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last day of February

Ms. Walsh


I need to start focusing on work more because the next two weeks are going to be quite hectic. I have two papers, one paper proposal, and a mid-term all before spring break--not to mention insane amounts of other homework to complete. I hope I can survive in time for spring break. :unsure: I'm too sure about that though.

Today my History prof had an examination thing in class to get her tenure, so all these old men from the History dept. showed up and observed our class. I found it to be really odd. I mean, this is an all-female school, and the heads of the History deparment are all men. It's so ironic, especially since this was a Women's History class that they were observing. I guess it gives me the encouragement to continue with my History major. Though I'll probably have to take classes with these profs in the near-future. :rolleyes: One day I'll be the head of the History Department of Smith College...and when that day happens, you know the college will be in trouble! :lol:

As for the Spanish major, well...we'll see. I'm so conflicted about it because I love Spanish, but I'm not good at it! It discourages me so much. But then I think about how if I just continue taking classes and go abroad for a semester that I'll definitely get better...I'm not too confident about that though. :huh:

Ugh...I need to start speaking up in my classes; otherwise, I'm bound to flunk big time! I have my oral presentation on Friday about the coup d'etat in Uruguay. It's only 3 minutes, but I'm so scared.

Also, I might have the flu. I've been trying to eat more fiber (and this has nothing to do with the flu-thing) because my mom had some colon problems last month, and since now colon cancer, breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, and leukemia all run in my family, I'm uber-paranoid that I'm going to die from one of those. I think colon cancer is the most serious because my grandfather died from it when he was really young, while the others were older.

Anyway, I'm also drinking OJ, but I also started drinking diet Coke again. I know...very bad. I've just been depressed after classes, and it makes me feel better. It's not like I'm on heroin or something. Plus, I think I like diet Coke because of the taste (which frankly is not that great), and not because of the caffeine.


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