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Episode #25 - Friday, January 13th:



Episode #25 - Friday, January 13th:

- Sami tells Nicole that wants her to leave town or she is going straight to her father, Roman, and Abe with the evidence that she has on her!

- Carrie sees Victor at Titan and thanks him for the lead he gave her and Sami on Nicole. She explains everything that happened with Jan. Victor excuses himself and calls Kate. He tells her to meet him at Lucas' apartment building in a few minutes.

- Belle and Phillip re-cap their entire relationship for Laura.

- Celeste lectures Lexie. She tells her that she must confess her affair to Abe! Lexie refuses.

- Cassie and Stefano mourn Tony as they share their favorite memories of him.

- Jack scrambles to try and come up with a way to stop Stefano from hurting his family.

- Abe remembers the strange carress he saw between Tek and Lexie the night of the explosion. He decides to have Tek investigated.

- Nicole breaks down and begs Sami not to do this. She tries to convince Sami that she is a good person. Sami feels bad for Nicole, but she explains that she won't let her hurt Austin the way she hurt Eric and Greta and and Victor and Brady and Chloe.

- Rex tells Cassie that despite Mimi aborting his baby that he still loves her!

- Nicole recounts her time in Salem. She tearfully packs up her belongings and leaves Sami's apartment. She writes Austin a letter that has her resignation and goodbye to him in it. On the way out, her suitcase falls open, and she continues to cry as she reaches down and picks everything up. She looks up to see Victor and Kate standing there.

- Victor and Kate rake Nicole over the coals for everything she has done. Kate says good riddance to bad rubbish. Victor tells Nicole that she is getting everything she deserves, and he feels bad because he once saw a good person in her!

- Roman has a nightmare about Tony begging for his life!

- Meanwhile, Abe gets a call from the jeweler inspecting the wedding ring found at the scene. He tells him that it was sold at the jewelry store at Salem Place.

- Celeste calls Tek and asks him to meet her. When he arrives, she begins killing him with kindness and tells him that she would like to get to know him better and thank him for being there for Alexandra the last two years during Abe's "death" and blindness.

- Bo tells Hope he lost his wedding ring, and Hope tells him that it is ironic since she lost the bracelet that he gave to her on their anniversary.

- Abe investigates Tek and realizes that Tek has a history of sleeping with married women!

- Sami and Carrie celebrate their victory over Nicole, but Carrie begins to feel guilty. Sami tells her that Carrie let her do all of the dirty work anyway, citing the catfight with Nicole. Carrie begins to wonder how Austin will re-act when he finds out what she's done to Nicole, but she shakes it off, saying that she was doing it to protect Austin. Meanwhile, Sami vows to keep Austin and Carrie apart and plans to use Carrie's role in Nicole's leaving town to do it!

- Nicole says goodbye to Salem and, tearfully, leaves town.


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Whaaattt??? Huh?! I thought in your sig (where it has the weekly previews) that it said Peyton was coming to Salem this week.....

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