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New Online Soap/ A little background info.



The Caldwell's will be based around the lives of the Caldwell family. Timothy and Ruby started off their marriage many years ago while they were both underage and expecting their first child. They started their lives with basically nothing and no help from their families. They only had their love for each other. Even though they did not have much they knew they someday wanted a large family. Timothy started a plumbing company which got off to a slow start. As a high school drop-out no one gave him very much respect. Slowly over the years, Caldwell Plumbing grew into the largest plumbing company in Western Hills.

The Caldwell's six children are Marcia, Jessica, Kyle, Nathan, and the twins Colton and Dalton. Marcia is currently living in Florida and Dalton is away at school on a football scholarship. Nathan and Colton are also in college at the local Western Hills University. Nathan and Colton both live on campus, even though their home is less than 10 minutes away. Kyle, who always struggled with school barely graduated high school and now works for his dad. Jessica has had troubles in the past but she is now holding down a full time job. She even has a new boyfriend who has been helping her get her life on track.

Stay tuned for what will happen to the Caldwell's.

Cast List (Contract):

Timothy Caldwell: Drake Hogestyn

Ruby Caldwell: Catherine Hickland

Jessica Caldwell: Alison Sweeney

Kyle Caldwell: Justin Hartley

Nathan Caldwell: Eric Martsolf

Colton Caldwell: Michael Graziadei

Ian Marsh: Justin Bruening

Roberto Rodino: Galen Gerring

Chandra Douglas: Adrianne Leon

Perry Nelson: Jeff Branson

Bridgette Hunter: Eden Riegel


Laura Prague: Elena Goode

Michelle Young: Alexandra Chandro

Note: Marcia and Dalton will not be cast at the current time.


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