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Episode 1



Featured in this episode are Drake Hogestyn (Tim Caldwell), Catherine Hickland (Ruby Caldwell), Justin Hartley (Kyle Caldwell), Alison Sweeney (Jessica Caldwell), Galen Gering (Roberto Rodino), Michael Graziadei (Colton Caldwell), Justin Bruening (Ian Marsh)

Tim, Ruby, Kyle, Jessica, eating dinner

Ruby: The amount of people at of our dinner table just keeps getting smaller and smaller, especially now that Colton has moved into the college dorms.

Jessica: I am still sore from helping him move in, carrying that couch up seven flights of stairs because it wouldn't fit into the elevator was quite the workout.

Tim: Yea! Nice of you to help out Kyle.

Kyle: Uhh, I was busy.

Ruby: What were you doing?

Kyle: Uhhh, I don't remember.

Jessica: yeah right, you just didn't want to help.

Ruby: Have you gone and visited Colton yet and seen his dorm room

Kyle: No

Ruby: You need too.

Kyle: Why, Colton dosn't care if I go there or not.

Ruby: Well I am worried about him, I don't know why he would want to move in at semester. Everyone has probably made thier friends at the beginning of the year.

Jessica: Geez Mom, he is 18 years old I'm sure he can make friends.

Tim: He knows people from high school, he hangs out with them anyways hunny.

Ruby: I know I know, I just wish he would have waited until Aug. to move in.

Tim: He will be fine, don't worry about him.

Ruby: That reminds me I finished washing some of his clothes that he hasn't taken to school yet, Kyle can you take them to his dorm room tonight.

Kyle: Can't he just get them later

Ruby: You need to get up there and see him.

Kyle: I'm sure he doesn't care, why can't you or Jessica do it.

Ruby: Your dad and I are meeting some friends for a drink.

Jessica: I've got a hot date!

Ruby: Your probably not doing anything anyways.

Kyle: Fine! I will do it. I don't know why he can't just wait to get it later.

(Ruby starts cleaning the dinner mess up)

Tim: So Jessica, who is this "hot date" with?

Jessica: His name is Roberto and I really like him.

Tim: Does this Roberto character have a job?

Jessica: Yes dad he does.

Tim: Well I don't like it when you give your money away to these guys and then you have to come to us to pay your bills.

Jessica: He is not like that!

Ruby: He better not be or you will hear from us.

Jessica: Ohh, I already know that.

Ruby: Here are Colton's clothes Kyle, Thank you, Well we are leaving you two have a good night (looks a Jessica) and be careful.

Tim, Ruby and Kyle leave and Roberto arrives

Roberto: Hello Beautiful

Jessica: Oh stop it! Your making me blush.

Roberto: So what would you like to do this evening?

Jessica: We can just stay here and watch a movie or something.

Roberto: Well if you don't mind I have made plans for us, go get into your prettiest dress and then we can leave.

(a huge smile emerges across Jessica's face and she goes and gets dressed. When she comes back she is stunning)

Jessica: Where are we going to go?

Roberto: It will be a surprise!

Kyle shows up at Colton's Dorm room. Colton and Ian are playing a gaming device.

Kyle: Here's your clothes

Colton: I told mom I would get them this week.

Kyle: Well she said you needed them, that's all she seems to be talking about is how you are gone now.

Colton: She did the same thing when Dalton moved away, I was planning on living there while I was in college but she has been driving me nuts, I just had to move out.

Kyle: She better not make me start running all these little errands now that you are gone.

Colton: Yep, I used to have run errands for her all the time.

Ian: Hey Kyle, you wanna go to a party with us?

Kyle: I don't know, I would feel kind of weird since I wouldn't know anyone.

Ian: You know us, oh come on!

Kyle: I guess I don't have any other plans tonight.

Ian: We invited Nathan too so 3 Caldwell brothers can all hang out together, we would only be missing Dalton

Colton: Yeah, that's weird why don't you just go home Kyle.

Kyle: I can go if I want.

Ian: We are going to meet at Nathan's apartment in an hour so you can hang out here until we leave. My girlfriend Michelle is bringing a friend for Colton to meet.

Kyle: Really! Colton have you even dated a girl before in your life?

(Colton doesn't say anything)

Kyle: You haven't!

Colton: You know I was just busy with football in high school I never had time for girls.

Kyle: Dalton was busy with football too and he was better than you, and he had time for girls.

Ian: Colton's just shy (he says teasingly)

Colton: Yes, we all know Dalton is a football star and his girlfriend is weird. (he says annoyed)

Ian: Your just jealous!

Kyle: So is there going to be lots of girls there tonight?

Ian: Oh heck ya! There are some college hotties here.

Kyle: Maybe I should come here more often.

Next time on The Caldwell's

Jessica: Oh my gosh! This is so cool.

Ian: Colton this is Laura

Laura: Your right Michelle he is a good looking!


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