“No I don’t want to take my coat off and stay awhile. I want you to take your coat off in jail. I don’t understand why you’re not rotting away yet, for killing EJ.”


“Sami, I keep telling you it was self defense.”


“What about me? What am I supposed to do? Who do I have to come home too? Who can I share my life with huh Steve? You took the one thing that meant the most to me in this world. And yet here you are running around here free to kill more people.”


“I’m not a killer Sami.”

Sami, shedding a tear

“I will never forgive you for this. And I swear to God If the law won’t make you pay for taking EJ away from me that I sure as hell will make you pay.”

Kayla walks out from the bathroom. She smiles when she sees Sami, thinking Sami is here to wave the white flag and forgive Steve.

“Sami Hi, I am so glad you came.” Kayla stops talking when she sees Sami pulling a gun out from her purse and aims it at Steve’s chest.


“Sami, what are you doing?”


“Sami come on. Put that toy away. You’re not going to use that on your old uncle Steve. Let’s talk about this.”


“No I don’t want to talk. I want to kill. I want to kill you like you killed EJ. Then maybe Kayla will truly know how it feels to have someone they love ripped from their lives.” Sami cocks the gun as Steve and Kayla both get nervous.

Bo and Hope’s House

Bo brings out the hot cocoa to Hope as he sits on the couch. They sit on the couch and listen to the fire wood burning in the fire place. They both sip on their cocoa.


“It has been so long since we spent some quality time together.”


“It really has Brady. In fact I don’t remember the last time we did this.” He holds her as she lays down on his lap.


“I love you fancy face.”

Hope, looking up into his eyes, giving him a peck on the lips

“I love you too Brady.”


“So how was your day? I haven’t seen you since Stefano’s funeral.”

Hope, having a flashback of drinking

“My day was fine. I was just out riding around. I just can’t deal with everything.”


“You mean Shawn and Ms. Horton?”


“It’s like something inside of me died when they did. Bo, I haven’t been the same since.”


“I know. But I want you to know, that I am here fancy face. You can come to me and talk to me. That’s what I am here for. For better or worse.”

Hope, shedding a tear

“I know Bo. It’s just been so hard dealing with-” She pauses, looking away as she has a flash back of smothering Gina to death, then of bashing Megan in the head with a bottle then all the binge drinking that she has been doing as of late.


“What is it Hope? I can tell something else is bothering you? Just tell me what it is. We can get through this together.”


“I don’t know Bo. I’ve made such a mess of things.”


“Is that why you have been drinking?”

Hope, now looking at him

“I am so sick and tired of hearing about me drinking. One or two bottles of beer is not called drinking. “


“One or two bottles? Come on Hope, Nicole Walker found you past out drunk on the pier. You have a problem. You need some help. Vivian told us she saw you past out drunk on the lawn at the church.”


“Did she? Since when do you listen to Vivian Alamain, a woman who once took herb’s and spices and buried your ex Carly Manning alive?”


“Answer the question. Were you drinking at Saint Luke’s?”


“If I was?”


“Hope come on. At church. Have you lost all sense of self respect?”


“So now your judging me?” Hope slaps him. Bo rubs his cheek

“That’s all you have been doing this last few weeks. Believing what everyone has to say about me. Gossiping to Marlena and Maggie about my drinking all the time. I don’t need that. I already have two parents and if you haven’t noticed, my father is already dead. I need you to be my husband and not my father. If you’re so worried my drinking, then take this hot cocoa and shove it up your ass” She says grabbing the hot cocoa and throwing it on Bo. Bo, hollers out as the piping hot sweetness hits his face and hands. Hope grabs her coat and leaves a burning Bo behind. Bo is at a loss for words, stunned that Hope just did what she did.

-Deep in a hidden section of the rarely-visited DiMera Mansion, two figures stand beside Stefano's comatose body, who is still attached to many tubes and machines. The female figure runs her hands over him, and chuckles evilly. She says to her companion that in mere hours, this scheme of theirs will pay off, and they will have all the DiMera Power...she goes on to say that no matter what they pull, Celeste, Vivian, Victor, and any others never had a chance of being in Stefano's will and having *any* power. She then says:

Woman: We are the only true children Father has left...you and me, ELVIS.

ELVIS BANKS: So true...Tony is not a true DiMera, Megan just pines for that cop, that Hawk guy is Lord knows where, Kristen and Peter are pitiful failures, EJ is dead, Lexie is a goody goody...the only sibling I have is you.....RENEE!

The woman slowly removes her mask over her face to reveal...the VERY-much alive...RENEE DUMONDE DIMERA!!!!!!!!!

Back at The Salem Inn

Kayla, looking at her niece pointing a gun at her husband

“Sami please don’t do this. We can talk about this. There is no need for this.”


“No, ..no, it’s ok Sweetness. Sami is angry. And she has every right to be.”


“You don’t know nothing about me. You don’t know what kind of pain I’m in right now. You don’t know what it feels like to have the person you love killed by your own so called family.”

Kayla, pleading with Sami, slowly walking over to her

“Sami, we are family. What happened with Steve was out of self defense.( Tara can you insert the reason why Steve Killed EJ in the first place in this spot.) He was only trying to defend himself.”


“I don’t want to hear that. EJ was the best thing that has ever happened to me and you took that away from me Steve! So now it’s time to repay the favor” Kayla hollers out as Steve tries to grab the gun from Sami. In the struggle for the gun, the gun goes off……


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