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  1. Maybe it's just cause they were both lawyers? Maybe biracial lawyers aren't worth watching? Not "edgy" enough, despite Rachel's history with drugs and prostitution and Justus's dalliance with murder?
  2. I was super-pissed when they cast Barbara Niven as Keri Reynolds's mother when I was all pumped up for a new African-American leading lady. I wish they'd reverse-cast Blair with Mia Korf, which would force the revisiting of the Starr, Jack, & Hope castings. That would reinforce diversity pretty much immediately. I think a lot of this argument is moot because EVERY casting is basically a shoehorn. One can't claim Rex is virtually a Buchanan when his link, Natalie, was a shoehorn into an already too-complicated history of Jessica's birth. The Buchanans were shoehorned into the Lord family and basically ate it alive (where'd Meredith go? Victor? Tony? Oh yeah... DEAD.) Nora shoehorned into the Buchanans (shedding the Gannons). Natalie was shoehorned into the Buchanans. Rex was shoehorned into Natalie's history (and later Mitch's). Gigi & Shane shoehorned into Rex's. Brody into Gigi's. Stacy into Gigi's. Schuyler into Stacy's. Kim into Stacy's. Let's look at all the current cast... (I'm skipping the Buchanans collectively, since I just covered that) Blair - Shoehorned into the Cramers through a long-thought-dead Addie, then regressively recast with white, southern Kassie DePaiva. Brody - See previous paragraph. Charlie - Shoehorned through the Gigi introduction story, then tied to Jared, who was shoehorned into Jessica's alter Tess's off-screen history. Cole - Extension of shoehorn Marty. Cristian - Minority Romeo to white Jessica, family was built around him and Carlotta, introduced as Dorian's maid. Danielle - Extension of shoehorn Tea. Destiny - Shoehorned into Matthew's story. Family built around her and Shaun who was introduced through ill-fated Vincent Jones, who was intro'd through Cristian. Dorian - Shoehorned into the Lord family. Cramers built around her. Gigi - See previous paragraph. Greg - Shoehorned in through Destiny/Shaun. John - The definition of a shoehorn, coming in through Shoehorn Natalie, McBains built around him consisting of Michael who essentially destroyed the Al Holden character and expedited shoehorn Marcie off the show, and Eve, who was shoehorned into Bo's life, then vanished. Never mind that mess Shannon McBain. Marcie, by the way, was an off-shoot of Jen Rappaport, an off-shoot of Sam & Lindsay, who were an off-shoot of Nora and Todd. Kimberly - See previous paragraph. Kyle - Shoehorned into history as Rebecca Lewis's never-before-mentioned brother, and introduced through shoehorns Natalie and Jared. Langston - Shoehorned into the Cramers through Starr. Layla - Shoehorned into the show through Evangeline, who was shoehorned in through Mitch Laurence during his previous stint. Markko - Shoehorned in through Cole, Langston, Starr. Marty - Shoehorned into the Lord orbit via her lupus which played on Viki's recently dead daughter Megan. Mitch - Satellite character shoehorned into the Lord orbit (through Tina, Viki) and a family built around him (Jessica, Rex, Roxy, Walker (also Todd), Miles) Oliver - Shoehorned into the canvas through the police department, Bo/John. Rachel - Extension of Shoehorn Hank and now Nora. Rex - See previous paragraph. Robert Ford - Shoehorned in through David Vickers, a shoehorn to the Lords (in his introductory story) and the Buchanans (in recent story). Roxy - Shoehorned into Viki's off-screen history. Schuyler - Shoehorned into the Todd/Starr babynapping story, then attached to Stacy. Shane - See previous paragraph. Starr - Extension of shoehorns Blair and Todd. Tea - Shoehorned into the Vega family history and then attached to Todd. Todd - Shoehorned into the Lords through much convoluted backstory AFTER leading the gang-rape of Marty. Viki is the ONLY original character. EVERYTHING else has been a shoehorn in some form or another. And I hope to NEVER have to write the word "shoehorn" ever again. Rachel's phasing out is definitely devastating to me because as sad at it is, the black characters tied to white core families have the best CHANCE of survival (logically, with familial story purposes), but the show clearly gave up on Rachel despite even tying her to several "new" characters like Matthew and Schuyler. It's the same feeling I had when Justus Ward was horribly miscast (twice) and senselessly murdered on GH. I will never understand that decision.
  3. My vote is either Jenny or a dead ringer played by Kim Delaney. Brian Frons always talks about how he'd love Kim Delaney back. The blurb doesn't necessarily mean Tad's the father, but any connection to Jenny (even through a look-alike)would instantly integrate Damon into the Tad/Opal sphere.
  4. Wow! Love Stephen Nichols... good for him, the sexy fox! Screw you, Days!
  5. Yeah, and that could still be in play with the whole "Sarah's a doctor, and Liz is 'just' a nurse" dynamic. With Sarah out of town all these years, she COULD have been Patrick's ex-girlfriend/med school love. And the last time we saw Sarah, she seemed to be harboring a secret about a man or relationship that went bad, which we never ended up learning about. With Liz becoming more of a screw-up lately (getting knocked up by Jason, affair with Nikolas, etc), having Sarah back would magnify Liz's self-hatred. And Liz being such a friend to Robin/Patrick, if Sarah became the obstacle to their marriage, Liz would be in a tough spot between her good friends and her sister that she hasn't been very close to. Regardless, GH missed a major opportunity there.
  6. LOL! I keep popping up hoping I'll get put back on contract.
  7. I feel like this Lisa Niles character would have worked better as Sarah Webber, and she'd have more ties to the canvas, especially if Guza honestly wanted to expand the Webber family again as he recently stated to SOD.
  8. What a crappy time for Jack to have been phased out of this show when Pine Valley can't keep a District Attorney alive. Jack needs the job (and to stay alive, I mean).
  9. Jill Larson's grand return is well deserved! And for her 20th anniversary, no less! Khan, amazing story!!! I wanna see it on-screen!
  10. LOL at the wording... "will not be written past his current contract"... he hasn't been written DURING his current contract!
  11. FINALLY! I've been waiting for this news for... 7 years?!
  12. I was thinking about the constantly backburnered Rex's father story on OLTL... What if Rex's father turns out to be Patrick London, AKA "Faux Bo"? He's thought to be dead, he was a terrible guy, he was played by Robert Woods and could always be revealed as a long-lost Bo evil-twin and make Rex a Buchanan. Does this theory work? Anyone else have any other theories? We've had SO much time to think about this.
  13. I hope they DO sacrifice Jared for the sake of giving Natalie, Jessica, Viki and Charlie great story. Sacrificing Nash worked to reenergize Jessica (though I really liked Nash and was initially against the idea). Perhaps the long-thought-dead brother of Jared is the stalker and resents Jared for his ultimate luck in life, and ends up killing him. It could challenge Charlie's alcoholism, Natalie can once again feel like all her loves die on her, Jessica will feel partly responsible because it was her stalker, and Viki/Charlie's marriage will be strained. Jared has absolutely no drive on the canvas, so I have no problem with them killing him off. If it's Jared's brother, then Charlie will still have a son on the canvas, just a more flawed, disturbed son.
  14. SOAP OPERA MYSTERY HOUR: This week’s hottest blind items —Which daytime superstar is regretting switching soaps? Well, with the exception that the married Emmy winner is benefiting from sleeping with his untalented co-star? Sounds like Roger Howarth/Marie Wilson, and I'd heard they were sleeping together AGES ago... —Which west-coast diva gave birth to a bastard child and gave it up because her husband found out about her affair with another man? No idea... How many west coast divas are left? Jane Elliot? —Which controversial recast plans on quitting her show because she can’t believe she signed on a show that is about to be cancelled? I initially thought Jamie Luner, but I could see Noelle Beck too... Though I haven't been impressed with Beck since I've been watching ATWT, so I don't know where in daytime she thinks she could go. —Which east-coast ingénue is hated by her entire show? And when I say everyone — I mean everyone but a network executive. I thought it was Brianne Moncrief. Has ANYONE on AMC ever said anything nice about her? They should hate her just for being so talentless. —Which gay soap star recently had sex with his straight co-star? And now his straight co-star is demanding more? I hope Scott Evans bedded either Brett Claywell or David Fumero. LOL! Although I would feel bad for Bitchy Bangs!
  15. Ah, thank you! With all Viki's connections to the four getting married, it just didn't make sense that she would have missed that wedding... but that was back in the days when Viki got her own storyline! Yeah, Noelle said she never had been, and Viki said she "hadn't either". Lucky you! Tapes of when soaps were good! Can I come over and watch with you?