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  1. Sebastian should of never been made Jerry Jacks. That was their first mistake. He should of stayed Mr. Craig and went away after the MC fiasco, he could of been brought back months later in a new storyline against Lorenzo or Sonny. They should of kept that story to the terrorist aspect instead of turning it mobular.
  2. Carolyn Hennesy confirmed rumors on Monday night's In The Zone Radio show. But it's nice to see more confirmation about SR's firing.
  3. Okay so who else thinks Janet is Langston's "dead" mother?
  4. Can't wait! this will bring me back to watching AMC!
  5. If you watch NightShift, the DayCare center is listed on a board that lists the departments by floor. It was seen in the first episode of NS2.
  6. True Blood has been renewed for a 2nd season by HBO! Filming begins early next year, the debut is set for the summer of 2009.
  7. Sadly I agree. I came back to watching OLTL full time when RC took over and now, well, now I'm left wondering WHY?
  8. What a good mom Gigi was then to send the kid out to the car while the adults talked about the situation. Shane wasn't even in the scenes I was talking about. Take your elsewhere.
  9. Go Rex! You fight for your woman and your son!!
  10. It's nice to see the Q's back on screen. I just wish is for something other than for JoLu.
  11. Graham Shiels (Cody, GH) will also be appearing in 1,2,3, and 7th episodes of True Blood. He plays Liam, one of the lead vampire's minions.
  12. Todd should never get Sam back. I wouldn't let Todd raise a house plant let alone a child.
  13. *applause* on a great episode Y&R!