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PCE: Episode 48



Endgame- Episode 48
Friday, June 15, 2007

At the MetroCourt, Anna is sitting at a table drinking her coffee, going over her case file notes and reading the latest article in the Port Charles Gazette about Lorenzo. She looks up and spots a gentleman making his way in and towards the counter. She catches his eye, and he gives her back a sweet grin. As soon as he gets his order, he goes over to Anna's table and introduces himself.

Man: Excuse me. I don't mean to be presumptuous….I couldn't help but notice that you were eyeing me when I walked in.
Anna: I believe you were eying me first, but you're excused. It's not every day that I get to see someone of your...caliber...in this town. Tell me, do you flaunt your charm on an every day basis?
Man: Should I take that as a compliment?
Anna: You can take it any way you'd like. The name's Anna…Anna Devane.
Man: Ah, yes, I read about you. "I'm declaring war on organized crime in Port Charles" is what you said. That's quite a statement don't you think.
Anna: I needed to make an impact.
Man: Oh trust me, I think you have. You've got some really big shoes to fill you know, taking over the important position of Commissioner from Mac Scorpio.
Anna: Shoes that I filled well before Mac even stepped foot in Port Charles. You're a real winner here are't you? Classy and intelligent, another trait that you don't find too much here.
Man: Now, I know that was complimentary.
Anna: Now, you are just being smug. Even though, I must admit, it's kinda cute. What'd you say your name was again?
Man: (laughs) I didn't. My name is Jasper Jacks. "Jax" for short.
Elizabeth slowly makes her way through the corridor at Wyndemere. Reality is beginning to sink in for her. Her marriage really is over and it's time that she move on…but there's something she has to do first. She enters the den at Wyndemere and is surprised to find Sam looking at pictures.

"Well…it looks like the rumors are true," sneers Elizabeth. "I guess you are alive. That's wonderful." Elizabeth knows that if Sam were out of the way, she could have had Jason a long time ago, but there's this stupid connection that he has with her, that lasted even through death, or alleged death in this case.

Sam has a sudden vivid flashback to that painful night last August when she was trapped in the fire. "You…" she starts off angrily before changing her tune."Do I know you?"

Elizabeth crosses her arms and stares at the woman now involved with her husband…soon to be ex-husband. "I'm Elizabeth, Lucky's wife and Jason's friend."

Something seethes inside of Sam as she shakes the hand of Elizabeth. "Isn't Lucky divorcing you? I was under the impression that he was."

"I don't really think that's any of your business," Elizabeth snaps. "Is Lucky around, I need him to sign something for me."

"No he's not. If you want to wait here you can, if not….Alfred can show you out." Sam gives a snarky smile as Elizabeth decides to turn and leave. Sam asks Alfred to not disturb her because she has a headache. Sam slowly circles around the table with the pictures. "They're gone," she says turning around. Suddenly Helena steps out of the shadows.
As David came off of rounds, he walked into the doctor’s lounge to grab a cup of coffee. As he poured himself a cup, his cell phone rang. He noticed the caller ID and recognized it, it was from someone who he had been familiar with in Pine Valley. He flipped open the phone and said hello.

“Dr. Hayward.” David answered.

“David, it’s Aiden. You asked me to contact to you if I had information on Serena.”

“Since you’re calling me, I am to assume that you do?”

“I do.” Aiden replied and began to tell David all he had found out about Serena’s whereabouts. Both of them knew how important this was to Lucy and wanted to all they could to help her.

“Thank you Aiden. Keep me informed please. This is very important to Lucy, and … to me.”
David flipped closed his cell phone as he exited the doctor’s lounge and stepped into someone’s path, bumping into them.

“Hey would you watch where you are going?!” David snapped at the person he bumped into without noticing it was Lucy.
“Excuse me? You should watch where you are going, Dr. Hayward!” Lucy snapped back.

It was an opportunity dropped into David’s lap, him knowing about Serena’s whereabouts and Lucy desperate to locate her daughter. David’s accidental bump into Lucy could prove very beneficial for him.
On the next Port Charles: Endgame
-Someone isn't too pleased to see Anna with Jax
-Alexis breaks up a fight between Jason & Lucky
-David updates Lucy on Serena's whereabouts


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Love the Anna/Jax interaction... but what is catching my attention is Sam's storyline... Loved the heated/tense exchange that was going on between her and Elizabeth.

Keep up the excellent work, folks :)

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