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ANWT: Episode 1



Katie sits all alone in a suite at the Lakeview. Soon, Lyla emerges, gushing about her new singing job at the Lakeview. Katie, obviously distraught, asks her mother to go ahead and tell her the real reason she has returned to Oakdale.

Brushing away tears from her eyes, Kim reads the latest letter that Chris has sent from prison. Kim knows Chris like the back of her hand. She knows her baby boy wanted what was best for the hospital and never meant to hurt his father. Bob comes in from his latest physical therapy appointment and Kim shows him the letter. Bob rips the letter in a fiery rage and tells Kim that Chris is no son of his.

Barbara slips into the back of Luthers Corners Church and says a silent prayer to herself. The pastor emerges from his office and notes that Barbara hasn't been to the church in years. Barbara asserts it to the hectic work schedule at B.R.O. The pastor notes Barbara's odd speech and asks her about it. Barbara flees the church with tears in her eyes.

Casey brushes past Meg in the Snyder family kitchen. Meg laughs and says that Mama has him working like a slave. Casey huffs, knowing that his part time job as stable boy at Emma Snyder's farm is one of the many experiments that his family has tried to get him back into the swing of Oakdale life. Sofie comes in, searching for Aaron, and literally crashes into Casey.

Carly stands in shock as she watches firefighters douse the blaze that has overtaken Metro. Sam rushes towards her and asks if she's alright. Carly, fuming, asks Sam where he was and why he didn't show up to help her with the new floor plans for the karaoke stage. Sam makes up an excuse and asks Carly to forgive him. Before she can say anything, Jack emerges and tells Carly that the fire wasn't accidental.

Dusty and Emily lay in lovers' bliss inside their hotel room. Dusty knew that taking Emily away from Oakdale would free her mind of Chris and the sham of a romance that she had with him. Emily goes to take a shower and asks Dusty too hand her something from her purse. While going through it, he finds a letter that Chris sent Emily, apologizing for everything. Tearing back the shower curtain, Dusty throws the letter in her face and asks her to explain why she never told him about it.

Coming from his study, Craig asks the maid to prepare hiis luggage. Lucinda comes in and cackles that Craig's latest reign of terror in Oakdale has ended. She was able to resume control of Worldwide, the rift between Lily and Holden that Craig helped widen has been repaired, and Meg has finally given up on him. Craig surprisingly tells Lucinda that she's right...except for one thing. He's not retreating. He's going to pick up Lucy and Johnny in Barbados.


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