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Episode 39




(EXT: LONDON, ENGLAND- fade to Edmund's creepy castle-like mansion)

----Edmund sits in his study, looking through his wedding pictures to Loretta. He zeroes in on a picture of them so happy together, feeding each other their wedding cake. He then flashes back to when they were younger. He and Loretta argue about CC, she still insisting he's not the baby's father, she's sure of it. Edmund says he isn't so sure about anything anymore- after all, he never would've dreamed she'd cheat on him at all. Loretta begs him to forgive her, saying their child needs him. Edmund walks out on her, saying the child needs it's father, which he is not sure he is. He then remembers further into the pregnancy, witnessing an argument between Loretta & CC. Loretta begs him to see the possibility that the child she's carrying could be his but he refuses.

"That child is nothing to me. When are you going to leave this alone? My wife is DEAD now for God's sake.......and you still refuse to let up. As far as I'm concerned, you and your accusations can go straight to hell- you and your unborn child have wreaked enough havoc on my life. I hold the both of you personally responsible for Sophia's death and frankly, I don't want to see either of you ever again. You're barred from the property and from the office- I've talked to my security and they're well aware. And here..." He hands her some papers.

"That, my dear Loretta, is a restraining order. You are not permitted within 100 yards of me at any given time- punishable by arrest. It's actually already taken effect so if I were you, I'd get the hell out of here!"

She turns to leave and Edmund emerges, telling CC he will not talk to his wife in such a way. CC blows Edmund off, saying he can have the shrew and that he should be grateful to CC for not pressing charges. Edmund yells at CC for being so vile, asking how he can come in and ruin people's lives and yet accept no responsibility for it? Edmund then returns home to find Loretta sleeping on the couch. He goes to cover her with a blanket and spots an empty pill bottle on the floor. He immediately dials 911, frantically trying to help her.

Edmund then flashes to the hospital, where the doctor tells him they'll need to perform a C-section in order to save the child. Edmund watches from outside the room as his child is born. The doctors bring the child out to him, for him to hold, telling him it's a boy. Edmund, holding his son, hears a commotion inside of Loretta's room. He sees doctors frantically trying to save her. He bursts in and screams, demanding to know what's going on. The doctors inform him he can't be in there as they try to re-start her heart. Edmund begs them to save his wife, but to no avail. Loretta passes away. The camera zooms in on Edmund, crying, holding the boy in his hands, fading into Edmund's face now, in his study. A nurse walks in and informs him it's time for the patient's treatment for the day. Edmund tells her he'll be there shortly, as he looks again at his wedding picture with Loretta.

The camera fades out, fading into.....

(EXT: The Capwell Mansion)

---Ashton tells Kelly he's so sorry about her mother and not being able to make it back for the funeral. Kelly says that she understands and that it was actually better he wasn't there. She explains that she hasn't told the family yet that they're married.

"You haven't? Has nobody noticed the ring on your finger?"

"Actually, I've kept it turned the other way....."

"Why the big secret? Isn't this good news, a happy occasion? I thought you wanted to be married...."

"I do, I do, that's not it at all. You haven't met my father yet.........He's not exactly going to be thrilled that I eloped.....to put it mildly..."

Ashton understands, but reminds her that he wanted to have a big wedding and get married in front of the whole world. It was she who didn't want to wait and Kelly remembers, saying that's only going to make it worse. Ashton says that they can tell her father together, if she'd like. He offers to make dinner reservations and she thinks it's a good idea, saying that it isn't easy for CC to be in the house, since Sophia passed away. Kelly gives him the number to the Capwell Hotel, telling him to reserve CC's regular table.

(EXT: Parking Lot)

---Adriana struggles as the man continues to force her toward the car. He tells her to relax, that he isn't going to hurt her. She bites his hand and breaks loose for a moment, running back toward the coffee shop. The man catches up with her and grabs her, forcing her back toward his car. He warns her not to try anything like that again, and if she just does as he says, nobody will get hurt. Adriana continues to kick and struggle, trying to scream through his hands. He gets to his car and hits the button to unlock it. As he opens the door, someone runs up behind him. He turns around, asking the person what they want and Marta sprays him with mace. He immediately goes for his eyes, releasing Adriana. Adriana and Marta start to run, but the man grabs one of them without the other realizing it. He pushes her in the car and locks it, still rubbing his eyes and screaming about the burning. He hops in the car and begins to drive.

(EXT: Capwell Enterprises)

----Gina watches as Kathleen shuts the lights in the office. She watches her head to the elevator and head down. Gina emerges and walks toward Kathleen's desk. She looks through the drawers until she finally finds Kathleen's keys. She grabs them and puts them in her purse. She begins to walk toward Elizabeth's office when she bumps into CC.

"CC- what are you still doing here? You're usually gone by this hour...."

"I had a few last minute......on second thought, I don't have to justify myself to YOU. What are you still doing here Gina? It's Friday- don't you have acquaintances to annoy?"

"Actually, I was crunching some of the sales projections for Gina Jeans and I came across something in the books that I wanted to talk to Elizabeth about......She still here?"

"She's gone for the day, like everybody else."

"I'll have to do it Monday I guess, I just didn't want it to wait until then. Oh well, I best get going"

"I'll walk with you- I'm going to meet Kelly for dinner..."

"Oh you go ahead, CC, my phone is still in my office and there's a few last minute details I'd like to finish...."

CC heads out and Gina goes back toward Elizabeth's office, going through Kathleen's keys to find the match. She finally does and opens the door, walking in and shutting it behind her.

(EXT: The Capwell Hotel)

----Lionel and Augusta dine with Warren before their flight. Lionel reminisces about their time in Santa Barbara, how nice it was being in his mother's home again. He tells his 'son' to take good care of it and a distracted Warren promises he will. Augusta turns around to see what exactly has Warren distracted and sees Pamela sitting at the bar, sipping a glass of wine. Pamela lifts her glass as though to toast and approaches the table.

"I hear the two of you are leaving today....I hope the both of you have a safe trip home...."

"You're still in town?!?" Augusta exclaims "What could possibly be keeping you here? Don't tell me...... you think CC is going to look your way now that Sophia has passed!"

"Don't be ridiculous Augusta. I've always loved Santa Barbara and I actually have decided to stay......CC be damned! My son is here, plus I have so many loose ends here that need to be tied up. I'll miss Europe but it's time to be close to my family- Mason needs me right now, with Sophia's death and the trouble in his marriage. You can appreciate that I'm sure- if Warren needed you, a pack of wild animals couldn't pull you away...."

Warren smiles, saying he's glad that she'll be staying. He says he looks forward to getting to know her and would love to have lunch one day next week. Pamela says that would be lovely and tells him to just call. Augusta shoots her a look.

----Across the room, Keith & Elizabeth swig back a few cocktails. Elizabeth asks him why it is he's taken this sudden interest in her and Keith claims he finds her fascinating, smart, and gorgeous- what man wouldn't be interested? Elizabeth is a bit embarrassed by this, but thanks him for the compliment. Elizabeth tells him that not every man has always thought so, especially when compared to her beautiful sister. Keith retorts that he knew Sophia for quite a while and she cannot hold a candle to Elizabeth. Kelly and Ashton approach the hostess, giving them their reservation. Kelly spots Elizabeth with Keith and walks up.

"Can I help you Kelly? Push anyone out of any windows lately?" Keith asks sarcastically.

"I see you haven't lost your patent charm. Actually, I just wanted to intoduce myself to your guest.....you're Elizabeth Wayne, right?"

"Yes..." she smiles "who might you be?"

"I'm Kelly Capwell, your niece...."

Elizabeth's smile slowly fades as she continues to shake Kelly's hand. Kelly thanks her for stepping in and saving her family's company. Elizabeth tries to thank her, but Kelly cuts her off, saying she doesn't understand why she had Sophia barred from the building, since they're sisters. Kelly lashes out at her, saying that Sophia spent her last weeks like an outcast where the company was concerned, all because of her. She says that Elizabeth is going to have to live with what she did to her sister just before she died and asks what Sophia could have possibly done to deserve that from her own sister.

"I'm sorry Kelly but I'm not going to discuss that with you, especially here. I know you just lost your mother and I'm very sorry about that. But that doesn't give you a right to come in here and cause a scene with me. My reasons for what I've done are frankly not your business- I do have them and I don't feel guilty for anything that I've done. Keith, can we go some place else? Suddenly, I don't like the atmosphere here very much..."

Keith obliges and asks for the check as Kelly walks away. Keith admits that he too is curious about Elizabeth's blatant hatred for Sophia, though not for the reasons she may think. Unlike Kelly, he sees Sophia for what she is and never found it very hard to believe that she had a sister who wanted nothing to do with her. Keith tells her that maybe once they get to know each other better, they could compare notes on Sophia one day. Elizabeth thanks Keith for trying to make her smile, but tells him that everything with Sophia is in the past now, especially since she passed away. Keith says that from her reaction to Kelly, it's obvious there's still some real pain there and it might help to talk about it.

"Maybe so, but tonight, I'd like to forget all about my sister and her family and just try to have a little fun. You think you can handle that?"

"Oh, I don't think it will be a problem," Keith says, as he leans in and kisses her.

---Kelly and Ashton sit at their table, awaiting CC's arrival. Ashton gets a phone call that he must take and excuses himself. Kelly spots her father walking up and gets up and gives him a kiss.

"This was a nice surprise- dinner with my daughter. So what's this news you need to tell me? Moving back into the house permanently?"

"No, daddy, I'm still getting a place of my own. Actually, that's kind of what I wanted to talk to you about....."

CC is kind of disappointed but asks her to elaborate. Kelly begins talking to him about Europe, how she really fell in love with it and she learned so much about herself there. CC remembers his times there fondly, saying he always feels rejuvenated when he leaves there. Kelly tells him that while she was there, she met a man. CC is surprised by this and asks her to go further. She tells him he's a very handsome businessman she met in London. She says that he's suave, intelligent, and very driven. She admits that he actually reminds her of CC. CC says he likes the sounds of him and that he'd like to meet him someday.

"Actually, I'm glad to hear you say that." she says, showing him the ring. "Because he's coming over right now"

"My God, Kelly, you're engaged......."

Ashton walks up and Kelly stands up next to him as he puts his arm around her.

"Actually, daddy, I'm married. This is my husband....Ashton"

"You're what? Married? This is your Husband?"

"Yes. I'm sorry for you to find out like this, sir, but we just couldn't wait. I tried to convince Kelly, but when your daughter wants something, she doesn't stop....." Ashton says

"CC Capwell" he says as he takes Ashton's hand.

"Pleased to meet you. Ashton Lavery."

CC stops and fixes his eyes on Ashton. "Did you say...Ashton.........LAVERY?"

"I did, yes. So glad to have finally met you sir....."

CC stares at Ashton, stunned by who he is and trying to process what he's just learned.

(EXT: car, driving down the highway)

---The man in black finishes informing his boss that after all was said and done, he's got her and they're heading to Mexico now, per his instructions. The man pulls over to get gas and inspect the back seat. He's stunned to see HER!!!!!

"My God, YOU! What are YOU doing here?"

"Looks like you grabbed the wrong girl- I'm sure your boss isn't gonna like that..." Marta shoots back, smiling.

(EXT: Edmund's Castle in London)

---Sophia wakes up as Edmund enters the room. She asks him where she is and what she's doing there. He reminds her once again that they're in her hospital room in London, where he's continuing with her treatments. Sophia again asks about her family and he insists that they're fine and have no idea that Sophia is ill. Sophia begins to cry, saying she doesn't know how much more of this confusion she can take. Edmund holds her, stroking her hair, telling her that everything's going to be fine and it won't last forever. Edmund tells her that so far, she's responding very well to the treatment and that it's only a matter of time before she's up and about again. Sophia tells him that she's been trying so hard to remember her children's faces and her home, but everything is so fuzzy. Edmund reminds her that it's all part of the treatment, and the trauma her brain is going through because of it and the aneurism. He says for her to be strong and everything will be better soon. He tells her he's going to give her something to sleep while he works once again on her. He gives her a shot and she fades back to sleep. He begins administering the laser treatments, as a sinister smile comes over his face.

"I'm not going to let you die, Loretta. Not after all I've done to bring you back. Soon, we'll be reunited and everything will be as it should......"

THE END................for the week


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wow......another great one........I reallly like Marta. That girl has spunk. What are they going to do now that they have the wrong girl? Poor Sophia, stuck with a pycho doctor and she doesn't even know it. It would be funny if Augusta ended up being the one to discover her. Not sure that Augusta would rescue her though. CC seemed to recognize the last name of his newest son-in-law. With so many enemies out there, it is a wonder there haven't been more attempts on CC's life. Looking forward to tomorrow's news item and next weeks episodes. Keep up the good work!


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I have this TERRIBLE feeling Sophia is going to lose her memory again and end up believing that PSYCHO doctor is her husband, UGH!! Where is CC when you need him??? OH WAIT, I know probably getting ready to cozy up with Lizzie!

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UGH!! Where is CC when you need him??? OH WAIT, I know probably getting ready to cozy up with Lizzie!

:lol: :lol: LOVE it. Not giving anything away though. :)

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Great episode Juniorz. I think this one is my favorite so far. Loved Kelly sticking it to CC. I am really seeing Deborah Adair as Elizabeth. I loved Christine but I can Deborah in the role even though just for me it is harder to buy Deborah as Sophia's sister - but I can forget that with Deborah in the role. LOL

Loved the ending.

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Well, junior, I loved it!

Is Ashton not CC's son, isn't he? Say NOT!!! I'd hated it especially if Kel really loves him. :o

The twoo girls are crafted! :lol: So Adriana can ask for help from Cruz then he can arrest the "misterios" man. Great!

Sophia must leave her memory. But I hope that not so long like long ago. :huh:

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Well, junior, I loved it!

Is Ashton not CC's son, isn't he? Say NOT!!! I'd hated it especially if Kel really loves him. :o

I was wondering the same thing!!! LOL

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