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Episode#202(ML'S FIRST EPISODE!)




Salem Police Station

A guard escorts Sami to Lexis's holding cell. Lexi gets up off her cot and walks over towards the jail bars.


"Well I'm here. What the hell do you want Lexie? People do have lives to live you know. I was just so happening to be mourning EJ."


"Look Sami, I am sorry for your loss. I called you down here to talk you about the security footage of Tek's accident."


" Oh, it's an accident now…Yea, what about it?"


"You have to show the police. It's the only way to prove Tek's death was accident."


"Why should I help you Lexie? We've certainly never been the best of friends."


"You really are a Bitch. You know as well as I do I did not kill Tek. You have the tape to prove it. You cant withhold evidence. I'm a mother Sami. Think of Theo"


"Oh yea Lexie, that's so productive towards your cause. Go ahead keep calling me names." And with that Sami turns away and begins to walk away.

Lexie, hollering at her

"Sami…. Samantha Jean! Don't leave! We're not done yet! You have to turn over that evidence."

Sami, turning back around to look at her

"Like hell I will."


"We'll see about that."


"Is that a threat?"


"Take it as you want it. "


Episode : 202

Executive Producer : Tara Smith, ML Cooks

Written by: ML C

Story Editor: Tara Smith

University Hospital

Stefano's room, 4th floor

Celeste slowly enters the Phoenix's room. She looks at all the hospital machines hooked up to Stefano. The sounds of the beeping from the machines hypnotizes Celeste into a flashback of Stefano's many heinous crimes against mankind in Salem and abroad. Celeste remembers when Lexie found out Stefano was her father. Celeste remembers feeling so disappointed and embarrassed and even ashamed to tell her daughter that her father was the evil Stefano Dimera. She comes out of her personal moment. She decides to get some words off her chest to Stefano. Something she hasn't been able to do in years.

"It's a shame the only time you can listen to me is when your on your own your death bed. You've caused so many people so much pain. Even your own children. What kind of man are you? What kind of father does that? Trying to change Alexandra to be evil. You sick…sick Bastard. You have played with so many lives it's just fitting for yours to hang on by a thread. I hope your suffering you miserable bastard. I hope you die and burn in hell!" Celeste gets up and leaves the hospital room.

Meanwhile, down the Hall

Kristen slowly enters John's room. The sight of her beloved John in a catonic state immediately produces tears in Kristen's eyes. She grabs a chair and sits next to him. She grabs his hand and kisses it. She looks at him and begins to talk to him hoping he can hear her.

"I'm back John. Yes it's me, the infamous Kristen Blake is back in Salem. I'm really sorry I had to come back and see you like this. It breaks my heart. You're a fighter Roman Brady. You're a strong man. You have got to pull through this. I know you will. I'm just really sorry this happened to you. Because of my father and these wars he keeps partaking in." She pauses, wiping away tears, trying to fight from really breaking down. She continues

"I've missed you so much John. No one has ever loved me they way you loved me. I have never experience no greater love. Remember my strip tease I did for you at the Dimera mansion. That was so hot. You turn me on like that. You only bring that out in me.". She pauses remembering how while she stripped for John, Kristen had it on camera for Marlena to see in the secret room in the basement.

"You know, Marlena has already warned me to stay away from you. If she caught me in here, she would probably try to kill me again" Then Kristen hears

"Truer words never spoken" As the door slams and Kristen turns around to see a fuming Marlena with her shocked daughter Belle

Night is becoming in Salem, and Hope, walks along The Pier.

As she stops and gazes out into the water, the cold winds hits her face. She has a remembrance of her dream and being executed and Gina laughing at her. Hope tries to shake these thoughts from her head.

"It's been such a hard year. My grandmother Alice, my son Shawn, then this madness with Gina. How much more can I take." She says as she wipes a tear. Looking up towards the heavens, "I'm so sorry Grand. I didn't mean to kill Gina. It was an accident." She looks back over the water. Hope then has a fantasy of Alice being at her execution for killing Gina. Alice tells Hope she is ashamed of her. Coming out her recurring fantasy and feeling guilty as ever, she pulls out a bottle of gin she purchased at the liquor store earlier in the evening.

"I can't keep dealing with all this stress. I know Grand is rolling around in her grave right now. I have to make all this stop." Hope cracks the bottle of gin open and stares at it, she thinks of how good she will feel after she has a few swallows. Hope takes a gulp of the gin, drowning away her sorrows


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Life in Salem... its always nice to see some old friends... KRISTEN Dimera is back in Salem, very nice - I will definitely follow the series.... DON"T FORGET SUSAN BANKS!!!

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Thanks for reading D. It's been such a joy to work with Tara and it's also intersting to explore my range as a writer, writing more traditional story lines. Me and Tara got some bomb ass [!@#$%^&*] coming up so please stay tuned

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