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The Marlowe Family

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Haven Marlowe


The responsibility of being a matriarch of the family came too soon for Haven. Her parents passed away in a tornado that devastated Conroy Valley and heavily damaged the family dairy business. Haven was in her 20s when she had to rebuild the family business and raise her young brother and sister. More than 30 years, one divorce and two children later, Haven still has not found time to breathe and be her own person. Love of family is first for her, but she’d still like more than one sort of love.


Greg Marlowe


Greg took it the hardest when his parents died and Haven responded by always keeping him close to her as he grew up. This has caused tension between Greg and Haven’s eldest son, Stephen. Greg is only 7 years older than Stephen so there was almost a sibling rivalry of sorts that turned into deep rooted tension when they became adults. Greg has taken the high road and treated Stephen like a brother, but Greg’s emotional problems are aggravated by the tension. Greg continues to reach out to Stephen because of fear of loss. He suffers from chronic depression and anxiety that nearly cripples him to the point of not being able to get out of he bed in the morning. But he struggles through to help Haven run the dairy.


Alicia Marlowe


Although Haven works hard, Alicia is the workhorse of the family. She spends almost every waking hour practicing her art of hand crafting artisan cheeses that sell in some of the finest markets on the East Coast. Being the youngest she doesn’t remember much about her parents and was mostly insulated from the hurt. When she was first old enough to understand losing her parents she firmly grounded herself and refused to become like Greg. To Alicia emotions are something that you control and not something that you let control you.


Stephen LeBas


Stephen is Haven’s first born and her biggest handful. Her younger son Seth is attending college overseas, but Stephen has always stayed close by to make sure that he secures his place in the Marlowe legacy. The problem for Stephen is that he doesn’t much want to work for it and merely expects a crown of sorts just for being part of a prosperous family. He has a good mind for ice cream flavors, but he never follows up on any of his idea and instead spends most of his time traveling or attending parties. Because of his strained relationship with Greg, Haven doesn’t pressure Stephen about his lack of drive and ambition. Spoiling him has been her way of showing him that she loves him since he has always felt overshadowed by Greg. Stephen’s worst quality is his mean sense of humor at Greg’s expense. He mocks Greg’s emotional problems mercilessly.


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