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Forever Tonight

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[Episode Five: "Samantha's Secret"]

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Danielle Harper quietly sits at her kitchen table with a magazine opened before her. Although the Illicit Affairs article gives plenty of local gossip from the night of Sugar Rush's performance at The Onyx Rose, Danielle's eyes remain locked on her daughter's closed bedroom door. The door suddenly opens and Valerie Harper emerges from the bedroom.

"Bye Mom, see you later!" Valerie calls, while quickly rushing to the door. She passes by the kitchen so quickly that she doesn't notice Danielle sitting at the table. She smirks as the front door comes into sight.

"Hold it!"

Her mother's voice startles Valerie, causing her to drop the stack of magazines she had been carrying. "Damn it!" she shouts as she bends down and begins to restack the magazines.

Danielle has risen from her seat at the table and has now positioned herself between the crouching Valerie and the apartment's door. "I guess that's what happens when you're in a hurry. It's really too bad you were in such a rush, because you, are not going anywhere," she says, looking sternly down at her daughter.


Aly Caldwell and Rebecca Wade sit at the bar eating their take out lunch.

"So," Aly begins, "Sugar Rush's performance was a big hit then?"

"It was our best night yet. But I was so worried something bad was going to happen. Thank God Jake's brother was here. Speaking of Jake's brother—" Rebecca is suddenly cut off.

"There's nothing to talk about, nothing happened," Aly says.

Rebecca looks at Aly with a look of confusion while continuing her last sentence. "—he should be here any minute to collect his pay. But never mind that, your story sounds more interesting. What exactly is it that didn't happen?"


Kimberly Olin sits at a table appearing to be patiently waiting for her lunch date to arrive. She looks up as she sees him approaching. She begins to stand up, but he steps over to her before she can reach her feet.

"Don't get up," he says before kissing her on the cheek. He then takes the empty seat across the small round table from her. "How are you?"

"I'm well, thank you. How 'bout you? Things any better with Samantha?"

Ben shakes his head. "No, not since the week after the wedding."

"Speaking of the wedding, are you ready to tell me what was going on between you two? I'm sure you'd rather me not speculate despite what happened being painfully obvious."

"Whoa, aren't you supposed to be on my side? You're my cousin."

"And I'm also a woman, Ben. Yes, you are my cousin, and I love you, but you cheated on your wife," she says slightly louder than she intended to, drawing the attention of an elderly couple seated at a table nearby.

"Thanks, Kim," he says, noticing the couple.

"Sorry," she says before a brief awkward silence ensues. "Look, I'm not trying to judge you. I don't know all that happened. If you'd just tell me—"

"I can't tell you, Kim."

"Why not?"

"Because other than Sam and Callie, you're the only family I have here in town. And I can't bear to have you look at me every time you see me like you did just a minute ago."

"Ben, I'll never understand unless you let me in. I won't ever condone your actions, but for all I know, Sam could have been the one to cheat first."

"No," Ben says firmly. "Samantha would never cheat."

"Then what happened? What drove you to sleep with another woman?"

Ben sits back in his chair, sighing as he subtly shakes his head.

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