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Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Written by: Daysfan


-Celeste meets with Abe, and Abe hugs her in happiness seeing she is alright. Celeste explains what happens and Abe says he’s heard. Celeste asks how Theodore is, and Abe says he’s been fine for the most part just wondering where everyone in his life is and they all vanished. Celeste frowns and says sadly Alexandra still seems to be loyal to Stefano.

-Nikolas snorts saying he thought EJ was loyal to Helena this whole time, and EJ snaps that he is he is just pondering things in his mind. Nikolas says no matter how much he hates Helena, he can’t let Stefano do whatever he is planning to do. EJ says he plans to take the DiMera throne from Stefano, and Nikolas asks if he’s sure. EJ growls to Nikolas to get out now, and Nikolas says fine but he hasn’t seen the last of him.

-Sami explains to Kate what happened, and Kate tries to come up with an excuse but Sami leans in and whispers “I know you set me up to die.” and Marlena walks in and sees Kate, and remembering what Sami told her she says angrily “YOU!”

-Stefano, Megan, and Lexie are all on a DiMera private jet to Italy. Megan asks Stefano why they keep retreating, and Stefano responds they aren’t, and major things will be happening in Italy…

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Anna and Tony find Roman and tell him what they got out of Bart at the DiMera mansion. Roman asks if they’re sure Bart is not lying, and Anna says he was terrified he definitely did tell the truth. Roman tells Anna he’ll trust her judgment but if they go to Aremid they need to be careful. Tony tells Roman not worry and they will be fine.

-Abe sighs and tells Celeste even if they get Lexie back she will still be facing some tough times. He says she will be facing the charges of Tek’s murder, breaking out of jail, and working with Stefano, a criminal. Celeste sadly says “I know, Abraham.” and Abe says he’s sorry, and he doesn’t want to do it either.

-EJ sits in his hospital room and thinks back to what Nikolas and him discussed, and how Helena ordered him to stay away from Sami. He considers siding with Stefano but then says “No, I must side with my mother…” and decides it’s time to leave this hospital.

-Kate looks to Marlena but before she can say anything Marlena tells Kate she knows she purposely lured Sami down to the docks to be killed. Kate says she has no idea what she is talking about but Marlena tells her to just stop with the stupid lies. Marlena tells her she never got to properly confront her on all the things she has done to her daughter over the years, but now it is time. Kate tells Marlena she is so sorry and they were friends once and they can be that again but Marlena snaps no they can’t. She calls Kate a manipulative bitch and says she’ll never harm any of her children ever again. Kate angrily growls to Marlena “Fine. Have it your way, Marlena…” and stomps off angrily.

-Lexie asks Stefano what he means, and Stefano says they won’t just be hiding in Italy. He says slowly many people of Salem will be attracted there, notably Helena. And then he says he will take care of her, and he will truly be back on top, and Helena is a fool if she thinks she can defeat him…and in Italy, he shall defeat her…

-Tony and Anna board a plane to Aremid, and Tony asks Anna if she’s ready. Anna says she’s always ready and she kisses him on the cheek, and he smiles. Slowly the plane flies off and heads to Aremid, Tony and Anna ready for what secrets they find…or are they?

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