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Safe From Harm - Chapter 1



*Disclaimer - Love scene ahead - and I tried my best to keep it as clean as possible.*

The rain pounded hard against the glass windows, and lightning cracked as it hit somewhere across town. Ric Lansing found himself sitting in the plush chair in their master suite not being able to sleep. It was one of many nights these past few weeks he had not been able to sleep a whole night through, it was like clockwork. He removed himself from the queen sized bed so his wife, Alexis could sleep in peace. He looked over at the bed and she was so peaceful, he hoped she was dreaming good dreams about he and the kids, not about the dangers that surrounded them.

The thunder rolled across the sky as he sat with a glass of bourbon in his hand contemplating the next move his brother Sonny would make against the newest enemy who wanted their territory. That too was like clockwork, there wasn't a moment of peace for their families, never would be he guessed. When one is in as deep as the two of them were, it would be impossible to leave the business. His head jerked towards the bed as he heard Alexis stir. He went to her when she called out his name, she feeling he wasn't beside her, she quickly worried where he had gone. He sat down on the bed and she reached for him.

"Is there anything I can do?" she asked, her eyes still closed but awake.

"Shhh ...I didn't mean to wake you, go back to sleep..." he replied as he set his glass down on the nightstand.

She opened her eyes to see the worry on his face and propped herself up on her elbow, reaching for him with her hand. She caressed his face and he leaned into the touch. He saw the concern for him come across her face as he leaned down and kissed her lips.

"I'll be okay ..... don't worry."

"But I do worry about you Ric. I worry all the time."

"I'm sorry. I guess sometimes I forget how this life effects you." he replied as he pulled her into an embrace.

"I guess it would do no good asking you to leave the business so we can have a somewhat normal life?"

"Alexis, you know that isn't ever going to happen. I can't leave the business, not now .... I've been in this business far too long to get out. There are people who will come after me even if I do leave. This is who I am, this is my family and what we are. I cannot change that, even though I wish many times I could." Ric explained as he got up from the bed and walked towards the window.

"You know I shouldn't of said anything. I married you knowing full well what the life entailed, but I love you Ric .... and I worry about you." Alexis grabbed her silk robe and climbed out of bed. She went to him and wrapped her arms around his waist, looking out across the city over his shoulder.

As the storm came down on Port Charles, it was another sleepless night for Ric and Alexis. He sat down on the plush chair, she eased down onto his lap, he holding on to her waist. They watched the lightning light up the midnight sky as the rain came down hard and pounded against the windows.

"I love you so much, Alexis. I swear I won't let anything happen to you or the children."

"I know .... I love you too." she replied as his head lay gently on the soft skin of her chest, he felt her heartbeat against his ear and it was the most soothing sound he had ever heard.

She sat cradled in his arms for a while as they sat in the darkness of their master suite. It was the most secure she had felt in a long time. She knew he wouldn't let anything happen to her or the children, it was just sometimes she wished they could go away and leave everything behind. Ric had been involved with the violence of the mob for so long, he grew up in the business, and she knew that no matter how far they'd go to escape it, it would find them. There was no way out .... not anymore.

Alexis got up off his lap and leaned down to kiss him goodnight. "Come to bed ...." she said as she reached for his hand. He noticed the look in her eye and conceded. He took her hand and he followed her back to the silk sheets of their queen sized bed. She climbed in and he after her. He laid next to her, his arms wrapped around her tight. It was the most comforting feeling she could ever know. Being in the arms of her husband she fell asleep quickly, while he laid awake still worried about the threat that was lurking in the darkness of the city. He guessed he would never feel completely safe but he would always make sure she did. He'd lay down his life for her and the children, and no one was going to take them from him.


Alexis heard the cries of their youngest child, and climbed out of bed hoping not to wake Ric who was finally sleeping peacefully. She wrapped herself up in her silk robe and patted her way to the nursery. Screams from the baby could be heard throughout the penthouse as Alexis opened up the door to find the 3 month old child crying in her crib. She quickly picked up the child and held her close hoping to comfort the tears away.

"Shh ... it's okay ... Mommy's here." Alexis said soothingly and it seemed to quiet down the baby.

Alexis wiped the baby's tears from it's cheeks and kissed her softly. "We don't want to wake Daddy, do we?" Alexis changed the baby from her jammies to a day outfit and got her ready for the day. The sun barely above the horizon, Alexis cradled the baby in her arms and started down the stairs, but not before she heard little footsteps coming up behind her.

"Wait for me, Mommy....." Kristina said as she came scurrying down the hallway in her pink fuzzy footed pajamas towards Alexis.

"What are you doing out of bed so early? The sun is barely up, sweetie." Alexis said to the 4 year old.

"Emma got me up, she cries so loud, Mommy." Alexis giggled at her child's remark.

"Come on, let's get some breakfast."

As Alexis reached the bottom of the stairs, Viola was there waiting for her and took Kristina by the hand. "You too, huh?" Alexis giggled as Viola yawned. "I can say this, Emma surely has a good set of lungs on her ...." Viola replied. Alexis laughed ... "I wonder where she gets those from..."

Alexis holding Emma in her arms as she sat down at the kitchen table, and Viola lifted Kristina into her highchair. As Viola went to start making Kristina's pancakes, Alexis opened up her silk robe for Emma. The baby didn't waste a second to find nourishment as she quickly began suckling on Alexis's nipple.

"I take it, Mr. Lansing is still sleeping?" Viola asked as she poured the pancake mix into the hot pan on the stove.

"Yeah, he had a rough night again. Hopefully he can get some sleep this morning without interruption." Alexis said as she looked towards Kristina, implying it was her who needed to let Daddy sleep in.

Kristina noticed her mother's look towards her and lifted her hands up and said ..."What?"

"You know what ... you need to let Daddy sleep this morning, okay?"

"'kay I promise." Kristina replied as she looked over her shoulder to see where her breakfast was.

Viola flipped Kristina's pancake on a plate and walked it over to her. She sat it down in front of her and Kristina licked her lips. "Mmmm... pancake..." she replied as her eyes devoured the large pancake in front of her. Viola handed her a fork to use. Kristina was just getting the hang of using the large utensil as she bobbled around with it in her tiny hand.

"Here, let me do that ..." Viola said as she cut up Kristina's pancake and fed her the first piece.

Alexis removed Emma's mouth from the nipple and draped a cloth over her shoulder. She lifted the baby from her arm and rested her against the cloth. Alexis closed her robe and began to pat Emma's back as Viola brought her first cup of coffee to her. Alexis smiled a thank you to her and sat keeping a watchful eye on Kristina eating her breakfast.

Alexis left Emma with Viola and Kristina as she went back upstairs to get dressed and to check in on her husband. She walked into the master suite and heard the water running in the bathroom, the bed empty. She closed the door and went to her closet to find something comfortable to wear. She was still on maternity leave from the DA's office, so there was no need for those power suits that hung next to her blue jeans .... at least for now. As she pulled out a pair of jeans and a sweater to match, Ric emerged from the bathroom, a towel wrapped around his waist and the water beads dripping from his chiseled body. He not noticing she was in the room, he was taken by surprised when she pulled the towel from his waist, leaving him wearing nothing but the stream of water that drizzled down the front of his chest.

"Hey .... gimme that back .." he said as he tried pulling the towel from her, and drawing her to him. As he did, her body slamming against him, her arms quickly wrapped around his neck and she planted a morning kiss on his lips.

As she held onto him, his hands went to untie the robe she was still wearing. It fell open, her soft skin lay upon his as the kiss became deeper and more passionate. Moans of pleasure escaped her as he backed up towards the bed, she falling gently on top of him as he laid down. As he moved his body up against the pillows, she followed with a hungry look in her eyes, and devoured him as she moved up along his body. An excitement came over him as he felt her body rub against him and he removed her silk robe revealing her shapely figure to him. His hands caressed her as they became one with each other. He reached up and kissed her mid-drif, leaving kisses against her soft supple skin. He scooped her up in his arms, she sitting atop of him, her legs wrapped around his waist, she felt them become one again. He felt her muscles contract against him, as he moved in and out. He took her hands in his and held her arms over her head as he thrust hard in a rhythmic motion. Whimpers of pleasure escaped her lips as her hands tightened around his, as they went over the edge, together, into ecstasy. Her tongue moistened her lips as she tried to catch her breath and she fell relaxed beside him.

She draped her arm across his chest and their eyes met .... "Hungry for breakfast?" she said as his hand brushed back the hair from her face. "Not anymore .... you're all that I hunger for." he smiled. He leaned down and kissed her softly. They lay together for a few more minutes, till she realized what time it was.

"I have to get ready .... " she said as she quickly got up from where she was laying and put her robe back on.

"Why, where do you have to go today?" he asked as he watched her walk towards the bathroom.

"No where really, but Kristina and Emma are downstairs with Viola eating breakfast. I need to make myself look presentable to the children. I can't go back down there looking like this, can I?" she replied as she pulled her robe closed and scurried into the bathroom.

Ric climbed out of bed and got himself dressed. As Alexis showered, he left the bedroom and headed down stairs, dressed in his dark navy suit ready to do business. As he walked into the kitchen, Viola handed him a cup of coffee with one hand as she cradled Emma against her. Kristina was still sitting in her highchair and her face lit up as she saw her Daddy for the first time that morning.

"Hi Daddy .." she said as Ric went to her and gave her a morning kiss.

"Morning sweetie ...."

"Where's Mommy?" she asked as Ric sat down at the kitchen table and unfolded the morning paper.

"Mommy's in the shower, she'll be down in a minute."

Ric's expression changed as he read the morning headlines on the front page of the newspaper.

"Mob shootout leaves two dead" the headline read and Ric read further in disbelief. He hadn't heard about last night's altercation and was upset that he wasn't kept informed.

He quickly got up from the table and rushed to his study, he needed to find out more about what happened last night and why the men who worked for him hadn't called to tell him about it. He picked up the phone and dialed.

"We need a meeting this morning about last night ..... you better be here within the hour!"

He slammed down the phone and fell back into the leather high back desk chair. As soon as he did, the phone rang and he answered it.

"Lansing ..."

"I hope you have a handle on last night's situation?!" Sonny replied.

"I already have a meeting set up within the hour." Ric replied.

"You didn't know about this?"

"Of course I didn't know, I read it in this morning's newspaper."

"I know I didn't order this, and if you didn't order it either, then we have another one to contend with, Ric ..."

"Sonny, be here within the hour and we can discuss it further."

"I'll be there." Sonny replied.

Ric hung up the phone and went out into the living room and called for Marcus. The bodyguard opened up the door and acknowledged his presence.

"I need you to gather the men .... I'm calling them all in right now!"

"Yes, sir." Marcus replied and went to do what was ordered.

"Dammit!" Ric yelled out of frustration as Alexis came down the stairs.

"What happened?" she asked as he composed himself in front of her.

"You and Viola need to take the children out for a little while, okay?"

"Okay, but ..."

"Don't ask questions ... just do it. Take Greg with you." Ric replied and pulled her to him into an embrace.

"Is it something I should know about?"

"No ....nothing I can't handle. It's going to be fine, I just need to have some private time for a meeting."

"Something went down last night, didn't it?" she asked as worry overcame her.

"Yeah something did happen last night, but Sonny and I are going to handle it." Ric replied and gave her a kiss on the cheek. "Don't worry...."

She walked away from him .... "Fat chance on that..." she said under breath as she headed towards the kitchen. He watched her walk away and quickly turned his attention back on to the situation at hand.


Viola handed Emma back to Alexis and then lifted Kristina out of the high chair. She quickly ran passed Alexis and into the living room where Ric was pacing back and forth contemplating on what their next move would be.

"Morning Daddy .." Kristina said as she clung onto Ric's leg.

"Morning again sweetheart ..." he replied with a smile and lifted her up into his arms.

"Daddy .... what's wrong?" the toddler asked when she sensed something was not right with Ric.

"Nothing for you to worry about, okay." he replied as Alexis and Viola emerged with Emma from the kitchen.

He gave her a kiss on the cheek and smiled. "Come on sweetheart, let's go get you out of those jammies." Alexis said as Ric left Kristina down. Viola took Kristina by her hand and led her up the steps towards her bedroom as Alexis went to Ric once again.

He leaned down and softly kissed the top of Emma's head, then kissed Alexis. "I love you ...." he said as she caressed his jaw with her free hand. "We love you too..." she replied then walked away from him and headed up the stairs.

He watched her climb the stairs and said a promise to himself never to allow anything to happen to the ones he loved more than life itself. His family meant everything to him and he would protect them at all costs. Danger was knocking on the door now, and he would fight like hell to keep it from coming inside and taking what was his. Ric knew the war had escalated after the shootout last night and he hoped all the protection he could provide was enough to keep the ones he loved safe from the danger.


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Jen, wow......this is fantabulous....I have to keep this in my favorites because I will be reading this constantly....You seriously need to be writing for some book publisher...this is seriously good. Looks like I'm going to need another bucket of cold water....I can actually picture is happening.... :D

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Very good episode. I love the interaction with Kristina, you captured her so well. You also captured Ric very well as a torured soul. I loved it and can't wait to read more of your blog.

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