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WICKED: Episode 34



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Zander's hospital room --

"Go on ...."

"Sir, we found Greg at Morgan's place. I think he struck a deal with Morgan to get him out of town."

"In exchange for what, Greg doesn't have anything worth while, Cory?"

"He may not now, but maybe Greg's playing both sides of the fence. Look, Greg worked for you, he had access to every shipment that came into your warehouse. He had access to you and Emily, he had access to alot of information."

"So what your saying is that Greg struck a deal with Morgan to take me out?"

"Makes sense doesn't it?"

"Yeah but Morgan wouldn't jeopardize Emily's welfare or her well being. I don't think it was Morgan who hit the cabin a few months ago, no, I think it was Lorenzo who hired Greg to do that job. And I also think that Greg screwed it up and Lorenzo gave him one more shot at me and Greg screwed that up too. No I think Morgan is Greg's latest accomplice. I think Greg and Lorenzo took the shots at me and the family. It's not Morgan's style. Don't get me wrong, Morgan will take you out if given the chance but he's more of a nuisance then a killer. He'll take shipments, burn down warehouses, plant car bombs, but shoot someone point blank, especially someone this close to his sister? I don't think so. No, what happened to Emily and I came directly for Lorenzo. Now whether or not Lorenzo hired Greg or Greg propositioned Lorenzo, it doesn't matter, their both to blame!"

"Okay .... I just wanted to be sure you knew that Greg was found at Morgan's. Just be careful, sir. Morgan's unpredictable."

"I'll be fine. You just go take care of Greg." Zander replied.

He had a lot on his mind and had a lot to think about, what to do next was at the top of his list.

"Frank!" Zander called from his hospital bed to his guard standing just outside the doorway.

"Yes sir."

"I want you and Marcus to get over to the warehouse right away, there will be trouble there tonight and I don't want anything to happen to the shipment!"

"Yes sir ... what about guarding your room and your wife, sir?"

"I'll call for replacements, just secure the warehouse."

Frank left Zander's room and went to get Marcus. The two men rushed from the hospital to the warehouse to replace Cory and Wade.

Outside the warehouse --

Jason and two of his men, emerged from the shadows of the alley and broke into Zander's warehouse, to find the stacks of product that Greg spoke about. Jason's men counted each bag and gave Jason the number of bags that were left waiting for the picking.

"I want this moved tonight! Zander in the hospital and by now he's occupied with Greg, I don't think we'll be disturbed." Jason said as he looked over the number of stacks that sat on palates before him.

The two burly men with Jason, picked up and carried what they could in their arms, and then came back for more, as Jason stood and watched the product go passed him. He grinned a devilish grin when he realized what kind of deal he had just made with Greg. The shipment that he was taking from Zander would put Zander back quite a few million dollars. Certainly enough to make Zander think twice about being in the business he was in, and even more in a position to give up the territory that Jason had been wanting for a long time now.

As Frank and Marcus arrived at the warehouse, they noticed the two limos parked out in the alley. "Morgan." Marcus parked the car near the warehouse, he and Frank would walk the rest of the way, he hoping to find Morgan in act of taking the product, giving good reason to kill the bastard. Marcus was not one for talking, he was one for action, and then asking the questions later.

As the two men approached the warehouse, they were unaware that Morgan and his men had already left the warehouse by the back door and had escaped with the most of the shipment. Marcus and Frank taken by surprise when the warehouse just exploded in a ball of fire, knocking them both to the ground, unconscious.

The flames of the explosion lit up the night sky in a pretty red amber, and they could be seen across town as they shot up into the air. Marcus coming to first, scrambled away from the flames, dragging Frank with him to safety. He reviving Frank, the two of them sat a distance from the burning building just watching as another one of Zander's warehouses went up in smoke. Marcus coughed feeling the smoke filling inside his lungs.

"If Morgan wants a war, he's got one .. Zander is going to kill that son of a bitch!"


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