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Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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  1. 1. Which Character Do You Prefer?

    • Kendall
    • Greenlee


-Chelsea try’s to call for help but the person pushes her on the ground and when she looks up she sees.. . The woman who was taking to Mimi on the roof of the loft!

-Shawn comes to see if it was Mimi that came in and once he sees her she says that she is sorry about her outburst and that she will try to make their marriage work but then she wonders if this is the right think to do.

-Carrie starts to wake up and sees Lucas as he walks in to see her and she hallucinates that it is Austin and she says she is sorry about leaving him and that she has always loved him and she always will.

-Chelsea asks who the woman is and she says that is none of Chelsea’s business and then she says that she has come to stop Chelsea once and for all.

-Shawn tells Mimi that he is sorry too about telling Bo that he lost the love of his life at the hospital and says that he wants to make their marriage work too and then they reconcile.

-Carrie stops hallucinating and sees Lucas and she can’t believe she just told her fiance that she would always love Austin but then Lucas says there is no reason for her to be sorry and that he will always love her too and then she asks what happened and then Lucas tells Carrie about the car accident and then he says sadly that there is little hope for the baby,

-Chelsea asks what she means by that and the woman says that she knows about all of the things she has done to break up Bo and Hope then she grabs a knife out of the trash and walks toward Chelsea.


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