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LIS did not make it's May Sweeps return as planned, and has been on hiatus all through Summer. "I have been writing episodes, but I got busy. However, I am working to get it back up, and hopefully it will be back soon. In the meantime, here is an interview to just let you know LIS lives."

Interviewer: LIS has been on hiatus since the end of Winter, and right on the verge of a brand new story and Alice Horton's death. When do you expect it to return?

HW: No exact date, just when I can get other daily things situated. Alot has come up lately, and it has distracted me from LIS heavily. I have not forgotten the blog however, and am working on stories. "The War" is huge, and I have been organizing what I am going to do in the story. It has all characters involved, and people of old and new will play roles.

Interviewer: We do know that old characters are possibly returning, such as Melissa and Carrie, but you mentioned new? Mind giving us a sample on what you mean?

HW: I will not dump a batch of new people on the show. I have some, but none of them are major. Kimberlin[brown, ex-Sheila, Y&R/B&B] has a character on the show that will be Stefano's new henchwoman, and will be in-between minor and major. Erin and her new freind Simone(Tanisha Lynn) are also in the story, but I won't reveal their roles or anyone else's.

Interviewer: We noticed that this story is not the usual Bradys vs. DiMeras, and instead Cassadines vs. DiMeras. Will the Brady's play much of a role?

HW: Of course they will, but I can't reveal much. I wanted a new angle, powerful family vs. powerful family. Both are more lethal than what is injected into prisoners at executions. Bradys play a huge role, but alot of the focus will be on Helena and Stefano, with them caught in the middle. Of course, the Salem PD has to try to keep this under control, which means Bo, Abe, and Faux Roman/Allan. Also John, the real Roman. Meanwhile we have Gina Von Amberg on the loose, so as you can see the Salem PD is very busy, therefore will be frontburner.

Interviewer: Ah yes, the royal Princess. Can you tell us how she is alive, and how she plays into all of this?

HW: Oh you will have to watch for that, I can barely reveal anything, except two key words: Major drama. We haven't forgotten Shawn Douglas's murder, and is still something huge on LIS.

Interviewer: So many Hortons have died....are you going to kill anymore?

HW: Absolutely not. I promise you, no more Hortons are dying for a very long time. Three major family members are enough.

Interviewer: That also brings an interesting question many fans probably are wanting to ask, what prompted you to kill off Alice Horton, the matriarch of the Horton family?

HW: It was the Christmas episode on the real "Days of Our Lives" that brought it too mind. It wasn't a story point, it was to give this character and actress an exit she deserved, and the one I wrote wasn't even enough. Poor Frances Reid is so frail, and even though she was on "Days" last month and seemed well, still I feel she might not have much time left, unfortunately. I didn't want to do what was done with Tom, though they couldn't do anything else. I apologize to people who are upset or insulted by this, but it was to give this woman an exit she deserved, and she deserves much, much more, but this is the best I could do on such short notice, because I only had a bit less than two months to plan this out. And I hope all understand that, because many seemed to. I consulted one of my consultants about this a month and a half before I did it, and he said it sounded fantastic. So I went with it, and again hope all understand.

Interviewer: Now what do you have for the reactions of Salem, especially the Hortons?”

HW: All will be crushed, no one will be happy. This is a death that will rock all of Salem, and one that no one caused. Just one of age. The main person who I want to really make great drama for is Hope. All Hortons are close with Alice, but they have an unbreakable bond. So if anyone’s reaction that we will focus on the most, it will be Hope.

Interviewer: It should be a big funeral, mind telling us what you have in mind?

HW: Emotional drama. Many, many people of Salem will attend, and every single Horton will be back for it. All to pay their respects to a pillar of strength in Salem. So many tears will be shed, and I even want fans to cry. I am aiming for powerful, rich, emotional drama.

Interviewer: So Alice’s death is a pure, old age death, correct?

HW: Absolutely. I promise you this is for real, not some murder, and is just a peaceful death caused by old age. It has no ties whatsoever to “The War”, and is not a plot device.

Interviewer: Just what the fans would want.

HW: Exactly.

Interviewer: Now, can you tell us what the relationship between Helena and Stefano will be like?

HW: Well, Helena wants to take Stefano and the DiMeras down…mainly for her son. She believes he should control the DiMera empire, and Stefano is not ready to give up the throne. So there is tension, but deep down in Helena’s cold heart there is another reason, but that will be revealed in the story. But take note there are certain hints in my response to this question.

Interviewer: Interesting. Now how will the heir be portrayed?

HW: I am aiming for very dark. He is shown to have a heart where Sami is concerned…but a question is how long? He is after her, and the DiMera throne. I am trying to make sure I don’t make him get cocky, but a subtle man who wants everything. He has schemes already in motion. And also we will go into how EJ grew up, and also reveal more about him than fans know.

Interviewer: Well, this was a very interesting and intriguing conversation. Thank you for giving fans some insights.

HW: Anytime. Though I tried not to reveal too much, and this is only a sample of what’s to come. So keep tuning into “Life in Salem” when it returns.


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