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-As it nears 5:00 P.M. Sami gets ready to go to the docks. She says that Kate had better have something useful to talk to her about instead of some dumb thing about her and Lucas or some other ridiculous issue. Lucas comes in and asks Sami where she is going, and Sami answers she’s just going to talk to his mother, and he asks why. She replies that she wanted to speak to her for some reason, and Lucas tells her to be sure to tell him if she causes any trouble. Sami promises she will, and leaves.

-Steve walks into Kayla’s apartment, and Kayla asks Steve what he’s been doing since he ran off from the Kiriakis Mansion. He says he needed to take some time for himself, but he found out something she needs to know. She asks what it is, and he says his old lover, Britta Englund, is alive.

-Anna says even after over twenty years she’s not sure if she can take another kind of war or feud in Salem. Roman says they all have had enough of wars and feuds, but they can’t just sit back and let this happen, for each other and their families. Bo agrees, and Marlena says they must stop both Helena and Stefano before it is too late.

*Life in Salem Opening(AKA Days of Our Lives Opening)*

-Lucas stands alone for a moment in the Salem Inn, and thinks about his relationship with Sami, and wonders if he wants to get back together with her after all. He thinks to himself he isn’t sure if he can after all that has happened in the past, but remembered how she admitted to Austin what she did all those months ago. Meanwhile, Alexis watches him from the door.

-Sami arrives at the docks, and doesn’t see Kate. All she sees is a woman with a blanket over her like a cloak, and it conceals her face. Sami scowls and then walks over to the woman and describes Kate to her and asks her if she has seen her. The woman says in a low voice “I have, but not here, my dear.” and Sami raises an eyebrow and suddenly the woman takes off the blanket to reveal HELENA! Helena has a knife in her hand and Sami flashes back to when Helena demanded she stay away from EJ at the Salem Inn. Helena says with a smirk “What a pleasure to see you again, my dear…”

-Kayla stares at Steve and says “No, Britta Englund? You mean…the one who caused Bo to stab you all those years ago? But she’s dead….” and Steve shakes his head, telling her it turns out Britta is alive, and looks like Hope. Kayla asks him what he means, and he says she looks completely like Hope, and apparently is also called Gina. Kayla says in shock “You mean Princess Gina?! Britta and…Gina are the same person? No, Steve…” and Steve says he knows it’s true, and for him to just trust her. Kayla closes her eyes and says they don’t need anymore drama in their life….

-Tony tells everyone to lead it to him, and he’ll lurk around the DiMera Mansion or any other compound. Anna says she’ll go with him, and maybe they can also find something on his missing child. Hope suddenly remembers the island where Caroline and Victor were held captive for a short time, and says something could be there. Bo says while he, Hope, Tony, and Anna try to figure out information on Helena and Stefano’s connection so they can stop this war before it begins, the rest of them need to keep Salem safe. Abe says he and Allan will do that, and Marlena says she won’t just sit around, she is going after Stefano. She looks at Roman and asks him if he’s with her now, and he slowly sighs and says “Yes, I am. Now, there’s no choice. He has to be stopped….” and Marlena thanks him.

-Lucas can feel someone watching him, and turns to the door. He sees Alexis and asks what she wants, and she says sarcastically she was just checking up on her favorite neighbor. He says he doesn’t need checking up on and she can go back to whatever she was doing, but she says not quite.

-Sami yells “What do you want with me you freak?!” and suddenly Helena grabs her arm and whispers “I want you to die….” and Sami screams “I DON’T EVEN KNOW YOU! WHO ARE YOU?!” and she hisses in Sami’s ear “Helena Cassadine….” and Sami says she’s heard of her, and Helena Cassadine is a lunatic and now she gets why. Sami asks what she ever did to her, and Helena then hisses “You tried to take my son away from me….” and Sami says “EJ?! EJ IS YOUR SON?!” and Helena snarls “Oh of course you little twit.” and Sami attacks Helena in defense, but Helena kicks Sami off of her and then pulls Sami’s hair back and Sami screams out in pain, and Helena slashes Sami on her arm but it only grazes her arm though there is a slight cut. Sami tries to fight back but to no avail, and Helena in anger pushes her into the river...

-Steve tells Kayla he will handle this, and Kayla says no, she will help him. She says she can’t just sit around like a housewife, she is going to help him stop Victor and Britta. He smiles and they embrace in a hug, and Steve says he knows they can get through this.

-Abe says it sounds like a good enough plan, but for everyone to be careful and don’t do anything drastic. Anna remarks that can’t be avoided, and Tony laughs. They all leave the police station, ready to go up against the Cassadines and DiMeras.

-Lucas tells her he doesn’t want to talk to some low life like her, and she rolls her eyes and says fine, but he hasn’t seen the last of her. After she leaves Lucas wonders what is with that woman.

-Helena chuckles as she stares out at the river and sees no sight of Sami. She says people of these towns need to learn anyone who goes up against Helena Cassadine will lose, something Stefano will soon learn. She laughs evilly as she walks away, but suddenly after she leaves the docks, Sami grabs onto the ladder, breathing heavily. As she climbs back up on the docks and catches her breath, she says angrily “Fine. If it’s a war Helena wants, it’s a war she’ll get.” and walks off…


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Wow. Didn't know Salem had oceans! :lol:

Well, Helena kicked it off, and with the right one. This is gonna be good!

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What ocean is Salem bordering? *grin*

You know I had to bring it up.

Great episode, I loved seeing Anna and Tony

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