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discovering new places

Ms. Walsh


I had my interview. I think it was decent, but who knows? A lot of people applied for the position, and even if I did amazingly well, I still might not get it. If I don't, I'll just try again next year, right? I hope that I get it because then I can be cool and show people around our lovely campus and persuade people to apply here. Wouldn't that be great?? I don't find out until the 3rd about whether I got in or not. :unsure:

I picked up a sheet at the Registrar's Office to declare my majors, but I read it and it was like, "Smith discourages people from double majoring" blah blah blah, but I guess it doesn't matter. I think that they're concerned about us not taking enough different classes, but I think that History and Spanish are two majors that are very flexible. Like, with the Spanish major you can take Portuguese, which I intend to do. And you can take two classes outside of the department, like an LAS course or something. Or maybe Spanish Art or something like that. And History's similar because I can take classes in the American Studies department, and I heard that you watch porn in one of the AMS classes. Very intriguing... B) Plus, screw Smith. Who the hell are they to "discourage" people from double-majoring? Hello, they [!@#$%^&*] offer the double-major! If they really were against it, then they wouldn't! DUH! Plus, they were like, "It doesn't help in applying to grad. schools." Well, if I apply to grad schools it'd be for History, not for Spanish. I like to have the Spanish as a basis for my History major because, even though I'm an American history major and most documents are in English, Spanish is a growing language in this country. If I were to live in a big city (which I do intend to), my Spanish proficiency will be helpful with my studies and/or job. It's not like I have two useless majors like History and Engish, or History and Philosophy. You know?? I think that History and Spanish are distinct enough to be able to double major in them, but at the same time there are a lot of similarities between the fields. Plus, when all is said and done, I love History and I love Spanish (even if I suck at it), and fiddle-dee-dee to them.

Anyway, I recently discovered the 3rd floor of the library. :lol: I guess I shouldn't have slept through orientation in September, but now I've found it and it's going to be my favourite place to study. Right now I'm inthe periodicals room, which is quite fab I must say. I'm supposed to be doing my WS on abortion, but it shall wait until 2.45. The reading's not that heavy. Well, abortion is a heavy topic, but it's not that LONG, the reading.

Then after work (which shall be beat because they're serving Italian food tonight...yum yum), I'm coming back to do my dreaded Spanish paper over again. BLAH!!! Entonces, tengo que hacer mas tarea de espanol porque tengo una presentacion oral este viernes (en una semana exactimente). Es sobre Uruguay porque estamos leyendo un cuento de un autor de Uruguay (no recuerdo su nombre), y mi presentacion es sobre la revolucion y el golpe de estado en el pais durante los 70.

Lo siento. Estoy mas perezosa y no pongo acentos apropriados en mis palabras. Tengo un Apple (la computadora) y es muy bueno (mas mejor que PCs), pero no es bueno con otras lenguas porque poner acentos es muy complicado. No se por que. Espero que no haya un problema en el futuro porque tendre MUCHOS ensayos y composiciones en los segundos anos.

See, my Spanish is bad to the bone. Hopefully a semester in Espana will improve it. If you didn't understand what I said, don't worry...it was stupid.

Well, ciao.


Okay, I'm really nervous about this whole GK thing. Like, what if I don't get in??? I've heard way too many rejection stories to be content with the possibility. I mean...it's not the end of the world, but it's just making me sick thinking about getting rejected. :unsure: I need to stop worrying about [!@#$%^&*] like this. If I don't get in, fine. It's not because I wasn't qualified to be a member...it's probably just because I'm a first-year and it's really competitive.

Plus, I skipped Spanish to go to the interview and all afternoon I saw people from the class. I saw 3 while I was working, and one person said Hi to me!! :unsure:


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