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The Storm - Episode 5



Jason's hospital room

Elizabeth sat with Jason as Monica jotted down his current vitals in his file. Her concern for husband was apparent when she asked Monica how he was doing.

"He's getting stronger and that's always a good sign." Monica replied and touched her gently on the shoulder as reassurance.

"When will he wake up?" Elizabeth asked as she caressed Jason's hand.

"It shouldn't be long now. You can talk to him, he should respond to your voice. But don't force him to wake up, he'll come around on his own." Monica left Elizabeth and Jason by closing the door behind her.

She peered through the glass window at her son who was in critical yet stable condition. Alan's strong arms came up from behind her and embraced her.

"He's going to be alright." he said trying to reassure her. Monica sniffled back the tears and leaned back into him.

"You cannot guarantee me that, Alan" she replied as she turned into him and held him close.

"No, I can't but I can tell you that Jason is strong, and he's a fighter. You have to believe that." Her motherly tears moistened Alan's white coat as they stood outside their son's room.

Since that fateful day many years ago, they had truly tried to be parents to Jason Morgan, yet he fought so hard to dismiss their affections. Even though they were not as close as they would of liked to be with Jason, he was still their son.

Elizabeth spoke no truer words to her husband as he lye lifeless in the drab sheets of the hospital bed. She hoping that her soft voice would bring him back to her. He began to stir, she could feel the grip of his hand grow stronger with every word she spoke. A few brief moments past, and his eyes fluttered open slightly. She breathed a sigh of relief and said a little prayer of thanks for bringing him back to her. She turned and noticed Alan and Monica standing outside the room observing what had happened between her and Jason.

"Dr. Quartermaines'! It's Jason .... I think he's waking up!" she stated overly excited about seeing Jason awaken from his medicated state.

"Okay, okay .... let's check him out. It could be his body reacting." Alan said as he pulled out his light pen and checked Jason's eye reflexes.

Jason stirred a little more and moaned groggily. His dry mouth inhibited him from speaking, but his eyes worked well as he noticed Elizabeth sitting by his side with the smile he loved so much. As Alan checked Jason reflexes to stimulants, Jason's eyes adjusted to the bright lights of the hospital room.

Elizabeth's soothing voice reassured him of where he was and what was happening to him.

"All looks good, Jason. Reflexes are all normal." Jason held his hand at his side and grimaced as he tried to re-position himself.

"Okay, Jason .... " Monica said as she tried to prevent him from moving.

"You're going to have lie still ... we don't want you moving around." she continued as Jason moaned in disgust.

"Jason, you gotta listen to the doctors ... okay?" Elizabeth said trying to convince him he had to do what he was told.

He tried to speak but the breathing tube was causing an obstruction, so Alan explained to him that it needed to be removed before he tried to speak. Jason nodded that he understood and Alan went on about how they would remove it.

"On the count of three, Jason ....okay?" Jason nodded again that he understood and in one fluid motion the tube was removed from his throat. He coughed as it exited his mouth, his voice hoarse, and rough, but it was a relief to be rid of the machine.

"Now, can .... can I have a ... drink of ... water?" Jason asked in his rough voice. Alan smiled and chuckled.

"Yeah, you can have a drink of water." Monica handed the white paper cup filled with water to Elizabeth and she stuck a straw in it for him to drink from.

The water cold, it was irritating to the raw membranes of Jason's throat. He coughed as he tried to swallow the wetness.

"Easy ... it'll take some time for your throat to heal. Take your time." Monica replied as Jason handed the cup back to his wife.

Jason rubbed his throat with his hand in a soothing motion and tried to speak a few more words.

"What .... *cough* .. what happened?" The three of them looked at each other and then at Jason ..

"You don't remember?" Elizabeth asked. Jason turned his head and looked at his wife.

"No ... tell me ..." he replied as he swallowed hard trying to relieve some the rawness in his throat.

At the PCPD

Lt. Taggert sat relaxed in his leather desk chair with his feet propped up on his mahogany desk looking over a case file that was given to him that afternoon.

"Damn it! Another mob shootout! This needs to stop, and stop now!" he said loudly to himself as he got up from his chair and headed towards the door. He opened the door with purpose only to find a young man standing on the other side.

"Lt. Taggert?" Taggert looked sternly at the young stranger and sighed in disgust.

"Yeah, who the heck are you?" he replied as the young man passed him and entered his office. Taggert closed the door and looked over the young stranger who barged in unannounced.

A rough, rugged young man in blue jeans, a tee shirt, and a hooded sweatshirt jacket, certainly not someone who looked like any importance.

"Lt. Taggert, I'm Det. Jake Steel from the Miami Police Department." said the stranger as he extended his hand to Taggert.

Taggert shook his hand and then passed by him throwing the file in his hand on the desk. He quickly turned around asked why he was there.

"Well, Sir ... it seems my investigation has led me here to Port Charles and I'm hoping you can help me." the Detective replied as he took a step toward Taggert.

Taggert intrigued by this young man, he offered him a seat and asked what kind of help he was looking for.

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Oh wow...Jason has no recollection of what went down.....This could be interesting to see what he will suddenly remember when seeing Emily, when she pays him a visit

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