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-John is shocked to see Marlena and Hattie walk into the Pub! While Marlena is shocked to see Tony!

-Victor tells Margaret they need to find his son, Philip.

-Vivian comes back to the Alamain Mansion and someone grabs her from behind!

-Chelsea and Jeremy run into each other at the Java Café, and Jeremy begins to develop a crush.

-Marlena screams at Tony’s sight, but John informs her it’s alright and explains how the Tony that has been running around for the last few years was really Andre and he’s dead, Faux Roman however says they still need to arrest Tony for Andre’s murder.

-Lexie gets a letter in the mail telling her to go to the DiMera mansion!

-EJ’s mother is revealed to be Helena Cassadine! The evil, evil rich widow that terrorizes Port Charles! EJ swears that he will complete Helena and his mission.

-Mimi worries that she will get the guilty verdict in the trial tomorrow, but Bonnie reassures her she will make sure it won’t happen, even if she has to frame someone else!

-Lilly unexpectedly is seen at the Sanitarium Sam is in! She is in front of the building and says “Well, guess it’s time for a jail break.” And the camera freeze frames of Lilly’s face.

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