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NOTE: From now on, LIS's offical logo shall be used at the start of episodes. Logo courtesy of Matt.



-A tear runs down Kayla’s cheek, and Kim reminds them all to stay positive. She promises them that Caroline will be back soon. John says she can’t promise that, and Kim says she knows they will see their mother awake again, and he has to know that too.

-Vivian tells Nicholas not to worry, and she will take care of Forrest. Nicholas tells her he has bigger problems to think about, and leaves Vivian’s room….

-Marlena finds no pulse in Alice, and cries frantically. She shakily gets out her phone and calls 911, saying she has discovered a body. She gives the location of the Horton House and after hanging up, breaks down in tears……

*Days of Our Lives Opening*

-Tony walks into the hospital, and finds Anna’s room. She says that over twelve hours ago he kissed her, then said he didn’t want to be near her, and now he’s back. He has a look of confusement at first, but then says he is just very confused right now and apologizes. She tells him with a smirk it’s fine as long as he doesn’t do it again. He promises, and says he found something very interesting at the DiMera mansion…..

-EJ sighs and tells her she is just a mere woman to him, but they have been spending some time together over the past several months and he would like to know if she is alright. Helena snaps he does not need to, and that his focus should be on his throne! He tells her it is, and she says he can’t get himself distracted with women like Stavros, Stefan, and Nikolas did. She says he must be her perfect heir, so that means he WILL not be pre-occupied with some woman. She stomps out of the room angrily, and EJ again sighs.

-John tells Kim he can’t be sure of anything anymore, and Kim says that he can. She says he knew he was Roman Brady, so he should know their mother will make it out alright. John looks away, and Kim decides to just let him think, while the rest sit at Caroline’s bedside…..

-Marlena tries to control herself, and just stares at Alice. She says to herself “How will I tell them? How can I tell Maggie, Hope, and all the others of this? She hears an ambulance arrive, and paramedics rush in and Marlena explains to them she just found her like this, and there are no signs of murder, but also a friend of Alice’s mentioned she was sick earlier. The paramedics simply nod, and take Alice’s body off to the morgue of the hospital.

-Anna asks what, and he pulls out of a picture of Helena Cassadine. Anna gasps, saying she is one of the richest and most powerful people she knows of! Tony nods, and says he wonders why Stefano would have a picture of her. Anna says it’s a known fact Helena Cassadine is a criminal, she wouldn’t be surprised if Stefano had a connection to her. Tony tells her the question is though, what is the connection. Anna grins widely as she says it looks like they have another investigation on their hands.

-EJ sits down for a moment, wondering what to do. He flashes back to when he was a child, growing up in one of the many Cassadine castles. He remembers Helena telling him that he will NEVER disobey his mother, never……the memory haunts EJ, as he stares at nothing specific…..

-John finally turns around, and walks to Caroline’s bedside, and slowly soothes his hands through her hair. He smiles slightly as he says he knows she will make it out too. Kim smiles, as the Bradys all stare at their motionless mother…..

-Marlena continues to cry after the paramedics leave, and says in the past several days everything has just gone terribly wrong. She continues to wonder how she will tell the Hortons of this tragedy, on top of all the other bad news they have received……


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