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Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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-Slowly the last of the victims are found and taken to the hospital, including Crystal, Nicholas, Forrest, Kate, Stephanie, Nikki, Cassie, Rex, and Willow. Doug and Julie are also found, and the paramedics yell that Doug is in critical condition…

-Tracy barges into the Salem Inn and into Helena’s room, and she has several scratches and bruises. She asks Helena what was all that about at that restaurant, and she didn’t come to some weird town to get killed. Helena tells her to calm down and be patient, and she will know all in due time.

-Alice’s spirit slowly hovers over Julie, and slowly her hand goes into Julie’s heart, and Julie is suddenly fine, but Alice can feel her worry and love for Doug….

*Days of Our Lives Opening*

-Bo tells Hope he has to stay at Chez Rouge, to help investigate the situation. She begs him to let her help, but he says she needs to go to the hospital. She says she’s fine but he says he’s not going to risk it. She asks if the babies are alright, and he says they are fine at their house with the babysitter, and she is still with them. Hope asks if he’ll come to the hospital later, and he promises. But suddenly when both hear Doug is in critical condition and on his way to the hospital, Hope begins to worry for her father. Bo sighs as Hope is put on the ambulance, and he yells to her he will be there soon.

-Faux Roman tells Marlena, John, and Greta sadly they have found every single person who could possibly be in Chez Rouge, and Eric was not one of them. He says he’s so so sorry, and looks away in sadness since in a way he still considers Eric his son. John just closes his eyes in silence, and Marlena worries as Greta cries. She tells Greta they must remain calm, and she needs to get to the hospital to check on Belle and Sami. She asks Greta if she wants to come, and Greta remembers Steve is there so she merely nods. John says he’ll stay and help search for Eric, also he needs to speak to certain people. Marlena nods and hugs him tightly before she leaves, and begs him to find their son. Faux Roman clinches slightly on reflex at hearing this, and walks away. John says he will, but also still feels a bit uncomfortable on the inside with calling Eric his son and being Roman Brady. Marlena and Greta leave, and John tells Faux Roman they have to stop Stefano, no matter what the distance between them has been lately. Faux Roman is not incredibly comfortable with John, but he agrees, saying this tragedy cannot happen again. John corrects him saying it WILL NOT happen again.

-As everyone gets to the hospital, Christopher finishes up with Billie, and then after Kayla checks on Stephanie and Kim again they both hear that Doug, Caroline, and Willow are all in critical condition. They run to help the other doctors….

-Kim worries for her mother, thinking to herself they can’t lose another person in this family. She goes to The chapel and prays for her mother to make it out alright, and that they need her oh so much right now.

-Tracy says she does not have time, and Helena argues right now they have plenty of time. Tracy groans and tells Helena she is going back to Port Charles before anything else happens, and then she stomps out of Salem Inn. Helena smirks and says that they will meet again, and Tracy will not be in Port Charles for long….

-Kayla rushes to help Caroline, while Christopher handles Doug. The doctors try to get Kayla to leave saying it could be bad for her to try to help with her mother, but Kayla tells them to deal with it and tries to save her mother’s life. She whispers “Don’t die, Ma. We need you. All of us. Please live….” and she tears up as she continues to attempt to stabilize her.

-Christopher along with other doctors work to remove some large glass pieces from Doug, and one of the paramedics say that he was hit by a large chandelier. One of the nurses comments that it is unlikely for him to live, and Christopher says that he never lets any of his patients die easily, and this man still has a life to live.

-Hope lies in one of the hospital beds, and prays that her father will be saved. “I can’t lose him.” she whispers, and suddenly there is a gust of wind through the open window. Suddenly she lifts her head up and says slowly “Gran?” but then as it stops she slowly lies back down, confused.

-Bo walks up to Abe inside Chez Rouge, and looks at the glass and rubble everywhere. He sighs, and says to Abe “What now?”. Abe shakes his head, and replies “I….don’t know. Stefano is obviously ready to try again to get Salem and the Bradys to collapse….and he has Lexie with him.” and then Bo slowly says “I….thought I saw…..Megan Hathaway…..” Abe looks to Bo in astonishment for a moment, but then just looks away “Nothing about that man suprises me anymore. Who knows. But what I do know is that we have to protect Salem and our loved ones from that mad-man, because I have a feeling in my gut that this time won’t be as easy as all the previous encounters with him…..”


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It takes a big risk to kill off a character like Alice Horton. Not many people could do it and get away with it. Not only have you done it, you have done it very, very well. What a classy and graceful way to incorporate her in your scenes. It seriously brought tears into my eyes. It brought a lot of drama and yet it brings more story.

So, when is Willow going to die? I have a feeling she is going to be meeting her maker soon...one can only hope. Again, you are a good writer but no one on God's green Earth will ever make me like this character so I hope you plan on getting rid of her.

Excellent episode and I am so glad that LIS is back, Madam

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Wonderful, wonderful work. John getting used to his former identity is great. You have both him and Chris/Roman (That's just what I like to call him) behaving the way they should. Alice's scene was very sweet. Still looking out for her family, as always. You gave Alcie's death class and dignity, which some others may do it just for shock value. Good work.

Te tension that is building is nice. I have no clue where you are going with any of this, which is perfect. And, it makes sense. Keep this up.

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