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Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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-John searches high and low in Chez Rouge for Caroline. He calls out “CAROLINE!” over and over. He lifts tables, chandeliers, anything he can find! He continues to yell out Caroline’s name and memories come back to him as a child with his mother. He searches but finds nothing and drops on his knees and screams out “MAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!”

-Kayla asks Greta what she is doing with Steve and that she doesn’t even know him. Greta quickly covers and says she remembers her old friend Jack telling her all about him and showing her many pictures. She says she wanted to check on him so if Jack heard about it soon and panicked she could tell him things were alright. Kayla asks how she knew he was alive then. Greta lies that Eric had told her about it. Kayla tells Greta to stop lying and tell her why she was really with Steve.

-Anna manages to give a faint smile to Tony. Tony laughs and then asks the paramedics what happened. They said they have no idea it just happened. They then leave to go help others in need and say soon doctors will be here to finish up with Anna. Anna says while they’re waiting…..kiss her!

-Gina Von Amburg stands over Alice’s body. She says she was the one who murdered Shawn! And she gloats that she got away with it! She says that everything fell into place perfectly. She begins to explain how she’s alive….

*Days of Our Lives Opening*

-A mysterious person places Erin inside a strange place. The person says “Wake up, Sweetie…”

-EJ looks down at Lucas’s unconscious body. He takes out a knife and says “You know, I could just kill you right now. I don’t even have to use a knife! I could make it look like you died here, due to your injuries. But, I won’t do that. Where would be the fun? I still have plenty in store for you…”

-Gina says that a certain someone saved her at the last minute. Took her body and then managed to keep her alive. Managed to cure her lung cancer as well!

-Marlena comes to John’s side and comforts him. She says they WILL find Caroline, and for him not to worry! John says he MUST find her! He clutches Marlena and whispers to her he has to apologize! He says he hasn’t been a very good son to her. He should have protected her! Marlena says he’s only known a matter of months! John yells that’s no excuse! He turns and continues to dig for Caroline.

-Greta stands, silent. Kayla suddenly realizes Stephanie is still somewhere inside Chez Rouge! She tells Greta they’ll talk later. As she runs back into Chez Rouge, Greta says now that she knows Steve is fine she can get out of here. But she remembers something and shreiks “ERIC!”

-Erin opens her eyes and rubs her head, she looks around and asks “Where am I?” then looks at the person and says “Who are you?!” and the person replies “Your greatest nightmare.”

-EJ picks up Lucas and carries him out of Chez Rouge. Sami sees him and rejoices. She thanks EJ as the extra doctors and nurses that have arrived begin to check on him. EJ turns and says to himself “Now, where’s Kefer?”

-Tony looks at Anna in silence for a moment, and she asks in a quiet voice “Well?” and he answers “I would love nothing better.” and he and Anna share a very tender kiss.

-Gina gets up and says “Well I must be going now, dearly departed Mrs.Horton. I’ll be sure to “take care” of your family for you, especially Hope.” Gina laughs as she opens the door and leaves, and as she does a cold chill blows through the air….

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Very nice comeback. Get this blog up and running. I am very interested to see what happens, especially with Roman.

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