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Ms. Walsh


I have another cold. Isn't that horrible? I just had a cold two weeks ago, and now I have another one. :(

I didn't get a lot of sleep last night. It was weird. Usually I'm a really heavy sleeper, but last night I kept waking up. I did get up at 8.45, which is like the earliest I've gotten up in weeks. I also did a decent amount of homework last night too, so I'm very proud of myself. I finished my problem set for Econ, and I'm rather confident about it. If I get anything lower than an 85, I'll be very upset. I also did my oral presentation for Spanish, so now all I have to do is practice it tomorrow. Then I did History reading in the evening. I did about 40 pages of reading for it.

Tonight I have to do a Spanish composition and read for Women's Studies, and then maybe do some History reading. I have only 40 pages left of the book, and it isn't due until Tuesday, but we have another assignment (AND THE ESSAY!!!) that are due soon, so I'd rather get the book out of the way.



I was actually good today in WS and Spanish. I participated mucho, and now I'm very feliz sobre mi situacion. See, I'm trying to get into a Spanish moda porque tengo que escribir una composicion para mi clase.

My cold is...well, it's here. If it gets worse I'm going to health services to get antibiotics because this is my 2nd cold in two weeks! And I refuse to take a lot of meds because they didn't work last time. I might just have a sinus infection now, so if it progresses I'll have to do something.

And I'm officially broke. I spent almost all of my dinero buying OJ, diet ginger ale, and other essentials (aka cereal and nachos and salsa). Mi vida esta muy triste. :(


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