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IMPORTANT NOTE: Faux Roman shall from now on be called “Allan” and John shall be called “Roman”.

-Cassie wheels back into her hospital room, and throws a vase of flowers across the room. She screams in anger, and yells “ALL I TRY TO DO IS HELP HIM, AND HE TURNS ON ME!” and then tears pour out of her eyes. She throws yet another object, and whispers “I lied for him, I did everything I could for him….I gave up my own life for him….” and then she clutches the end of her hospital bed, and slowly tries to stand….

-Marlena and Allan bump into Roman at the hospital. Marlena then says “John, I am so gla-” but he interrupts her saying it’s Roman now, and she stares at him for a moment in shock. But then she says she has horrible news, and Roman asks what she means. She then tells him she found Alice Horton’s body!

*Days of Our Lives Opening*

-Jan awakens in the hospital, and mutters “What happened?” and looks down at her stomach, and slowly runs her hands over her stomach, and then she whispers “My baby is still alive…..”

-Many people in the hospital are being released, including Anna, Hope, Maggie, Abby, Jeremy, Nick, Lucas, Vivian, and Kate. Forrest comes to the hospital to see Kate, and Kate says this is the first time she has seen him since the Ball, he could have visited at least once. Forrest replies he had more pressing matters to take care of, and Kate says that a very important matter is getting rid of his aunt. Unknown to them, Vivian listens from behind the wall….

-Cassie nearly falls down, but slowly begins to walk, fueled by determination. She mutters “Forget the wheel chair…” and as she begins to walk more and more and finally completely regains the use of her legs, she says “Now, time to convince Rex Mimi was the one who pushed me….” and leaves the hospital room…..

-Roman stares in shock, and does not say a word. He stares at Marlena for a moment, and whispers “Doc, no….” and as Marlena tears up yet again she whispers back “Oh Roman, it’s true……” Bo walks up behind Roman and asks “What’s true?”

-Jan smiles, and whispers “I can’t wait for you to be born…the last thing I have of Shawn…..” and sighs. Jan, for a moment, feels a bit of regret about all the things she has done. After thinking for a moment, she looks at her stomach and says “After you are born, no more schemes for me….”

-Forrest says that will happen soon enough, and Kate says it had better, before Vivian pulls something on them. Vivian smiles and says to herself “Oh don’t worry Kate, I will….” as Kate leaves the hospital.

-Cassie walks through the halls of the hospital, and has to clutch the walls a few times especially if she walks too fast, she assures herself she can do this, her legs have been healing for months, and she is determined. A nurse sees Cassie and recognizes her as one of the patients, and says she shouldn’t be out of her room. Cassie snaps she does not care and storms out of the hospital…

-Marlena looks at Bo and continues to cry, and Roman turns to him and slowly says “Doc….told…me….Alice….is…..dead” and Bo just stares, and asks “What? How?” Marlena says it looks to be just natural and Maggie told her Alice was sick before the Ball, and she still has to break it to the Hortons. Bo tells her no, and he will be the one to tell Hope about Alice….

-Kate walks through the streets of Salem, and suddenly she is grabbed by the back of her collar of her coat and is pulled into an alley, and a knife is put to her throat. Behind her is revealed to be Helena Cassadine!

-Allan asks Bo if he is sure he wants to do that , and Bo nods. He says she is his wife, and he needs to be the one to do it. A tear slowly runs down his cheek, and Roman says he’s doing the right thing. Marlena thanks him and says she will tell Maggie and the others. Bo just nods to the three again, and turns away as he heads to tell Hope...

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Great scenes. I like the reaction with the Bradys.

You are handling it wih class, and I applaud you. Others would have done something stupid, but not you. Good work.

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