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Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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  1. 1. Which Character Do You Prefer?

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-The nurses start to about how they heard rumors abut how Jan was in a catfight with Mimi Lockhart and Jan fell and hit her head on a rock and then went into her first coma but she came out of it soon and blamed Mimi for everything but in an argument with Belle Kiriakis Black she had a heart attack and went back into a coma.

-Patrick starts to think about what the woman is saying and then asks her who she is.

-The gloved hand watches as Hope runs through a hall in the hospital and disappears as Bo runs through the hall after Hope.

-Kate arrives after Billie calls her about Chelsea and when she gets there she tells Billie that this could be her chance to get Bo back and Billie is appalled.

-Shawn tells Mimi that he wants to take her to dinner at Chez Rouge and she agrees but as she is getting ready all of a sudden she sees Jan in the mirror.

-Bo yells for Hope to listen to him but she doesn’t respond and runs out into the parking garage and tries to evade Bo as she heads to her car.

-The woman tells Patrick that she is just a newcomer to Salem and he says that she looks familiar and she says that he must have her mistaken for someone else and runs off.

-Jan tries to say something to the nurses and she manages to say “Shawn” so the nurses wonder who Shawn is and ask her who Shawn is and she says “Shawn Brady” and the nurses say that they have hear that name before and they ask how she knows him.

-Billie tells Kate that she is not going to use her daughter’s situation to get to Bo and Kate says that she will regret that she didn’t when Bo and Hope get back together and Billie says that even if she did try it wouldn’t work because Bo will always love Hope.

-Mimi asks Jan what she is doing there and she is in a coma. Then “Jan” asks if she remembers her, the woman that taunted her about the abortion and Mimi tells her to just go away but “Jan” tells Mimi that she is not going anywhere and that her future with Shawn will collapse just like her relationship with Rex did.

-Bo manages to catch up to Hope and tells her that she needs to listen to him.

-While the woman that stabbed Chelsea is walking through the hospital she sees Billie and Kate in the cafeteria and looks at Kate and says “You will pay.” then she takes out a picture of Kate and rips it in half.

-The nurses discover that Shawn Brady was once Jan’s ex fiance and apparently was in the area when she had her fight with Mimi and they ask Jan if they would like her to call him and then she tells them no and the only person she wants to see right now is Mimi Lockhart.

-As Patrick heads to the cafeteria he thinks about what the woman that stabbed Chelsea told him about Billie needing someone to comfort her and he considers asking her out to dinner.

- “Jan” taunts Mimi about how she will never e with Shawn so Mimi breaks the mirror and runs out of the bathroom and all of a sudden gets a phone call.

-Hope tells Bo no and that he knows that he only cares about Billie ad Chelsea then she runs to her car and drives off while Bo yells “Hope!!!!!!!!”

-Kate tells Billie that she has to act fast to break up Bo and Hope before they get back together and Billie says again she is not gonna try to get Bo to fall in love with her and then Kate tells her that one day she will wish she had listened to her and then Billie tells her that the only thng she is focused on is finding the person that stabbed Chelsea and make them pay and then as the woman that stabbed Chelsea watches she says “But by the time you do it will be too late” and then she throws the two halves of the picture of Kate that she ripped on the floor and walks off.


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